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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Veyyil - Review

The movie was far better than the current series of gangster movies and self-assumed intellectual movies like Vallavan or Varalaaru.

Bharath plays the role of a village guy with elan as in the past few movies hes acted.This character seemed to be just a continuation of his performance in Emtan Magan.The kunkumam on his forehead and the thaayathu kairu on his hand were all carried over from the earlier mentioned movie.I think he should think of some variations in future lest he gets dubbed as an also-ran in tamil movies.

Pasupathy has great acting potential.This movie seemed to be a continuation of his 'Maja' portrayal,with light shades of being th main hero.

The members of the family didn't really gel well with the movie.Had the father been Naasar/Raj Kiran or even probably Vijayakumar and the mother been Charanya ,the characters would have been etched much better.The sisters too didnt make much of an impact with no real identities provided to them in the story.

The part with Shreya Reddy could have been better portrayed like that of Jaya Bhaduri is SHolay where the final scene hits everyone really hard upon finding the hero dead.

Having said all these things,I still feel the movie was good and completely different than the run of the mill crap that get released these days.


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