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Monday, May 21, 2007

Who gets H-1B visas? Check out this list -- InformationWeek

Who gets H-1B visas? Check out this list -- InformationWeek

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Friday, May 18, 2007

4yrs old and struggling to survive...

The subject of the blog refers to the state of this blog.If you look at the archives months on the right side of the blog,you can notice that this blog got started in 2003 May!So its successfully(what's success have to do with a webpage existing for 4 yrs,one may ask)completed 4 years!

But of late the last few months have been as if its been on life support,with its owner,that is me,giving the scant regards for its maintenance or the content.To sum up the 4 years of experience with this blog,I can only come up with 1 word - 'Relieving'!As I relive my memories and frustrations,I have been able to relieve myself a bit and kind of lessen the pain or joy through this medium!

Life has changed quite a bit in the last year,for the better mostly!But the change has brought in a lot of additional responsibilities and concerns that don't allow the necessary bandwidth or time to dedicate towards this blog.Most of my friends who follow this blog would be knowing what I've been up to all this while.I got married last year in June and my wife's here in Austin with me.I was busy planning towards buying a house,which started off with almost twice a week house hunting for old houses in the area.At the end of these old house hunt,it seemed to dawn that the prices of the old houses were in no way substantially lesser than the new ones,which led to the thought of being ambitious and going for a new one!

And then the big step was taken ; to get a new home built and that is what is happening currently.
Lots of lessons have been learnt in the past few months about the home buying process,the bait and trap of the home sellers,whats an upgrade and whats a sheet rock and whatnot.It started off being an exciting phase and has almost come to a point where it is irritating to think of going to the seller's associate to discuss the options and price out even the simplest of all things such as a doorknob or light fixture.

For one who's lived 99% of his life till now within a confinement measuring not more than 650 sq feet, its frightening in a way to think of occupying a house 4 times its size!Its a waste of land space definitely but then thats the way it is in the land of hype and 'larger than life' lifestyle.Ones just got to go with the tide and keep praying that the ride is devoid of any serious impediments.

I have lots to write about what I've experienced in the field of mortgages/realtors/house hunting etc,but then the mood and time do not seem to et along for a post!

Enough of my rants!Cheers to y'all who've clicked to land on my page.Just wanted to say Hi to y'all.


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Monday, May 07, 2007

M-618.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Guide for new immigarnts(application/pdf Object)

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