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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Twitter - How to tap its hidden potential?

The underlying write up is based on my reply to a friend who questioned the use of the social media tool twitter.His point was that twitter carried incoherent snippets of personal details of people who didn't really know that well and that how it could possibly help him in any possible way.

Getting into the twitter bandwagon and posting pithy snippets of info that one deems interesting is not just about interacting within one's group and trying to pull each other's leg.In fact I feel that the twitter posts will help demonstrate the varied interests that people have which might not be possible to exhibit to conventional media.These tweets shall spawn constructive conversations and debates the next time when the group meets instead of the regular mundane topics.

The best way to tap the potential of twitter is to start following friends as wells as other people who are well known in their corresponding field. For instance, I follow the updates from the Austin American statesman,cricinfo,crossword related tweets.These entities update pertinent information regularly and cater to my tastes. In fact I feel that there are a number of diverse areas that I can follow and get informed but the paucity of time doesn't allow me to ramify my twitter network.
One needs to start thinking out of the box when it comes to Internet social media, wherein anything that gets posted is privy to a large audience all across the globe.This same fact illustrates that twitter and blogs could be put to use for great Internet activism or towards creation of positive endeavors.

As I was positing this write-up, I dabbled in twitter and found these links for a friend who got laid off recently and is seeking any leads for job info.






To get started with twitter,one just needs to visit www.twitter.com . Then if one really needs to have continued access throughout the day,it is better to get a firefox client like twitterfox or something which will keep popping up new stuff in the background,making it virtually effortless for one to follow tweets or post tweets. This makes one avoid spending a lot of time refreshing or having the twitter page open always.Using rss readers is also a good option.

The search utility in twitter ( http://search.twitter.com/ ) is yet to be tapped properly.Its been very useful when you want to follow specific stuff .For Eg:I was hooked on to twitter during the Bombay 26/11 happenings.Albeit being uncorroborated and repetitive sometimes,some updates were really fresh and interesting.
I am reminded of the tweet that I sent a few days ago:
In the country of the ignorant,one who twitters is the king! Get to know the latest hot topics http://tweetstats.com/trends


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