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Thursday, July 09, 2009

V.S.Narasimhan...Wish I had discovered his music earlier

At the outset, I have to admit that I am very bad when it comes to carnatic music details.I know for a fact that I like Carnatic music and like it better when it is fused with western elements.It kind of makes a mark even in an ordinary person like me who has not made too many attempts to understand the nuances of the music. I happened to listen to V.s.Narasimhan's fusion music through youtube(From Lazygeek's blog). It is really fascinating and instantly sending one into a trance.After a very boring day at work and frying heat in Texas, as I got home and listened to some of his pieces from youtube I am filled with awe and totally forgot all the day's irritating thoughts.I wish I had discovered his music earlier. Now its time to hunt down some of his compositions online and through CDs available in stores.
Heres some details about him.
An article from Hindu

Some of his compositions from youtube:

I came to know that my all time favorite "How to name it" also had V.S.Narasimhan's Violin masterpiece.

Heres nothing but wind from the maestro Ilayaraja

Finally here is the link to the website which sells his CDs



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