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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nullo metro compositum est

Just a few random thoughts encompassing various issues of my life!!

Many Faces : I wish I remember to forget..
Few Phases : I wish I forget to remember..

Socratic learning : from most blogs..
Hypocritic critics : some worst blokes..

Hunger : Unsatiable..So..foe..
sleep : Never evading..jo...jo..

Right In Texas : the only lone star state
left with only excess lonely state

Papa John's Pizza : 1 of 10 toppings
Uncle Sam's Visa : 1 of 65000 cappings

My TV : Reality shows mostly
My CV : Shows reality mostly

WMD:The search ended in war
AMD:The search ended in peace

Job's white collar style : still sinecure..
FOB's Rising Dollar pile : still insecure..

cellphone minutes : Always plenty
address book : almost empty

30 cent per min : to call mum in India
30 percent minimum : calls to India..

Near n dear ones : relatively distant: 2hr India call
Near n feared ones : Distantly relatives : 2hr Indiana flight..

naam-ke-vaasthe acquaintances..compounding yearly..
kaam-ke-vaasthe colleagues..searching dearly..

Friendly emails : Most of them forward...
Unfriendly females : Most of them froward...

Hindu crosswords : I like them cryptic..
Cryptic Hindus :I hate them cross swords..

Friday nights : Taco Bell product
Saturday Nights : Graham Bell product

Yahoo messenger : Invisible mode only
MSN messenger : In Visible mode only

Weekdays : Bed,bath n Beyond..no less no more
Weekends : Hip-Hop's Beyonce Knowles n more

Living like a Seer/Advisor
Never liked the beer/budweiser..

The Workout at the Gym..
That never really worked out.

Starbucks Coffee : reminds 4 wasted dollars
Udayar Kadai tea : reminds 4 wasted years

college days : bugger/beggar like feeling..
Recent days : Bigger/Nigger like feeling..

Used to like in India: The Brahmin maamis
Used to hating in U.S: The mini bra mommies

Those irritating girly laughters
Most of them actually slaughter

'd be a hubby who seeks simple things..
jus the chubby cheeks n dimple chin..

revolting : is Isha in the filmy girlfriend
rejoicing : If Aish was my flimsy girlfriend

Never diehard for U.S blockbusters
Even now 'd die for Desi bust-blockers..

1 Favorite blockbuster : The Gods must be crazy
1 non-fav blog-buster: That dog must be crazy!

Hated Jim Carrey's:Me,myself & Irene
should make him carry:U,urself & Urine..

To be continued later


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Monday, June 28, 2004


A Congressman and over 200 multi-national corporations, universities, research institutions and trade associations in the US seek Congress support to ease the legislation on the H1-B visas or relax the cap set on October 2003 at 65,000, which is already exhausted.
US Inc. wants more H1B visas


Meanwhile, in a related development, Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (WashTech) has quoted AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees executive director, Mike Gildea to report that all non immigrant (H-1B and L-1) visa related bills currently before the Congress have been put in the back burner till 2005.

Quoting Gildea, the WashTech News report aimed at countering Compete America's appeal to support Smith's bill says that, "prospects for congressional action on HR 4166, or any other visa bills are dim".


More over here ->

H1-B update

With all such stuff going on,heres some more agony...India overtakes China in the number of students shipped to the U.S!!
Go..desis..Go..Ask for a separate state in U.S!!


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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thalai & captan

Offlate I have not been dreaming much at all.There used to be times when I used to get up in the morning and remember almost everything that I dreamt the previous night in my sleep.Even if 10% of those dreams had come true,It would have been a troublesome life for many girls!!:))

This is one piece of one of my latest dreams.I found it pretty funny though.It was between 2 very amusing individuals!!The only 2, who I feel can speak seriously but invoke loads of laughter among the masses.In recent times whatever they say/they do,has been very entertaining!I am providing the exact picture that I got in my dream..Here U go..

So,as I lay in the dark,I could envision our thalai-Bush,calling captain-Vijaykanth and speaking to him..You guys have to accept whatever I say, as it is.No questioning of logic of how Bush speaks in tamil and how captan understands english sometimes!!Hey..Its my bloody dream..okay?!!

Thalai : Captain..Vanakam!
Captan : Hello Mistr Prejidentu..Hovaaryu?auwis amrikaa?
Thalai : fine Captan..intha Kerry padutharaan captan!!intha weapons of mass destruction..we really don't know where it is..U gotto to do something..
Captan : Misterr Prejident..!very saaary!Naa inga rombo bizy..
Thalai : Oh..no..captan..terrorism is Barbaric..we cannot spare it.
Captan: yeah..yeah..but first naa oru tamilan ..apram indhian..apram thaan ulagatha pathi yosika mudiyum..my REPUTASON will go down Busshu..I gotto work with central beeero of Invtgn now. apram sandhipoam! Bye!

Oh..that was pretty scary!!Anyway don't be surprised to see captain going on a quest to find Osama in his next film.Anything is possible.Looking forward for
Here enjoy the glimpse of the dynamic duo!!
enna oru looku..enna oru smilu..aaahaa..!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hotmail follows suit!!

Here we go >> 2 to 250MB!!!
Thanks to Gmail for having given hotmail and yahoo a kick on their butt!


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Bookmarks and much more

Ever confronted with a situation when you have some very specific website in mind that you have bookmarked in your computer back home,but can't recall it at the computer in a friend's place?

I always have had this idea to have some web location where I could store all my favourite links and visit that page anytime I wanted to look into one of those websites.
Although I never came up with such a website by myself,I bounced into a well organised website of bookmarks.It is like a huge library of useful,interesting weblinks.

Kudos to the creator Gaurang Khethan.I was awestruck by his efforts in the internet world.He has packed in a lot of info in all the webpages he has created!I haven't yet explored it all yet,but noticed that he has a great USC FAQs website for "students heading to USC",which could be useful even to students heading to other universities.

Although I haven't lately updated my website "shanmusa" about U.S univ info ,I think there is some generic info in there too ,which could be useful to any starter.

Shoot your observations/comments about Gaurang's websites to him here.I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to update him with interesting websites which he could add in his website!


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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

girls..girls..girls..where art thou?

I saw an article which was pretty scary stuff to swallow!!
Made me wonder if that was the reason one couldn't find much desi girls here in the U.S??:)))

As for the "many_bros_one_wife" system,it was kind of surprising initially to know that such a system prevails in North India.On hindsight though,it doesn't shock much because of the well known epic Mahabaratha itself depicting one such occurrence,though the motives may not exactly match.

As for the Indian males hanging around the street corners and nagging female passersby,I don't think that mentality would change even if the number of girls were to increase twofolds.It is a bane that the Indian society has endowed itself with for being unscrupulously hypocritical and conservative in the areas of sex education and the whole concept of male-female communication.

Finally,my 2 cents regarding the stigma attached to girls being a costly issue(pun unintended)and that they are not there to stay long in the household where they were born:
Although there wouldn't be a single modern day female to accept the above mentioned fact,it is kind of true even to this day.Right from the cobbler to the multimillionaire,the cost associated with the marriage of a girl in India is a gargantuan amount which needs many years of meticulously saved money and sometimes even many years of loan repayment to follow.This might be a chauvinistic comment,but then it is reality.The inherent capability of the girls might have increased along the years and they may match or exceed the males in terms of potential to succeed,but the ageold Indian traditions/society still makes sure that the responsibility of a father with a female child is much more than that of the one with a male child.
Nobody would need to dig into statistics to realize the fact that after the wedding,the father of the former category would have a greater void left in his life than the latter.Although I would like to have the above situation proved wrong,I don't feel it would happen anytime as I am unable to recollect any example of even a single girl living with her parents after her wedding!


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Monday, June 21, 2004


Found this picture interesting!- A poignant expression of the loss of many lives due to one single man!!


Collage of soldiers who died because of 'Bush'whacking
U can take a look at a larger image at
Mosaic image
Here is the profiles of the soldiers who lost their lives..
soldier profiles
"The Iraq on the Record" Database is a searchable collection of 237 specific misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq made by the five Administration officials most responsible for providing public information and shaping public opinion on Iraq: President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Powell, and National Security Advisor Rice.


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The Saffron Robe

I stumbled upon this website..Found it to be a treasure trove of well-written stuff.
The Saffron Robe
All comments/accolades may be addressed to this parent website
Mr.Rajan's family website
Was really interesting to browse through it..
Check out the music page
Rajan's music collection.
Its got some great collection of songs!

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Of females,shemales and Gmails

Well,In the past few weeks,its been a battle among the email service providers to show-off their generosity in endowing huge storage space to its ever-devoted set of netizens.I was wondering where did all this benevolent feeling reside all along?Why didn't the yahoo or the rediff come out with a scheme earlier,leave alone the 1 Gig part,why not a meagre increase in mail storage to around 20mb?

Now that Gmail threw open the doors of unlimited mail space,Yahoo wants to show off its might with a 2Gb offering.Although it is well evident that none of these companies are doing these as an act of charity and have their secret ulterior motives to advertise,it is hearty to note that we customers are getting rewarded finally.

On a related note,I was wondering how many years I would require to exceed my 1 Gig storage,considering my normal rate of email-sending/recieving.I have also been noticing that the number of personal mails have dwindled to around 0 percent in the recent months.I dont even have the opportunity to populate my "sent messages" folder because I have nothing significant to convey to anyone.With such a pathetic scenario of nobody to send/receive even a single important mail,why would I require 2 or 3 email addresses with 1Gig/2Gig space in each??

As I was pondering about this,I saw a small pop-up window saying I ve recieved a new mail.I don't know if it is only me or if it is the same with everyone-whenever I see the note which says I have unread mail,my curiosity levels shoot up and I neglect whatever I am working on at the instant and click the new mail,as if it is the harbinger of my whole life's success!
Once I opened that email, I got the answer to my questions that I asked about the necessity of huge mail spaces and about my worry that there is no one to mail me with true concern/caring.

Reality dawned that from now on, I can enjoy the luxury of reading through millions of bulk/junk mails which have been sent with great concern and need not delete them as before.If I want,I could even archive/preserve them and revisit after many years!Although I don't know the senders personally,I am always moved by their feelings for me.If you are wondering who are these individuals I am talking abt,here is some insight on the content of their mails and how they happen to be the elixir of my pathetic email life.

1)"Enlarge your ##$#%@$"
My reaction has always been.."what the hell..?Who the $#$# asked this guy to assume that I needed an enlargement?As if he came and measured it..stupid zombie!"

2)"Consolidate your debts"
My reaction has been been.."Did you see me begging on the roadside with a sign saying-I am jobless with lots of debts?How the hell did you assume I am leading a miserable life?Grow up U idiot!"

3)"Free 1 month coffee supply and a coffeemaker for you to keep"
My reaction : "Dude..I have my supply of Pbreee/chikree Narasus coffee and the traditional stainless steel pilter to make it!No thanks"

4)"We shall help you reunite with your classmates"
My reaction : "Did I cry that I am missing those people?Who the hell cares about them and why the heck are you interested in our get-together?U shameless p1mp"

5)"12 CDs for he price of 1"
My reaction : "Wow..what a great individual - a class apart with his charity..ready to give me 11 cds free.But I dont even have a cd player U donkeyslot.."

6)"Incredible screensavers and desktop wallpapers"
My reaction : "ahh..the only thing missing in my life...Once I get it,all my problems gonna vanish..cmon..gimme a break U lunatic.."

7)"Voluptuous females and free access to paid websites/webcams"
My reaction :"hmm..for once you seemd to have sent an interesting mail.But whats with those ugly dark-skinned chicks/shemales on those websites?and why do you have to make me go bonkers with a hundred pop-up sites!!?Your mails gonna be flushed down the drain!"

8)"Cheap supply of Vi@gra"
My reaction : "This is too much..Can't you guys ever think of me as a normal guy?First it was a wrong assumption of a stunted growth and now a re-dick-ulous assumption!cmon..dont create an ad-dick-tion to such stuff!"

These are some of the oft-repeated bulk emails that I receive and never bother to open.But I really admire the effort of these spammers - their diehard belief that one fine day I shall succumb to their passionate emails and falter.

My sincere request to these noble souls - the bulk mail uncles and junk mail aunties :
Now that I have around 5 Gig email space,please keep the mails flooding my inbox and kindle my feelings of curiosity day and night!But remember,You are hopelessly trying to win the battle which you will never win - U stupid morons!


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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


>>>Is it really such a prized possession to have a Gmail account?Or as every in other case,people over-reacting with their jamboree over a hyped phenomenon?
OMGmail..on Ebay??

>>>Y'all saaaftwhere techies..check this out and try to get into 1 of them barring #27 & #62 ;)!!
Top 100 IT companies

>>>Thou shall save a lot of money from these!Search for your cities.
Use at ur own risk when going on dates;)

>>>Inspiration or Perspiration..Try to get something out these people..
Top 25 execs...

>>>Just dive in and plunder the wealth of info packed in here.The notes/slides in pdf are awesome.
MIT course study material

>>>One man's refuse could be another man's luxury!
Buy and Sell stuff for free!!

>>>Step aside from the usual airticket search engines.Download this application.Believe me! U will be glad you did it!
Sidestep airfare/hotels search engine

>>>Newer-comer to USA OR Never-goer from USA?U oughto know this link!
useful stuff for a hassle-free living in the USA

Shall update more as I come across interesting weblinks.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Milae sur mera tumhara

Found this interesting.
(save it to your computer and play)
The NRI/ABCD version of
Mile sur mera tumhara
The original version is the ultimate one though!Nothing can match the charm and brilliance of the characters who featured in it.Although it was aired very frequently in Doordarshan,every time I found people glued to it and enjoying that 5 minutes of Indianness!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Yaemi Cavalli? nuve Cavalli..

Although every man would love to go on a lifelong pilgrimage to this new abode of God,this was a little bit too much from the Italian designer- Roberto Cavalli!!
'Ram'bunctious Hindus!
Seeing that image,the first thought that came to my mind..
(Read in Vivek's tone)
"deiii..Zucchini maari irkara antha ponnuku ithumaari bikini laam konjam overaa illa?"

Anyway...lets chill out with this number in honour of the stupid Roberto Cavalli!
Song from Nuve Cavalli!!Its a cool one that I used to hear back at school!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


SUddenly feeling tooooooooooooooo bored here..Jus feel like going to India..!But I cant!It sucks big time!
lifes taken me to the hieght of isolation and irritation.I have been reduced to just yet another dirty despicable desi sitting in a TacoBell on a friday night staring at the 'supreme taco' and the fire sauce and wondering "Is this how bad my life would get to or is there something worse in store?".Just as I glance across the restaurant,I see 2 broad chested african american ladies devouring their burritos without any concern.Their xxxxxxl sized red Tshirt/loose pants and the dangling jumbo sized silver pendants put me out of place for a second and wonder seriously.."Is it really true what my biology book stated - All humans are made up of the same basic elements of life - the DNA, eventhough there appearnces may seem different!
Just as I tried to turn away from them ,I noticed 2 other desis getting into the beggar's paradise-Taco Bell!As our eyes met,it was so obvious as each one us felt in our minds .."Oh U desi pig..why did u have to be here when I am here!".I bet this is the same kinda feeling that most desis experience when they see each other anywhere -on the roads,on the marketplace etc.Everywhere its only the desis who behave as if the person tried to loot their house the night before or lure his wife or girlfriend!
I could hear the Indian brethren go to the counter and shout..."1 saaaaaaaaft Taaaackoaaaaa but noaaaa meaaaaaaaaaaaaat ..substitute with beeeeeeeeens..1 glass of water -No ice!"
I just left the place disgusted with myself!
p.s: I know this ones kinda racist and irritating..But couldn't help it!what to do..?

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Friday, June 04, 2004

Baba Black sheep!

Warning:Sacrilegious material inside!!
This post does not bear any stamp of what I really feel towards this entire thing(not that anybody cares about it) or What I want people to realise or something.So I would not wish to be held responsible for causing disturbances to the reader's sentiments or faith.Read at your own risk of being irritated OR awakened OR just plainly bored!

I am just posting a link forwarded by a friend,who feels people are being mislead by this person.Here is the link - Sai Baba Magic
I looked at the videos in the link and I should admit that I did find it interesting,particularly the last few videos.
To someone like me who sometimes questions even the existence of God Himself,this outcry about a mortal acting as God/God's Rep, would never appealed much.Pardon the blasphemy,but he is just another man trying to succeed in his lifetime!Hes done it well till now,thanks to his great followers!


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