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Monday, February 27, 2006

Kalvanin Kaadhali

Just now watched the movie on my laptop during a flight journey..
Not as bad as NEW..but still S.J.Suryah maintains his standard(sub-standard to be exact)- the crude,irritating,self-eulogising track!
9-tara surprisingly has acted way better than her earlier movies.
Not much of skin show at all.Infact I cant recollect anything sticking out as cheap/vulgar.A boring movie,nevertheless.
Vivek's jokes are starting to seem too repetitive and it seems like hes going to be lost in the crowd pretty soon.
Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is definitely a highlight of the movie.Pretty catchy.
Pretty amazing to find Sarath Babu look the same as in the movies that he acted in the 80s/90s.And all his dialogues seem to be replays of already spoken dialogues from his earlier movies.
I am still wondering the relevance of the tagline of the movie. 36-38-36!
Vaali,during a speech,openly told abt the crass nature of his lyrics in the movie and the dirtyness in the naming of the movie/tagline.He cleverly came up with a reasoning saying that the numbers in the tagline added upto being 100,which was a hope for the movie to run 100 days.
Looks like the movie is doing good in Chennai.
Galeej padam naa tamil makkal ku alwaa saapadraa maari..huh?
-Raapi(Tokyo airport Singapore airlines Business lounge laendhu blog panniya muthal aasaami naanaaga thaan irkum!)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quote of the day

People are just plain obsexxed.

Is that even a word?Who cares?It conveys the meaning.Ain't it?

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tiny thoughts never put on paper...

***This was the post that got deleted on Friday due to Blogger.com's goof up***

He looks around and feels disgusted to see the can of coke half-empty,still standing on the edge of the table.Its that can that he left last week,after eating a piece of Pizza for dinner.Is it half-full or half-empty ..he wonders.
Well,it depends on whether he wants to throw it or just forget about it upon gushing it through his thirsty throat.He looks into the can and then looks around to see if the area is polluted and there was any scope for any contamination.
Then thinks...Its probably ok..I don't think that small slot on the can's head would have let in any 'poochi' or deadly bacteria in the 4 days since when it was left open.

Once the can is empty,he dutifully throws it to the corner of the room and everytime he does that,if it lands into the dustbin,he gets a sense of achievement - as if that was the goal that was a decider in a world-cup football.But this time,'Darn it..It bounced off the rim and falls on the carpet,spilling the dirty brown contents.

Now,its time for the brilliant schemer,that is the mind to work out its criminal ideas.How do I mask that stain of the carpet without too much of work?He walks over to the spot,inspects the area and thats when his cellphone rings,which happens to be some wrong number.Just to make sure he doesnt forget to take action,he just stamps over the spot,spreading the liquid and apparently making a caumoflaging attempt.Two days later,he sees the area turn white and this he notices not because of the colour but because of a party that some ants are having on that landscape.
He curses himself - Shit!Now I gotto take care of both the stain and the ants!Double work instead of one single fucking chore of cleaning the carpet then and there!

Now thats when his abettor in crime pitches in.Why clean it this time too?He just pulls the vacuum cleaner and sucks the hell out of the ants in the area.He begins to think..Whoa..What kind of a twister like effect the ants might be experiencing now!What about the noise accompanying the air being sucked in?The ants might find it miserable he feels.His thoughts take a tangent as he thinks about those Jains who he saw on TV who swept the floors before they walked,lest they stamped and killed the ants.Just as he is starting to get compassionate with the ant community,he feels a sting on his left toe.One of the ants had succeeded in climbing the giant toe structure and had exhibited the audacity to even take a bite.He shouts..'What the fuck?You bloody ant?Who do you think you are?A suicide attacker apparently huh?He then blows the head of the ant with the blower part of the vacuum cleaner.The sense of victory that he has..Aah..Nothing can beat this joyous triumph.

He then goes to the computer screen and logs into his gmail for the 57th time that day.Feels disgusted to see real,good emails being sent into the spam filter and spam emails sitting right in the inbox.Immidiately sorts through all the emails and puts them in the respective folders.He then glances through the inbox and feels..'Shit...These mails in here are of no importance at all too.They are in no way better than the spam emails that I deleted.Most of these bear some software company email ids and are bloody forwards containing some proverbs and photos.Fuck these emails..He just deletes everyone of them and goes into the email trash can folder and makes sure he deletes them all once and for all forever.

How boring can it get?He starts thinking as he switches on the TV.4 out of the 8 free channels that he can watch for free on his TV are hispanic channels.He tries to figure out if there is anything worth watching in the other 4 English channels.Ones got some program- 'spiders found in Africa'..the other channel almost always has 'Everybody loves Raymond'..He thinks..Who the hell loves Raymond..Fuck it..The next channel has some crap in the name of a reality show..Then the last channel has the daily news and its full of shit with some serial killer who is on therun and is almost always suspected to be a hispanic or black guy! He just switches back to the hispanic channel and mutes the whole damn program and watches the watchable moving masses of flesh,in the name of women,dance their hearts out all through the show,with scant regard for what they are wearing or doing.

He just realises that since Friday evening that he entered home,he hasn't gone out of his house for about 48 hrs.And a thought goes in his mind..What the fuck?Almost 3 days and not a single soul bothered to call me or find out what I was upto?What a crazy world!Theres atleast 10 people I could call as friends and 100s who could be categorised as relatives,but then not a single person really close enough.He gets reminded of the old guy from the adjacent building that died in his chamber and lay there decaying for 6 days before the neighboring apartment's dog started smelling something fishy and brought it to the notice to its owner who then promptly!? informed the cops.Feeling shit-scared he picks up his cellfone and desperately searches for some number to call,just to make sure he hasnt lost his speaking skills since friday evening when he said "You have a good weekend" to the office security gaurd.
But then,who to call?
Mr.wfwefwe -No..That guy wouldn't even pick my fone...
Miss.REHHH? No way..Even if she picks the fones shes gonna spend all the time whining about her idiotic roommate.

He scrolls down on his cellfone and finds his American express credit card customer service number;Just calls them and asks for the monthly statement balance and other wierd stupid questions any ignorant idiot could figure out himself.He is amused when he finds that the person on the other end is an Indian lady,who seems to think that he couldn't figure out that she is an Indian and goes about calling herself something like 'Miss.Catherine Hallaway'!What the hell he thinks..But then hes pleased.Hes spoken to someone and that someone really cared for his questions and answered patiently.

He just jumps onto his bed and sleeps his way off to glory!
What a waste of life...The miserable life continues in his dreams too.Hes still asleep though.


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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The idiots at Blogger.com

Guess someones trying to push a major goof up under the carpet.The idiots at Blogger.com have let posts vanish and write-ups being unsaved.
I actually wrote a long write-up frinday evening.Even was able to publish it and view it on my blog.2 minutes later when I go and look into my dashboard,its vanished and when I look into my blog,its gone from there too.
The worst of all things is - no one bothered to notify this.This status update is not even a part of the blogger.com mainpage.
Stupid simpletons.

The Goof Up

details is as follows :

Blogger Status

Saturday, February 18, 2006

We’re experiencing some problems with one of our databases. Some posts may not be saved, and other, saved posts, may not be visible in the app. Working on fixing this now…

Update, 12:44PM: This has been sorted out. We’re continuing to investigate the root cause and why our monitoring didn’t catch it sooner, but Blogger is back to functioning normally. Posts made from now on will be saved.

I’m very sorry to say that, if your blog was on this database, posts and template changes made in the last 18 hours or so were not saved. They may appear on your blog now, but will disappear if you republish. If you made a post between Friday afternoon and now, we suggest that you look at your list of posts (“Posting” tab, “Edit posts” sub-tab) and compare it with what is published on your blog. If posts are missing, copy them from your blog pages before you republish.

Major apologies to those of you who were affected. We work hard to maintain Blogger as a trustworthy place to keep your writing, and we really hate to let you down. Posted by Pete at 11:11 PST


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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tips for US visa interviews

Tips for US visa interviews

This one was a wonderful article highlighting the new changes that have been brought into the Visa application/interview slot booking process.

One other site which is very useful in getting uptodate info on Visa/greencard application info is the Immihelp website

Though this system of pre-paying for the slot through HDFC and the VFS webpage seems cool and hassle-free on paper,its a nightmare for someone in the U.S to go about it.One cannot pay online and this has to be done through a representative in India.And one has to wait for 2 days after the HDFC payment to start booking the slot on the VFS webpage.2 frigging days?Is this 2006 or 1906?

That VFS webpage is the clunkiest of all webpages I have ever seen.It broke at almost every page where I had to click "submit".

The bane of the pre-payment option is that the Visa dates have been booked till almost June end(125 days in advance!!!?) for the Chennai consulate.God knows when they are going to open the hyderabad consulate.That should take off the majority of interviews away from Chennai.

I wonder how students who have no idea about which Univ is going to admit them and when they are going to receive their 1-20s,plan to apply for these slots.

In the case of the Infosys and Wipros,I guess the american consulate needs to open their branches in these companies' main offices and start alloting the Visas since its obvious that they are the major applicants!

With Bush talking about relaxing the U.S visa limit and probably even bring it back to 195000 from the existing 65000 quota,its going to be a homerun/field day for the software companies and great agony to anyone else just for getting the Visa interview slot,let alone the chances of procuring any kind of Visa!

Stupid system!


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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mother Hilton???

Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal and Paris Hilton in the same movie? - Newindpress.com

Its really surprising and a tad sacrilegious!!
Kamal and Mohanlal in the same movie!That in itself is big news.But the intensity of the surprise factor is enhanced by the rumour that Paris Hilton is being approached to act as Mother Teresa???
What the hell?
All of us who get reminded of "that" thing when we hear the name of Paris Hilton - Can anyone of us even imagine her to be protraying Mother Teresa?

What next?Pamela Anderson as Mother Mary?

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

AJAKU ina AJAKU dhaan...gumuku ina gumuku dhaan

Got this as a forward.All credits to the original sender!

Top 4 Heroes in kollywood


Oopss....Sorry...Its not him..Its actually...

the so-called "thala" after his work-out..




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Friday, February 10, 2006

Million Dollar webpage

Million Dollar webpage

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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Paritrana is the website of the political party formed by a bunch of IIT students,on the lines of the movie Yuva.

Further details can be read from the IBNLive article . It seems like it is a genuine attempt to bring in some sanity into Indian politics.But the burning question is,will these guys survive and thrive or finally end up succumbing to the system?

They don't seem to have a very well planned website,as I found most of the links still being developed.But they have an Enrollment form link that is working for those of you who would like to join/support them.

One thing I observed is that such innovative endeavours and revolutionising stuff is not covered much by the Blogosphere.A quick search for the word 'Paritrana' in the Blogger search page gives hardly any hits(as of Feb 06).

Same is the case with the Technorati Search

It is ridiculous to find how much time and webspace have been spent on describing the movie " Rang de Basanti" and how repetitive and boring those hundreds of blog reviews are turning out to be.
With the Indian youth tending to be highly influenced by the blog world,I feel events such as the evolution of 'Paritrana' need to be highlighted by the Blog world to a greater extent to reach the sensible masses faster.


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Monday, February 06, 2006

SuperBowl... XL - extra large?

I'd decided not to watch Superbowl but then didn't have anything else to do and ended up watching the 5 hour show reeking of americanism all over it.I have always eschewed the so-called 'football' which is the hieght of coming up with misnomers.Its the improvised version of our Kabadi where really bulky,otherwise categorised as obese,sluggish individuals end up running into each other and acting crazily in front of around 50000 junta very frenziedly cheering from the sides.The cheerleader girls seemed to be professional 'Hos' and the half-time show featuring the rolling stones unbearable.I really was unable to digest the way all those crazy crowds sang and danced to Mike Jagger,who seemed so old that it seemed that he was going to die halfway during the performance itself.The way he danced like a eunuch was very pathetic and I was really scared and prayed that there was no wardrobe malfunction this time as the last thing I wanted to witness was the Janet Jackson like itty bitty titty show from Mike Jagger.

It happened to coincide with a stand-up comedy show from Chris Rock later that night,who quite indicative of his name just simply rocked big time.It was so funny and yet thought-provoking,albiet being unparliamentary for the major part.He went on to make hilarious slanders about the entire Michael Jackson clan,then R.Kelly,then Kobe and every other erring african american in prominence.Ofcourse he slid in some enjoyable anecdotes and slanders against G.W.Bush too.

During a part of his speech,he tried explaining the way the olden generation of white people had been successful in killing the smart,educated african american slaves then and had left the workaholic slaves alone and even had taken special care to breed them to get something called super-slaves to work for them later.He went on to say that the effects of this act of preferential breeding of dumb black slaves was having its effect currently in the spheres of sports and any other activity involving physical prowess.Although they consitute only about 10-15% of the american population now,they seem to be ~80% of the sports teams.

It just seemed so true,when I started counting the number of black guys in the Super Bowl teams.Almost 75% of the players surprisingly belonged to this so-called 'super slaves'.For a moment it seemed as if the white men were enjoying themselves seeing the huge obese puppet like entities they had created all through the centuries fight among themselves.While these players almost killed each other during the game,there was this old skinny white guy who finally climbed the podium to bag the coveted Superbowl and went home with the honours for sponsoring the winning team.Something about which also Chris Rock touched upon when he very vividly described what was the difference between being rich and being wealthy in America.He called guys like Shaq/Kobe rich while the white man who sponsored them was the real wealthy guy with all the empowerment to make all the decisions!


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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beginning of the End?

Is Sachin's Golden era over?

Every series this question arises and quite a lot a websites have fodder to chew till the next selection list is announced and it bears Tendulkar's name within the first 3 candidates.

Tendulkar escaped Chappel's wrath as he was that well-behaved silent guy who got things going in his favour by being calm and also partly because of the mighty weapon called statistics,while Ganguly was that unruly arrogant guy who got it all wrong being a rebel.Ofcourse it is obvious that Ganguly can't be compared with Tendulkar in terms of attitude or even playing form.Ganguly definitely needs to gracefully exit soon both from the one-day as well as the Test cricket arena and think about being a comentator or a politician,lest he loses his charm in those areas too.

Tendulkar,I believe would himself announce his test cricket retirement soon,which will be as shocking as the Tsunami news to the entire world and I am confident that he would state his tennis elbow and personal life issues as the reason for quitting midway.But then he can and he should become India's batting guru/coach sometime soon.


Addendum : The fist oneday between India and Pak is over and yet again Tendulkar has proved his critics wrong!But then yet again its one of his other centuries which didn't help the team win.But then he is definitely not at fault for the dismal performances of his mates.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nostalgic question...nothing cryptic abt it

Mr.Ayyapan was so fond of her handwriting that he bought her a 25 pages notebook and asked her to write Sri"ayyapan"jayam 1008 times daily...

He was one of those "love" obsessed guys who go to crazy extents when it comes to conditions they put forward to their girlfriends...

Shouldn't lift your head while walking down the street
Shouldn't talk with any other guy in the college...
Shouldn't watch movies/TV serials with particular heroes...

The pathetic thing is...the girl agreed to all these conditions and stuck on..
Question begging to be asked is..Why would anyone put up with idiocy in the name of love?
Insecurity and fear of being neglected/unwanted?

p.s:The same question applies to girls too who put forward crazy,stupid demands and expect all attention of their boyfriends to be towards them and the pathetic guys who succumb to all the demands.

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Wah re Wah..Fatwa...h

IBNLive : Sania's skirt exempt from fatwa

Don't these guys have no other issue in life to think about?


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