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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Maamaa" ku macham da doii...

This is something that I ve noticed almost in all areas in the U.S...Americans giving a major hype to mundane practices followed in all parts of the world since ages!

An all-vegetarian restaurant is a rarity here in the U.S and I bet one such establishment,if it exists in any city,shall be spoken about in almost every newspaper/magazine and the prices of the silly broccoli and tofu dishes sky-rocket to double digit figures in no time for no reason!

A yoga centre is something like the elixir for all worries for these people and they wouldn't mind writing their will to get under the tutillage of a Yoga teacher,while the sad fact is that almost 1 in every 10 person in South-Asia is a Yoga expert!

And now this Maamaa-giri under the guise of a high fundu nomenclature - "Professional Match Maker"!
What a bloody hyped up place the U.S is and what a stupid psyched up brain some of them have been endowed with!

May be they should start outsourcing this job too,to India!I am sure we 've got hands-on experienced professional Maamaas...Point to note is..that they are all well-versed in English speaking and some of them are even graduates!
Oh wait..!Azmi Premji and NRN didn't leave them either to do stuff that they were supposed to do best!


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Monday, March 28, 2005

Bastard'ization of Indian Engineers.

The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Chennai News : Software companies are the biggest employers
Frigging A$$holes...

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Friday, March 25, 2005

EPIC ..A Science Fiction or realistic prediction?

It is the best of times and it is the worst of TIMES..
Set in the year 2014,this narration is one of the best works in Flash that I have ever seen.
Very informative and thought provoking!

p.s:Got this link from my Blogfather - Badri..

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Intha Nakkal ku onum kurachalae illa..

(The following verbal vomitting is going to be a representation very typical of my style of talking which is mostly filled with Raapiisms,which mainly consist of puns and rhyming stuff loosly related to the issue under discussion,making them a little hilarious,if I may shamelessly proclaim.My friends who've been speaking to me all along would realise what I am talking about.This dialogue based write-up is gonnabe in tanglish(Englishised tamil).Bear with me...)

Note:The following post is a compilation of various anecdotes involving me,my buddies and our folks in recent times.Do not entirely tie every single scenario to me or start asking uneasy questions!:)..

So..'Ponnu Padhavi Panam'..ellaaam thaaana nammala thedi varnumaam..Naama athe thedi pogakuudaathaam..

Ennaangadaa nakkalu panraenga?Ponnu nammala thedi varathuku..Naama enna Shakthi Kapoor aa??illa paaka thaan Superstar or Shahrukh Khan maari irukomaa?
Middleclass Madhavan paa namma..Alai Paayuthe Madhavan illa..
So fight vittu thaan aaganam..Illanaaa aaapu thaandii..appu

Amaaanya..kudukaraanga padhavi..Avan avan M.S mudichutu..PhD mudichu velai illaama irkaan..Thaana varuthaaam Padhavi..
Apdi padhavi kedachaalum..once in 3 months Quarterly Goals nu poatu thaakaraanunga..Padhaviya thakka vechuka parama fight vidanum..Illanaaa "tantanakadi tantanakadi ..fvish ..fvish.."Uuuthiduvaanga!

Thaana panam varathuku..naama enna Diana pulla Prince Williamaa illa Thirupathi Venkatajalapathiyaa??
Single tea to bus ticket vaangara varikkum Appa/amma munnaadi thalaya sorinjundu nikara typesu...Thaana varthaam panam!!
Enaku therinju Thaaana varathu Dhaadiyum/Meesayum thaan!Ada athayum konjam jaasthi vechaa..vuutla kadharraaanga..Pasanga.."ennada marubadiyum failureaa?"nu kekaraanunga!

Seri..konjam fightu vittu,Ponnu pinnaadi alanju..Finally as always "aaapadichu"..Veetla ponnu paakavoa..illa naana ozhunga online thedikaraeno nu sonnaa..intha appa/amma vidra sceneu thaangalayyaa..

"Dei,unaku nalla brahacharnam ponnaa paakanum daa"
Ennathu Brahacharnamaa???Ponnu Ok nu sonna Sreecharnam ittuka kuuda ready avan avan..Summa sceneu vidraengalae amma/appa!

"Dei,Vadamaa laam seri varaathu daa"

Adapoamaa..Ponnu paakarthuku 'thanni kodam'aa illaama irunthaa seri..ava Vadamaa vo illa 'Ada maa'voa illa 'dosa maa'voa..yevanuku venum athelaam?

"Deii..Sevva dhosham illaaama irkanum daa"

Ennathu Sevvaaa dhoshamaaa??
Nallaaa thaanae irunthaenga appu ithana varsham..dideernu yaen intha sceneu?
Enaku Jala dhosham vanthaa ava enna paathundaa porum!!Sevva dhosham aachu..bhudhan dhosham aachu!

"Deii..un nakshatruku 'Kettai' natchatram otthu pogaathu daa"

(Manasukulla...)..Ponnu semma Kattayaa irunthaa..Kaettai-yaa irunthaa enna, kuttayaa irunthaa enna??
Torture pannathayyaaa Appaagaaru!

"Deii..Bharadwaja Gothram la pannika kuudaathu daa.."

Gothram aachu..Go-Muthram aachu..Yevanyaa ithelaam record vechukaraan?Yevantayaathum Poi dhabbu thalli..Forward class to Scheduled Class maathikaraa maari..Gothram change panna mudyumaa..??

"Deii..Iyengar ponnulaam vendaam daa..Vadagala..thengala..athu ithunu aachaaram jaasthi"
My dear paerentu..
Unga payanuku oru ponnum thaaanaa vaaykala..
Neengalae appapo enna thittardhu...echakala!!
Vadagala aachu..thengala aachu..Mothathula Thaaangala!

"Dei..Ponnu nallaa Veena Vaasipaaalaam daa"
Veena/Guitar/Mirudhangam laam irkatum..ada ava Saxophoneae vaasikatum... Aaanaa...Appappo konjam adaki vaasipaaalaa??Athe chollunga muthalla!!

"Dei..Ponnuku Gobi Manchurian/Dokhla laam panna theryumaam"
Gobi Manchurianaa???...athuseri..Saadhaarana rasam/saambhar panna theryumaa kelunga muthalla..Verum Gobi Manchurian/Dokhla mattum kathundu vanthu konnuda poraa collector ammaa!!
Gothram..chathram nu laam gavanichutu..ponnu paaathram thepaalaanu Koata vitudaatheenga!

"Dei..Ponnuku Dance laam aada theryumaaam"

amaaam maa rombo mukhyam..dance! Avan avanuku dappaaa dance aadindirku inga..athula ava dance onnuthaan kurachal..

"Dei..Onum bayapadaathe..'Gaerl has already gone to U.S twice'..So no problem to adjust"

Ayyayoa..poaataangayya gunda..ennathu 'Already gone to U.S' aa??appo U.S la yerkanavae oru 'AAL READY' aaa avaluku?Aaamaam..no problem to adjustu..Athethaan naaa solla vendi varum vishyam therinjapram :(!

"Dei..Ponnu therinja ponnu thaan daa.Namma Infy Sriram illa..avan Companyoda Sister concern la vela panraa..daa"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah..Infy Sriramaaa??Avanae oru frauduuu..
athum avanuku 'Sister' concern..sisterly concern laaam kedayavae kedayaathe!!Pochu daa Pochu..Vechaangayya aaapu!

"Dei..Neeyaa yevalayaavathum izhuthundu vanthudaathe daa U.S laernthu"
Appu..enna appu...iruvathi-aaaru varsham ennapathi theryum..Ipdilaam vera thappaaana karpanayaa???
Etho..Vathaloa..Thothaloa..Kaanjathoa..Maenjathoa..uruptathoa..urupdaathatho..Neeengalaaa paathu pannivechaa thaan undu!Thayavu senju..konja neram minnadi vitta statement laam manasula vechundu..agasmaaaaatha....freeeya vittudaadeengappu..

Hmm...Ithana kashtangalayum thaandi..Arranged marraige workout aagumnu...Sathyamaa Nambikayae illa!!
Pesaaaama kazhuda ketta kutti chuvaru nu...'Kadalai' la irangi 'Lovvu' panni success aakida vaendi thaan da Badri..


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jeeyapuram! Its a beautiful life! Part 1

(This is one of my 'yet-another-nostalgic-accounts' which has been long pending!It is the narration of a typical day at Jeeyapuram - a wonderful village located on the banks of the river cauvery in Trichy.This is where my maternal grandparents lived till a few years ago and all my childhood annual vacations were spent happily loitering around and exploring the agraharam!Its definitely a wonderful life worth revisiting at any point of time!)

One long street spanning about a quarter kilometer in length with houses packed on both sides, not leaving space for even a small whiff of air. Every house meticulously built in an extraordinarily orderly manner following a standard set of rules making sure they all align perfectly with their frontyard - thinnais touching each other. The simple houses boasted of the builder's devotion to plain geometry and Vaasthu shatra principles. The colours on the houses were predominantly red, white and Kaaavi (orange) portraying the Hindu Brahminness in every brick of theirs.

Through the railway track adjoining the village, the Erode passenger passed exactly at 4.30 in the mornings rattling the entire Agraharam, which now had become a daily alarm for the women of all the households to rise from their 'Pathamadai Paai' and start their daily activities.
The grown up men, for their part wake up to perform their daily exercise of drawing water from the wells. About 20 to 30 buckets of water is drawn as the lady picks one by one and starts filling up the appropriate containers. She then goes to the frontyard and begins the 'Vaasa thelikkal', wherein cow's dung is mixed with water and sprayed in the front of the house. This daily 5-minute activity followed by the 'Kolam Podal' event sets the trend for many more socializing episodes to come during the day, for all the maamis.

Some of the familiar areas of conversations go as follows:
'Maami,Nannaa thunginaelaa?'
'Illa Maami,engaathla Odomosum Tortoiseum theendhu poachu...Orae kosu kadi'
'Oh..Engaathla naanga goodknight thaan use panroam'
'Seri..iniku enna samayal ungaathla?'
'Iniku..arachuvitta kuzhambu..kathrika curry..Rasam'! Ungaathla?'
'Engaathla saathamadhu..Vendakka Currimedhu'

Just as the conversations begin to mature, the male of the household gives out a cry, indicating that its time to stop and begin the household activities, following which the ladies act like robots programmed to do routine tasks, without deviating from the routine.They take their baths and then enter the kitchen to cook the delicacies, which the entire house devours upon later in the day.Then its time for the moms to wake the kids and get them ready for school.In between,the males in the house are forced to perform a multitude of tasks ranging from splitting open the coconut from its hardshell,for which a unique contraption called a 'Urikoal' is used;Start the fire at the back of the house to boil hot water for the kids to bathe;Climb the paran(attic) to retrive enough rice for the day from the gunnybags etc.

With M.S singing Suprabatham in the background,followed by Yesudas singing a couple of Ayyappa songs,the ladies perform their poojas and circum-ambulate the thulasi madam in the 'Mitham' - the roofless portion of the house with a few iron grills on top, which stands right in the middle of the house.

The kids wait patiently for the moment the camphor is lit and shown across all the hundred different pictures of Gods and Godesses, after which it is the much-awaited time for the prasadam,which usually is a mixture of dry fruits and cashew or badam,followed by a sweet concoction called the 'Paanagam'!
Once the breakfast is over,the kids get ready to go to school,either by walk or in the townbus that comes every 30 minutes.Every kid carries the trademark yellow Sarathas bag,laden with old front-coverless books which were inherited from his or her elder brother;an old Nataraj pencil box with a hero-pen,an wooden ruler,a light blue-colored eraser and a piece of chalk to suck the ink in the event of an unexpected ink deluge ;a small stainless steel tiffin box for lunch,which mostly consists of Curd Rice and mango pickle.

To be concluded...

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Not just another Birthday wish mail..

I was browsing through my yahoomail inbox to delete mails from 2 or 3 years ago when I bounced upon this one that I had sent to a friend of mine,who cribbed about getting older and not happy about her birthday!Kinda liked it..So Here it is ..

Hey Vettiii,
Enna pannre?Hows ur head ache?Was wondering Y u dint show up online..Anyway in case U show up n I m not there,do mail me..
Ok..Ok..I dint forget your birthday:)..Heres my wish coupled with my thoughts on it.
Happy Birthday!

I too dont like the kind of Birthdays wherein U r treated like a celebrity.I ve seen many friends of mine whose family just spend lavishly on that day as if their son/daughter is the saviour of the earth and the next day everything comes crashing on the 1-day VIPs as they are no more the celebrity that they were a day before...

As far as I am concerned,Birthday is a day when the individual himself/herself should feel rejuvenated.IMHO,Although Jan 1st is the start of the new year,an individual's Birthday is actually is the start of his/her new year.Rather than brooding that we ve grown an year old,its got be considered as a day of restructuring.We ve got to analyse if we delivered on our promises that we made last year and we ve changed for the better.To sum it up,its a day of catharsis..

Now one might ponder - what is an achievement?I guess even the simplest of all deeds can be an achievement.Eg:I ve always felt a sense on happiness,a kind of achievement every birthday because its definitely a great feat to even have lived so long without getting into trouble and more importantly,without getting our family/friends in trouble!

Coming to your Birthday,If I were you,I would have been highly satisfied.This was the year U passed out of B.E..the year when U ve got ur GRE/TOEFL AND U.S univs stuff rolling n more importantly U TURNED 21!!!I am sure there might be much more instances for U to recollect and feel contented.
Anyways,Take it easy..Be happy n ebullient as U always seem to be..Goodluck!
'Happy Birthday again!There is no reason not to be happy in life!'

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

CWC - 11 - Cacophony

There were 15 entries for Clue writing Contest 11,which was conducted by me.It was a pretty good show and I enjoyed moderating it.
The word for the contest was 'Cacophony'.

Here are the clues in random order.I have posted my
comments for every main clue.

A Pooch lost in New York City made a lot of noise.
(A + Pooch + NYC = Cacophony)

Raapi's comments : Well made clue!Good surface reading too.

A pooch torn between western and eastern states produces harsh sound. (9)

pooch : anagram fodder
torn : anagram indicator
western and eastern states : CA and NY
harsh sound : synonym of cacophony

Raapi's comments : Construction wise it seems good,but then doesn't
convey a good story!

Orchestrating a part of symphony with some cocaine creates dissonance (9)

Raapi's comments:Again construction wise,it seems Ok.But doesn't make
sense meaning wise.Cocaine and symphony - Any connection?

Calcium and Cobalt mixed with a fake, to get a jarring
sound (9)

Calcium -> CA
Cobalt -> CO
Mixed -> anagram indicator
with a
fake -> Phony
Jarring sound -> is cacophony

Raapi's comments:One of the interesting clues which used something
other than NY/CA/Pooch story!But the clue could have been better
constructed on the same lines of thought.

5)Muthalagan Jeyaraj
Discord about sham cola.

sham - phony; cola - (coca) cola; 'phony coca' anagram indicator
'about' giving 'discord' which is cacophony.

Raapi's comments:Too cryptic :)!Actually I am not sure if 'about' is
an anagram indicator.

Did noise madden the blue-green dogs?(9)


noise - caophony (Required word)
blue-green - cyan
dogs - pooch
madden - anagram indicator

Raapi's comments:Great clue.But care should have been taken not to use
the plural form of 'dog'!Nice line of thought though!

Clue 1
Cocoa looses love and dances with a hypocrite to produce loud noise.


Cocoa looses love – Cocoa minus o (love)

Hypocrite – phony

Dances – anagram indicator
coca + phony – cacophony < loud noise >

Raapi's comments:Construction wise acceptable but doesnt make
sense.Cocoa looses love :)??

A loud clamor when many a business is found to be a fraud (9)

Loud clamor - cacophony
many - c
a - a
business - co
fraud - phony

Raapi's comments:One of the best clues - CONTENDER FOR THE TOP SPOT!

Copy Chan acrobatics with empty hoo-ha

- 'acrobatics' is the anagram indicator for COPY+CHAN = CACOPHNY
- empty=O
- Copy Chan acrobatics with empty = CACOPHNY with O
- Definition= hoo-ha (http://thesaurus.reference.com/search?q=hoo-ha)

Raapi's comments : Simply superb!Beautiful surface reading and very

My entry for CWC 11

'Canopy company invites Hitler to make loud noise'

loud noise - CACOPHONY

Raapi's comments:Amusing clue but the story doesnt go well with me!

11)Ananth Padmanabhan
Official entry:

Noise of a fake soft drink without cola and shout at the Coach pony

Noise - definition of Cacophony.
1st part:
Fake - Phony
Soft drink without cola - coca (without cola)
Anagram of coca and phony = Cacophony
2nd part:
Coach phony - anagram of Cacophony

Raapi's comments:No anagram indicator at all.Also,it seems like 2
separate clues have been combined to somehow make the solver get to
the answer!

12)Kumar Ramesh

Croaks in the rainy season and traffic jam, say.
Frogs croak in the rainy season....."croaks (noun) in the rainy season"
The honks in the traffic jam
These are e.g. of cacophony.

Raapi's comments:To be frank,this clue made me go bonkers!There wasn't
any cryptic element at all.But then,such clues can also find a place
in cryptic crosswords just to mislead the solver into thinking too


Shark tooth found in Sacaco phony - racket uncovered!!!
Sacaco in Peru was a place where they found a lot of fossiled tooths of shark
Racket = cacophony
uncovered -> hint to telescopic clue.

Raapi's comments:
Excellent clue!!
The only clue in the contest which was not an anagram clue!
Enjoyed the synonym of cacophony-racket, which really had a whole new
meaning in the clue.

fake chocolate without love is hard on the ears (phony +
cocoa - o)

Raapi's comments:As I mentioned in an earlier clue,chocolate/cocoa
without love didn't really make sense.And how is it hard on the ears?

Din emanating from apparently fake cocaine source (9)

Cryptic part of the clue:
cocaine source = COCA
apparently fake (meaning indicator) = PHONY

Meaning part of the clue:

Raapi's comments:Very well constructed clue.Only clue which I felt
made justice to the using of 'fake' for the 'phony' term by the
addition of the word 'apparently'.
But then the bottomline is..the story din't go well.Din from phony coca??


So,out of the 15 main entries,3 of them appealed to me as top-notch

Finally,the winner of CWC11 ,according to me is Vinod!!
His clue was short/simple/funny/informative(the hoo-haa part) and
mainly the anagram indicator gelled well with the main character and
the story in the clue!

Congrats Vinod!Looking forward to an exciting CWC12 from you soon.


There were some excellent Bonus entries,which were very very
interesting!Enjoy those clues below..
I haven't commented on them but look out for
CVasi/Vinod/Parasuram/Aravind's last clue;)/Ravi's.Very very
entertaining ones.

Bonus Clues:

Fake cola in market caused a lot of noise.

(phony + coca = cacophony)


bonus entry

Law enforcer messing with tortilla chip and unknown creates discord. (9)

Law enforcer : cop
messing with: anagram indicator
tortilla chip : nacho
unknown: y
discord : synonym of cacophony


Some cocaine in part of symphony creates unpleasant noise (9)

Jarring sound made when mixing fake, half coca-cola (9)

Jarring noise could spoil a symphony, reportedly (9)

Non-crappy version of raapi's blog site? (9)

4)Muthalagan Jeyaraj

any cop and satirist jam for discord.

any + cop + cho (satirist);
jam - anagram indicator;
gets discord - cacophony


Bonus Clues:

Dissonance caused by spraying hydrocarbon on canopy (9)

dissonance - cacophony
hydrocarbon - HCO (organic chemistry)
canopy - anagram fodder
spraying - anagram indicator

Discordance produced when Hypnos endlessly consumed 50% Coke (9)

discordant sound - cacophony
Hypnos - anagram fodder
Coke - Coca Cola (50% Coke - COCA - 50% of Coca Cola)
consuming - anagram indicator


Coach and Pony dance to produce loud noise


Anagram :- coach + pony = cacophony

Some BONUS clues:-
- Oh! a NYC cop resolved the noisy riot (ana. OH+A+NYC+COP --
'resolved' is the ana. ind.)
- Coach pony to produce a harsh noise (ana. COACH+PONY -- 'to produce'
is the ana. ind.)
- OH, NY, CO and PA involved in a clash of voices

No coy chap will produce discordance
1. Noise about accountant company being fake (9)


The usual spelling is "phoney" but "phony" is a variant, esp.in the U.S.

2. Disturbance caused by a rabbit scuttling around a policeman with
hooligans' leader


Noisy New York City accountant to jump confusingly.
Noisy - direct.
New York City - NYC
Accountant - AC
to jump - HOP
confusingly - anag. indicator NYC AC HOP

Oh! Cop Nancy loses her head in confusion to create pandemonium
Nancy loses her head - minus N = ancy
OH COP ANCY in confusion anagram indicator.
Pandemonium - direct clue for cacophony.
In case you are interested you may join the group.It is a nice forum to discuss the daily crossword grid and other interesting stuff associated with crosswords.

Click to join thehinduxword


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Monday, March 14, 2005

What Mittal can do with $25 billion!

Found this article interesting!
I was reminded of the good old times when I use to think of how many 1 rupee 'Big fun' bubblegums and how many 5 Rs 'Arun ice-cream' balls that I could buy if my appa handed over his salary of 15,000 rs to me :)...

What Mittal can do with $25 billion!

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Whats your pick?

I justed copy/pasted the list of tamil movies that got released in 2004.Just eye-balling through them,I was surprised to find so many movies whose names also I had not heard of..
I ve watched around 14 movies out of this list of 76 movies and here is my take..

Worth to watch once(In random order):Aayutha Ezhuthu/7 G- Rainbow Colony/Chellamae/Maha Nadigan/Manmathan/Virumandi/Kaadhal

Worst to watch even once:Attahasam/New/Perazhagan/Madurai

Okay types:Ayutham/Yei/Jananam

Worth to watch once more : None!!

May think about watching soon :VasoolRaja MBBS/4 Students/Azhagiya Theeyae/Kudaikul Mazhai/ M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi/Vishwa-Thulasi

Whatelse do you think I should watch or not watch from the list below??

4 Students (2004) 7 G- Rainbow Colony (2004)
Aayutha Ezhuthu (2004) Adidhadi (2004)
Anbulla Latchumiyeh (2004) Arasaktchi (2004)
Arivumani (2004) Arul (2004)
Attahasam (2004) Ayudham (2005)
Azhaganaval (2004) Azhagesan (2004)
Azhagiya Theeye (2004) Bose (2004)
Campus (2004) Chatrapathy (2004)
Chellame (2004) Desam (2004)
Devathayai Kanden (2004) Dreams (2004)
Engal Anna (2004) Ethiree (2004)
Gajendra (2004) Gambeeram (2004)
Gilli (2004) Giri (2004)
Girivalam (2004) Jadhi (2004)
Jai (2004) Jairam (2004)
Jaisurya (2004) Jana (2004)
Jananam (2004) Jor (2004)
Kaadhal (2004) Kaadhal Thirudaa (2004)
Kadhal Sarigama (2004) Kadhal FM (2004)
Kadhal Kaditham (2004) Kannadi Pookal (2004)
Kavithai (2004) Kudaikul Mazhai (2004)
Kuththu (2004) Love Game (2004)
M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi (2004) Machi (2004)
Madhumathi (2004) Madurey (2004)
Maha Nadigan (2004) Manadhil (2004)
Manmathan (2004) Meesai Madhavan (2004)
Nee Mattum (2004) Neranjamanasu (2004)
New (2004) Orumurai Solli Vidu (2004)
Paravasam (2004) Perazhagan (2004)
Ponmekalai (2004) Sathurangam (2004)
Sema Ragalai (2004) Senthazham Poove (2004)
Settai (2004) Singara Chennai (2004)
Sullan (2004) Thirupachi (2004)
Thullal (2004) Ullam (2004)
Uyirosai (2004) Vaanam Vasappadum (2004)
Varnajaalam (2004) Vasool Raja M B B S (2004)
Vayasu Pasanga (2004) Virumandi (2004)
Vishwa Thulasi (2004) Yei (2004)

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

a ladki-->Kadlai -->Kaadli :)

Yeh hai kahaani mera DIL KAA...
Oru naal..Paathaen Avalai Udayar KADAI'L
Paeru ennanu kaetaen methuvaa KAAD'IL ;)
Was expecting yet another KAL-ADI!
But Initialudan sonnaal aval: D.AKILA..

At first she was just A LADKI..
Then after a little KADLAI..
potoam vaaizhkaiku oru ADI-KAL!!
She became my dear KAADLI..
Since then,I stopped being a KILAA-D :)

Not yet another KADI LA?? :)))


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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I got this offliner in my Yahoo messenger yesterday from a friendi!!

Miss.XYZ (4:50:31 AM): nee ellam oru friend.... women's day kku wish panradhille... oru bouquet vaangi thara dhille.... che....
Miss.XYZ (4:50:44 AM): now dont tell me that u dont consider me a woman blah blah.... aal vechi adippen...

rajeshparamesh (10:01:16 PM): hey..enna ithu..How cud we succumb to the gimmicks of Hallmark??And How I could jus single out only 1 day yesterday as women's day when I cherish the existence of women almost every day :)

Jokes apart....It hadn't dawned to me until that message that yesterday was being celebrated as International Women's day!Little did I know about it and was about to ignore it until I read about it at Wikipedia!
I guess,that day is definitely worth remembering!

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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Listened to Madhumathi..
semmayaa irku ellaa paatum!!

Chadh Gayo Papi Bichhua
Ghadi Ghadi mora dil dhadke
jolly paatu rendum..both were foot-tapping numbers!

Dil tadap tadap ke
this ones also a nice song..No sogam..

Suhaana safar
perfect song to listen if U r on a train and Vedikkai seeing through
the window :)

Zulmi sangh aankh ladi
situation that comes to mind : peeking into a ladies' hostel and
silently watching a bevy of cheerful girls sing happily and play :)

This song is from 'Phir subah hogi'.

Woh Subah Kabhi To Aayegi

Intha paatu kaetaen...
thirumba kaetaen..
thirumbavum kaetaen...
thirumbavum .thirumbavum kaetaen...
Sooperaa irunthuthu..:)


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