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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

There was a discussion in our egroup abt an article on whether English is a boon or bane to India..Heres what I had to say..
As to the usage of English to convey his ideas,the writer himself has explained his misery and helplessness..
Dependent Yet Estranged
My Growing Discomfort with English
This article will look strange coming from someone who earns her living teaching English literature, does most of her writing in English, edits Manushi in English, and could not keep alive its Hindi edition for more than nine years. "

A bold decision to adopt a traditional/national language as its official language could be taken by only few countries which are pretty self-reliant and which command a bit of respect/attention from all parts of the world,namely Japan,Germany..

At this point of time,I feel India has no chance of any survival amidst even the 3rd world countries,leave alone the developed ones,if Hindi or Bihari was enforced as its official language.The condition would have been significantly different, had the post-independence new government enforced the so-called Rashtrabasha in 1947.But again,the presence of hundreds of different languages and dialects would not have made it as easy as it sounds.

The bottomline is it is too late now and the saying "Better late than never" would not hold true in this case since India has projected itself too far ,as a nation with too many English speaking graduates.I agree though that the percentage of such graduates is highly less when compared to the illiterate masses but on a global perspective,it is these very few English speaking graduates,who are responsible for whatever attention it is getting right now.

Singing paeans and essaying essays about the Indian Kisans ,lohars and sthapathis might bring a feeling of sympathy or empathy,but I doubt if it would make any difference.The situation is complicated and any kind of revolutionary step by the government would be met with adverse criticisms from all parts of India itself.

English is here to stay in India.Whether its a boon or a bane to India would always be a debatable question.


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Monday, May 05, 2003

Today was an usual day..
Get up at 7.35 A.M when the alarm snoozes for the second time...go thro the boring coffee-making procedure and then as the coffee maker's making the bubbling sound I try to match it with a gargling sound as I brush my teeth..
Then get on to the THE best stimulant on earth - coffee ,which helps to relieve some of my wieght that I've gathered from the previous day!!
Jus as all the calls from nature are attended meticulously,the watch on the wash basin reads 7.50 A.M..Its time to show water to all parts of my body and then jump on into my so-called car to race towards the so-called place of work wer i spend the next 8 hrs..
Its amazing to realise that I did all this within a span of 25 mins-a little more than what an hr of a megaserial on Sun TV actually has to offer per episode..!
Speaking of TV,the american televisions are going haywire without any direction ..The so-called REALITY TV SHOWS sucks hard time...Monica lewinsky hosting a show where the guys wear stupid masks and the bitches get to flirt with them..Thats the worst television show idea anyone could have tried to come up with...With lewinsky ready to show up on television they could have used her for some kinda anti-CIGAR campaign..Well the fact that American's like Cigars which were in Lewinsky's possession bears no coincidence to my point above.
Then comes the American Idol.The show which should have been over last season is still being dragged to extend over even to the next season..The parallel show involving kids is much better than the crap that the American idol relays .
Oh...America..what a waste of time and lack of sanity!!.Sometimes I enjoy watching the TV when its powered off than when it is on !!

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Today it was rude shock to me when I figured out G-Venkateshwaran of GV films fame commited suicide!!
Its not that hes someone known to me personally or someone abt whom I think on any normal day..Just that it is kinda wierd to figure out that the vagaries of life n sudden quirk of fate hit persons belonging to all echelons of life.
Theres one factor certain in this life & that factor is "Uncertainity"!
One more irony that struck me thro this event was...
GV gave life to the film "May Maatham" but it is on this May maatham that he succumbed to his emotions n ended his life.He definitely might have been a Nayagan/dalapathi or even a sokkathangam to the tamil film industry!But if money was the major reason for this action of his,then its a pathetic end to a great man..Well,whatever may be the reason,commiting suicide is a dastardly act,which can never be justified!!

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Friday, May 02, 2003

This is gonna be sort of a scribble pad for me..
I am gonna jot down few of my ramblings which till now have been locked somewer at the back of my mind.
I am fond of paronomasia (playing with words) and U might notice a few punny ramblings from here on..
Herez one of my Pulambals...
I was thinking this afternoon abt the present scenario on this earth...
I can't afford the highly expensive Cars..
I hate its much adored Bars..
I loathe its authoritative Czars..
I can't withstand their crazy Wars..
Now they threaten us all with Sars..
I am looking towards the stars..
& wondering if I could get a ticket to Mars!!

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BLOG TESTING ...1,2,3...CHECK 1,2,3..

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