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Thursday, September 30, 2004

U.S Presidential Debate 2004

I am watching the Presidential debate and trying to blog about it simultaneously in order to capture my real time thoughts about this much awaited event of recent American politics!

It is one of the funniest shows on TV that I have ever watched..
As I typing this blog piece,I have the U.S president G.W.Bush on TV,talking as usual in a stupid fashion!Questions are being thrown at him,to which are answers being returned with no relevance.

To the second question,"Do you think there would be a higher chance of a 9/11 happening again?",the guy goes on talk about Saddam Hussain sitting in a cell,Libya disarming etc etc.There was no mention of Kerry's name or what he feels the government would be like,under Kerry's rule!

Both the candidates are trying to pull down each other and don't seem to really talk about the reality that U.S.A is facing.There is more talk about Iraq and the security and happy life of the Iraqi people than the american people.I wonder if this is the debate for the Iraqi presidential election!Hahhaa..As i finish typing about this Bush talks abt the elections in Iraq,much more focussed over it than his elections here!

Bush seems to have a naughty/cheeky rebuttal to whatever Kerry says.He smiles and smirks as if the other person is an idiot,entirely oblivious of what the world feels of him!He time and again harps on the old issues that Karry first was pro and now is against!

"Criteria as to when to bring back troops from Iraq" is the question and Bush starts of as usual about Iraqi people,their independence,their responsibility etc and stumbles on his way towards a pointless reply!He never gave a convincing date and a confirmed answer!"A FREE IRAQ"..Hes keeping on harping on that phrase and its getting on my nerves!!Its the poor U.S soldier waiting there for orders and herEs a person who is mouthing tailor-made bookish phrases about Iraq!
Kerry,on the other hand,speaks for the troops.He talks about their security and the help from other allies!Bush is not able to control himself and blurts out something irrelevant!

"Are americans now dying for a mistake?" is the question to Kerry,to which he says he and Bush - both are pro-war but he says the planning is screwed up.Kerry feels invasion of Iraq was a mistake.He compares it to Roosevelt invading Mexico in retaliation to Pearl Harbour!

Uff..I am done..This seems to be a stupid show of well-prepared speech just being spit out in periodic intervals!I just wonder how it would be if Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi were to be involved in a similar debate in a controlled environment,lest there would be large scale stones pelt and chairs hurled!Well on hindsight,that is what is supposedly happening in the T.N Assembly almost daily!


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H1-B Update

The Hindu Business Line : H1-B visa cap may be reached early ? `Restriction will bring more offshore work to India'

Whatever happened to the proposal to exclude the students in the U.S univs from the 65000 cap?Can the students join together and demand a fair share or would that be considered against their claim of returning back to their home country,that they promised at the Cousellate before they proceded to the U.S?It really doesn't make sense to put everyone under the same H1-B umbrella - the so-called skilled professional from India,China etc with the experienceless students in the U.S!

I have noticed a steep decline in the number of students coming for U.S study and also the deteriorating funds in the U.S univs.I wonder if it is a good sign for India in being being successful in adding a few more software engineers under its belt or is it a good sign for the U.S in restricting their education to their own people!


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What tax bracket does HE come into?

I was wondering if the Indian Income tax department collects taxes from this billionaire?Yes!I am talking about the Lord Himself!All through the years of my existence,I have periodically(read as almost every 2 or 3 months) been hearing him getting multi-million dollar worth offerings or gifts,whose worth I can't even explain in any numerical figure as I don't think they have even coined a term for 1 followed by 30 or 40 zeroes!

They say God doesnt differentiate between the status of his devotees,whther the rich or the poor or the middleclass Madhavan!But I dint know what they intended was,he doesnt differentiate who offers him the donations,whether it comes from the rich - a 1 crore crown,the illegal money of Harshad Mehta or even a 1 Re offering from the average Joe!Thats ridiculous!Some law needs to be enforced against donations to the temples,which instead could be used for the public!

A 11.5 kg Gold crown!!!Is that the thing that is going to solve the world's problems?Even if the Gods' hunger were to be satisfied,why would someone emburden his head with a 11.5 kgs?When I look at such acts of stupity in the name of devotion,I feel ashamed of my religion and its fanatic followers,which include even my near and dear ones!

So..Here you go..another feather,apparently worth 1.5 crores, gets added to HIS cap,thanks to Mr.Jayendra Saraswathi!

Rs 1.5 cr gold crown for Lord Venkateswara

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Orkuttans and Orkutties..

With the mundane life not even offering an iota of individuality,zeal and enthusiasm to the lives of this current generation's peppy youth,the next generous contraption that the wonderful world of internet(read as Google)generously came forward to offer,next to the revolutionary blogging tool,was the networking/friend making gizmo called ORKUT!

Thanks to google's theory(well..Is it really its beta testing theory/modesty or Is Google not ready enough with storage space and management capability to hit the bountiful masses?)of keeping its introductions to a restricted membership,solely based on references from existing members,this new crazy world of Orkut initially,did not get the much needed recognition among the net-crazy masses,which lent it a few months of much necessary aroma and flavor,which always attracts the masses.But then,nothing in a public domain could remain in secrecy for long and thus it stands where it is now : Orkut - yet another crowded system which is gradually losing all its steam.The initial trend set by it is not helping it to sustain itself and its slowly starting to lose its charm due to the clunky nature of its webengine.

What seemed to be amusing in the beginning,is now starting to get onto one's nerves.Yeah!I am talking about the screen which says "Sorry!You can't have the donut!" or some crap to that order!The height of irritation is the appearance of this screen around a half or sometimes even a full minute later from when one types the username and password in.

The most recent addition to its helplessness is a blank screen,which pathetically cries in the username/password area : "Orkut is under development!Please visit later".Coming from a major player like Google,it was the last thing one would expect.But the question is..Is Google under-estimating the internet population or the number of overzealous people unfathomable that they go to the extent of crazily creating 4 Gmail ids and 3 orkut profiles?Yeah!Again that isn't exageration!I know of guys who have 4 different Gmail ids and take pride over their act of stupidity!

Now lets say one successfully entered the Orkut diaspora after a couple of diehard attempts!What is it that is there inside that is so refreshing?The first five or ten times I logged into Orkut,I was fascinated by the novel approach of sharing information;wonderfully laid communities;very vividly portrayable profiles;excellent search options and an endless opportunity to keep oneself abreast of news/activities pertaining to very specific interests!

But thats it!My initial enthusiasm to log in has ended now and why is that?
These are some of my observations(Of course,as always,these may not be acceptable by many!But then its my views and the last thing I expect is someone takin it personal and trying to point a finger towards me!)

1)I found that its yet another online gathering of already known friends!
2)People making friends just for the sake of Orkuting(Yeah..1 more term gets added to the likes of googling)
3)Orkut is just another easy tool for the Orkutans to go after the Orkutties!!Its a haven for the stupid voyeurs and desperate guys!
4)Most of the girls' profiles are showcases of their high fundoo nature.Every one of them is supposedly there to make "Business relationships" and boast of their reading habits and music knowledge!
5)The guys' profiles bear the stamp of their pathetic life and what is even more disgusting is the comments that they leave on some of the girls' profiles : "Hey..Found your profile interesting..Wanna be friends?"..Oh cmon give us a break!U morons!
6)Some girls' take pride in the number of such desperate comments!Did they get in just to assess their value among the guys?
7)Then there are these individuals who have some 286 friends in their list!The first thing that comes to my mind when I see such profiles is ;Were these people promised some prize for achieving some big number,say 500 friends;akin to the idly eating or coke drinking competitions!
8)Making friends is an art!Merely adding a few people just for the sake of adding, without even knowing who the other person is,is terribly foolish!When I questioned about it to a girl who had 286 friends,her reply was that she wanted to make as many friends as possible and look out for the best ones from it!
Oh Cmon girl!You would make a good Amway or Quixtar professional selling crap in the name of MLMs!

But then,everything has its own pros and cons.I was able to meet 1 old friend from my 5th std in school and chat with some interesting individuals of 1 particular community!I am indebted to Orkut for all that and my continued enthusiasm towards it shall be fuelled only if Google were to make it much more user-friendly and add a dose of stricter moderation and seemless information exchange akin to yahoogroups!

Death to the voyeurs and self-assumed Romeos!Oh..not to forget the dirty dames - U suck big time(I don't know if I intended any pun with the last sentence.But if you could extract some pun/fun from it..Go ahead enjoy!)


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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Am not a lefty!Its a mirror image! Posted by Hello

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Quite perplexed! Posted by Hello

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Om, the King Of Bollywood..Whoz the king of Kollywood?

rediff.com: Om, the King Of Bollywood

Just a parallel thought.
If this movie were to be remade in tamil who do you think should play the role?
In my opinion,almost 50% of the tamil actors can compete for the part.Remember my list is just based on the age factor and looks,not necessarily a comparison to Om Puri's standard of acting!
So..Heres the list
1)Rajinikanth..The funny thing is..Hes already acted wearing a 100 wigs in almost all the films hes acted in the last decade.
2)Kamalahassan..Pathetic to find him wearing his uncool cooling glasses and dancing around trees with heroines half his age!
3)Vijayakanth..The so-called captain..If a lyposuction were to be performed on his cheeks,it could provide meat enough for 1 week's meal to a dog.
4)Prabhu..The circumference of his belly area is equal to his height.No more description required abt this guy who can't come to terms with his age/looks.
5)Sarath Kumar..He can play the grand father,father,son and even grandson in the same movie.That explains his age!
6)Karthik..Thank God few of his most recent movies bombed at the Box office,lest we would have been put to somemore misery from him.
Can you add to this list of pathetic individuals?

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

GOOG Unravelled..

Heres my explanations for the clues that I came up for Google...

1)Engine God ogled endlessly at.(6)
Go'd',ogle'd' endlessly gives Go+ogle = google = engine(search engine)

2)Search the unknown out of Geology Organisation(6)
Unknown out of geology -> y out of geology = geolog.
x,y,z are all the unknown variables and hence unknown in crossy refers to them.
Anagram(Organisation is the indicator)of geolog = google(search = google as a verb)

3)Does the E-log go crazy with its queries?(6)
Elog + go anagram(crazy is the indicator) = google (Its search queries)

4)Engine's logo is 50% Page's Organisation.(6)
50% page = half of page = ge +logo anagram(Organisation)
Direct meaning : 50% Page's Organisation = Google owned half by Larry Page.

5)Search it for egg scrambling tool headlessly.(6)
egg + ool(tool without head) anagram(scrambling is the indicator)= google

6)The french go back and forth confusing the web detective(6)
The in french = le + go og(go back and forth)angram(confusing)= googleweb searcher)

7)Gate's gold goes for a final toss puzzled by web-Page's IPO(6)
This was just for fun.Really is not a gr8 clue.
Gold,goes (final toss) = gol+goe (puzzled anagram indicator) = google (webpage IPO)
Intended meaning : Microsoft's Bill gates losing to Larry Page's IPO = google

p.s: I came up with these for the clue writing contest(CWC)that we have in our hindu crossword yahoogroup.In case you are interested you may join the group.It is a nice forum to discuss the daily crossword grid and other interesting stuff associated with crosswords.

Click to join thehinduxword

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Monday, September 20, 2004


Even if this tool were to charge me 1 $ for each time I have used it,I would be owing 1 whole life to it!I am sure almost every M.S student would have a similar story to say!
Yeah..Its the good old Google I am talking about.I was just wondering how on earth could I repay this great friend,philosopher and guide of mine who has helped me for the past 5 or 6 years in various issues of life.I have crossed many barriers and won a number of academic battles,all thanks to this great invention of mankind!
And what is it that I could do in return?
Just come up with some cryptic crossword clues for it. :)

Here you go..Enjoy it..
Try to unravel the mystery behind the clues and if interested post the logic behind them,in the comment's section.I shall post the explanations tomorrow.

1)Engine God ogled endlessly at.(6)

2)Search the unknown out of Geology Organisation(6)

3)Does the E-log go crazy with its queries?(6)

4)Engine's logo is 50% Page's Organisation.(6)

5)Search it for egg scrambling tool headlessly.(6)

6)The french go back and forth confusing the web detective(6)

7)Gate's gold goes for a final toss puzzled by web-Page's IPO(6)


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Sunday, September 19, 2004


Few weeks ago,I haggled terribly with my cellphone service provider and managed to get 600 free daytime minutes and unlimited night/weekend minutes.Added to this,I also got them to put me into the plan which had the nighttimes start from 7 p.m.While it was a great bargain for the 40$ I would have to cough out every month,I felt ridiculously stupid later.I really didn't need that much cellphone time at all.Since the past few months,I have noticed a steady decrease in the calls I recieve and the calls that I make.
There are some phone numbers in my phone's address book,which are probably too old and the people listed may not even exist anymore.And the rest of the legit ones,I am sure it would be a shock if I were to call some of those people,whom I have lost touch since the 2 years!

As to the few calls that I make,its kinda in a state where there is no issue to talk!Even with the thickest of friends,its been brought down to the same old stuff being chewed again and again..the same old girls being talked about..the same episodes being analysed for the nth time.Starting to hate this phase of life,where there is nothing memorable enough to provide any train of nostalgic thoughts later in life!Its just the same old routine of 5 weekdays and the 2 day boring weekends which keep repeating!If I were to look back after 15 years,this would be the last thing I would like to have any memory of.

Few of my friends are heading back to India for good!One of them already left and joined a job in chennai,while the other is leaving in a few weeks!Feel sad for the turbulence in some of their lives.Just wish that everything got settled and everyones in a peaceful state!

Now coming to some general ramblings..

Was watching a few minutes of the serial "Apprentice".Felt like kicking Donald Trump right on his face!It was sheer stupidity in the name of a reality show!Everything appeared staged and the way Mr.Trump was acting like an ass,it was highly irritating.How I wished one of the candidates showed him his tallest finger and left the crapshow in the middle!!

For some reason,It just occured to me that companies like Wipro and Infosys were just PIMPS in the software trade!All they do is get the wealthy customers under their belt and supply then with cheap software engineers!And in the process get to become the billionaires!But then,it didn't take long to realise that that analogy was really crass and really didn't hold true!Atleast the Indian engineers got something to work on!

Watched Fight club again.Sometimes it really feels that way..to bring out one's frustration by beating the hell outa someone/oneself!Glad that feeling doesn't stay for long :)


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Thursday, September 16, 2004

American History X

If you haven't watched the movie mentioned on the title of the blog,It is high time you watched it!One of the best movies I have ever seen.Edward Norton at his best!For that matter,I have enjoyed watching almost every movie of Ed Norton.But this one stood out because of its gripping scenes and memorable dialogues.I could envision the amount of hate that the Americans could possibly have against the non-american masses and the way most of them come to terms with it,after realising the truth!Herewith I am reproducing a monologue from the movie.

Monologue from American History X :
His eyes no longer covered by a thick veil of hate, Danny (Edward Furlong) concludes his history paper as the sun rises on a brand new day.

Better Angels
written by David McKenna

Danny: (voiceover) It's 5:40 am and in about one minute I'm going to watch the sun come up. I don't know if I've ever done that. Anyway, we're going to try to pick things up, and start over. It won't be easy but we're all together again. And I feel good. I'm not sure if this paper is what you wanted, if I hit the social significance or whatever you're looking for. But, for what it's worth, thanks a lot.
So I guess this is where I tell you what I learned. My conclusion, right? Well, my conclusion is: hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it. Derek says it's always good to end a paper with a quote. Says someone else has already said it best so if you can't top it, steal from them and go out strong. So I picked a guy I thought you'd like. "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cords of memory will swell when again touched, as they surely will be, by the better angels of our nature."

The quote from Danny's paper is a paraphrase from Abraham Lincoln, from his First Inaugural Address on March 4, 1861: "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Beautiful words to be sure.

My Take on it :

Yepp!A wonderful thought pertaining to a number of guys of this age
-The ones which try to view the world always with a crooked view.
-The ones which think they are a level above than the common masses while in fact they are nothing but pieces of worthless shit.
-The ones which take pride in being arrogant while the fact is they live at other people's mercy.
-The ones which think they are always right,just waiting for the day to get royally screwed!
-The ones which act like the frog_in_the_well,confining itself to a small circle and mocking and jeering at the world outside.
-The ones which stupidly support stupidity of the above mentioned frog to any extent,totally oblivious of the insanity well evident in any of its actions.

'Hate' is something which has become a "cool" thing to display,which is able to pathetically survive to some extent only because its balanced on the other side by level headed minds and their patience!
The world shall wait for these idiosyncratic creatures to grow up and live sensibly.

Finally,the tagline of the movie..

"Some Legacies Must End."


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Irony of the tyranny

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"


My take on the above quote :

That single sentence abruptly put a stop to my browsing speed,the hundred clicks that my computer gets from me as I traverse through the infinite webpages...It all came to a temporary stop,as I started dwelling about it.
Yepp..It makes perfect sense!At the end of the day,who cares if the war was fought for the right cause or wrong cause.All that it left was some terrible scars in the minds of the innocent civilians.The dead lie unattended on the dusty dessert waiting for the scavenger creatures to feast upon then,the orphans wait for their time to die or get misled into joining the war and the homeless wait for their turn to turn crazy and eventually die meaninglessly.

Its really a crazy world!A bastard in the name of a president urges his countrymen to send their sons and daughters to war,while his habitual drunkard daughters shamelessly stand on the podium and garner votes for their father to win yet another mockery in the name of election.
Irony of the tyranny!!

Now,this is to the crazy commentor who is going to unleash his abuses against Gandhi for making this quote.Save your comments for your nature calls and leave! This sentence would have deserved attention no matter who made it,may it be Gandhi or Greenspan or even Vadivelu...


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Monday, September 13, 2004

Hurricane Names

Just was wondering about the hurricanes hitting the U.S having names attached to them!
Heres some info about the same..
Why do Hurricane have Names?

Hurricane Names

So,I wonder when our guys start using such names in India..Cyclone Reddy..Cyclone Yadav..Cyclone Iyer..!


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Sunday, September 12, 2004

An ode on the road!

Hurricane Ivan had just departed from the city leaving the gloom behind.It was raining and all I could do was pull up my car's windows and wait on the parking lot for the rain to stop and pray that the traffic eased out due to the construction on the road!Through the sweeping wipers on my front glass shield ,I couldn't help noticcing an young desi guy battling the rain and almost genuflecting and pleading to his girlfriend.With the heavy rain lashing and abt 50 meters between my car and them,I had no chance of figuring out what the commotion was.

First I saw him,carry all the plastic bags - some 15 of them to his car and drop them there.Then I saw him get back to his girlfriend and pick her backpack and raise the umbrella atop her head,with him standing outside of it and getting drenched totally!!Amidst all this sequence of events,I couldn't help noticing the way she pulled the umbrella from his hand and threw her pullover and the coke she was carrying onto the floor,which splashed all over the poor fellow's feat..

As the poor guy stood stunned unable to react to his lady love's idiosyncracy,she turned back and walked towards him.As he removed his glasses wiping his watery eyes due to his tears and the rain,she took out a piece of paper from her handbag and hurled it at his face and walked away with an air of non-chalance..

It was just then I started wondering what would it be,that was going on between the 2.As always my mind didn't stop where it should have stopped and it tresspassed a little beyond.I waited for the guy to leave the place and ventured out in the rain to look into the paper that was floating on the sidewalk.

Heres what I could make out from the smudgy piece of paper laden with with various smileys ....

All I think abt is to jus serenade u..
All U think abt is to jus marinade me..
Tell me yes..my dear sweet kitty
n I shall write u daily a love ditty :)

Would love to sleep in your arms...
with my cheeks clasped by your palms..
All you did to me..was it alms..?
Will this bliss last,is one of the qualms..

We both know where the road ends..
As we traverse through its bends..
People like U are godsends
Still HE wants us be jus friends?

All U've talked till now is abt condiments..
No harm in shedding some sentiments..
We've crossed very many continents..
But my love for U's been consistent!

One of many - Ur great emails..
None of them from other females..
10s of Kilobytes of love in retail..
Don't worry..Won't reveal much details..

Going on to be twenty seven..
though I act as if i am eleven..
Life's kinda odd n even..
But...with you around, Its heaven..

I am sorry for whatever I did ..chellam!

I left the place with a disgusted feeling!

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Schooldays' Memoirs

I remember the times when I had only 1 pen, the so-called Hero-pen , whose nib would be bent in a unique position which only I could be comfortable to hold on and write through the entirety of the 100 times “I wont talk in the class” imposition. Added to the characteristic inclination of the nib, there was always this over-enthusiastic ink holder of the pen, which used to supply the fluid more than what my paper could hold, leading to the permanent blue mark on the thumb and index fingers of my right hand. As I toiled through the imposition, the sweat around the fingers would have carried ink through to all other fingers of my tender right hand!

The style of writing the imposition was also unique. Only the first line of on the page was written as a whole sentence, i.e. “I will not talk in the class”. From the next sentence onwards till the 100th time, it used to be written word by word, i.e, 99 times I, followed by 99 times will and so on, which would make sure that the imposition had no effect on me as I did not really give a thought to what I was repenting for.

In order to combat the sudden deluge of ink on to my science classwork notebook, I used to have a secret weapon in my Natraj pencil box. It was the piece of chalk that I would have snagged from the teacher’s desk when I used to pass through it during the intervals. I still remember the wonderful art that we used to come up with by soaking parts of the chalk over the ink. The thrill of watching the ink being sucked in and flow through the chalks length is something enjoyable at any age.

Then it was time for breaking the chalk into bits and throwing randomly at the first bencher across the next row of seats! Boy! The fun that we had looking at the poor geek being hit with the chalk and he turning back with a pathetic look, trying hard to figure out who the culprit was. That was fabulous!

Then, there was this thin refill pen that used to be the able substitute for my Hero pen, in the event of all the ink drying up. Almost everyday there used to be those 5 minutes of fun, when I used to use the various laws of physics to make that thin little thing work. First it would be to adeptly remove the pointed metal portion from the top without staining my teeth. This part of the activity was seldom successful without tasting the bitter Ballpoint pen ink.

Then the next part of the adventure was to sandwich the open-ended refill between the palms and rapidly do a rubbing motion, generating the much necessary heat to melt the ink inside the refill. Most of the times, this wouldn’t work, necessitating the blowing of air from one side. This would require great attention in order to make sure that the molten ink doesn’t squirt out of the other end. Once the ink peaks out of the other end, akin to lava emerging from a volcano, it was time to seal it with the metallic pointed nib, which by now would have fallen to the ground. After few minutes of frantic searching, it would be discovered near the opposite bench, happily lying near the dusty rubber eraser.

I got reminded of all this,recently when I saw some kids here in the U.S.A, buying so many stationery items such as 3 packs of micro-tip pencils/2 packs of Uniball pens/various scented erasers etc as part of the "Back to school" seasonal purchase.I wondered if these kids were being pampered with so much unnecessary stuff or was I denied something when I was a child?


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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


How I wish our memories were EPROMS!
The one which could be erased and programmed based on personal preference!

Certain events leave a sizeable void in one's life and events subsequent to those,even loosely related to the earlier happening,bring in the feel of gloom and macabre feeling all through the life!I stand perplexed by the dynamics of life where there is no question of anything remaining stable!

As I write this ,I feel sad for the families and friends of a junior of mine,PJ who perished in a drowning accident last weekend.My mind refuses not to relive the tragic sequence of yet another friend KK,crying frantically for help from the evil waters,eventually succumbing to destiny,in a similar fashion, 2 years ago.
It seems cruel and puts everyone in a state of denial for a very long time to come,when the questions arise time and again..
'Did these guys deserve it?Everything that they toiled for...Was it for such an unjustifiable end?'

I really wish the families of these unlucky individuals came out of their agony as soon as possible.It lies in the hands of the friends and relatives to empathise with the families and help them get over it to some extent by sharing their sorrows at this time of unfathomable grief!

As I dedicate this blog in the memory of KK and PJ,I would like to make an humble request which I made 2 years ago!
Life is in itself a very short span of time to make full use of it.It makes no sense to cut it short abruptly in the quest for ephemeral excitement!The eternal sorrow to the friends and families stand testimony for the injustice and vouch for staying away from unnecessary adventures and risks!I hope this thought springs up in the minds of my blog readers,the next time when they plan to take an unnecessary dive into the lake or about to plunge as a sky-diver out of a plane!

How I wish our memories were EPROMS!


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Friday, September 03, 2004

dates n updates..

Sept 4 : Appa/amma's wedding Anniversary!!Congrats and Wish you both many more happy returns of the day..Appa and amma!

Sept 3rd till Sept 7th : Labour day weekend...What was to be "THE TRIP"..is finally just 'a trip' to NewJersey!hmmmmm..:(((

Last year this time : India trip..Memories still afresh kindling the urge for the next trip in Dec!Hi..Jolllllllllly..!

So...time for a small blog sabbatical!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blog skill?...Blogs kill!

This is an example of how Blogs kill !
This person lost her job from Friendster and the reason behind her termination seems to be "Blogging"!
In one of the papers,quoted in her write-up,she has brought up an important issue of how blogs might change a person's life.An hawk-eyed employer could check his worker/jobseeker's credentials over the internet and if he finds him or her to be a jerk,I guess that could be the end of the poor little guy's hopes!
Well,such incidents really do serve as eye-openers once in a while.Just because ones got the capability to comment/speak on a public domain,doesn't mean he or she can go overboard and exceed the generally accepted internet ethics!After all,not everything is fun and not everyone can escape with everything!Insanity needs a sanity check!


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