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Sunday, September 12, 2004

An ode on the road!

Hurricane Ivan had just departed from the city leaving the gloom behind.It was raining and all I could do was pull up my car's windows and wait on the parking lot for the rain to stop and pray that the traffic eased out due to the construction on the road!Through the sweeping wipers on my front glass shield ,I couldn't help noticcing an young desi guy battling the rain and almost genuflecting and pleading to his girlfriend.With the heavy rain lashing and abt 50 meters between my car and them,I had no chance of figuring out what the commotion was.

First I saw him,carry all the plastic bags - some 15 of them to his car and drop them there.Then I saw him get back to his girlfriend and pick her backpack and raise the umbrella atop her head,with him standing outside of it and getting drenched totally!!Amidst all this sequence of events,I couldn't help noticing the way she pulled the umbrella from his hand and threw her pullover and the coke she was carrying onto the floor,which splashed all over the poor fellow's feat..

As the poor guy stood stunned unable to react to his lady love's idiosyncracy,she turned back and walked towards him.As he removed his glasses wiping his watery eyes due to his tears and the rain,she took out a piece of paper from her handbag and hurled it at his face and walked away with an air of non-chalance..

It was just then I started wondering what would it be,that was going on between the 2.As always my mind didn't stop where it should have stopped and it tresspassed a little beyond.I waited for the guy to leave the place and ventured out in the rain to look into the paper that was floating on the sidewalk.

Heres what I could make out from the smudgy piece of paper laden with with various smileys ....

All I think abt is to jus serenade u..
All U think abt is to jus marinade me..
Tell me yes..my dear sweet kitty
n I shall write u daily a love ditty :)

Would love to sleep in your arms...
with my cheeks clasped by your palms..
All you did to me..was it alms..?
Will this bliss last,is one of the qualms..

We both know where the road ends..
As we traverse through its bends..
People like U are godsends
Still HE wants us be jus friends?

All U've talked till now is abt condiments..
No harm in shedding some sentiments..
We've crossed very many continents..
But my love for U's been consistent!

One of many - Ur great emails..
None of them from other females..
10s of Kilobytes of love in retail..
Don't worry..Won't reveal much details..

Going on to be twenty seven..
though I act as if i am eleven..
Life's kinda odd n even..
But...with you around, Its heaven..

I am sorry for whatever I did ..chellam!

I left the place with a disgusted feeling!

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