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Thursday, April 29, 2004


1: Coffee Day...

As it started to drizzle on a warm summer evening on the busy streets of chennai,the air was filled with the pleasant,rare petrichor,putting everyone in a magical trance.But there were a few other beings who begged to differ even in such an enchanting scenario-the rickshaw puller who kept going as if he had been endowed with a waterproof skin,the rag picker who went about his business without enjoying the smell as if his noses were clogged and the skinny cow on a donkey's diet which was busy tearing apart and devouring the movie posters off the walls.Along with these idiosyncratic beings,there were 2 other souls who had become immured in recent times to any change happening around them.

Whether it was the day of the Sept 11 attacks on the WTC in the U.S.A or the day of the Mylapore Theppom,it made no difference to them.Life was getting into some sort of a routine where they had started believing that the soul purpose of living was to meet each other, every alternate day at their favorite location - The coffee Day.Laxmi and Sreeni are the above mentioned unique,interesting characters upon whom this whole account is based on.They belonged to the modern day tier 1 middle class family in terms of their moderately affluent lifestyle bearing a stamp of adequate cosmopolitan outlook.As noticed in all south indian brahmin families,their parents still belonged to the earlier generation in terms of their traditional beliefs and practices yet they exhibited an excellent understanding of the younger generations' changing thought process and bestowed their kids with a measured but adequate freedom to carry on their lives.

Sreeni was never forgetful in demanding his weekly quota of pocket money of 300 rs which had been raising very modestly in the recent months after innumerous bouts of argument with his dad. Sreeni had to use all his IIM-C acquired skills in the field of finance/management and economics,to elucidate the changing economic scenario in India and the rising standard of living in order to substantiate his claim for a hike in the weekly Pocket money during his month-long trips to Chennai.In the age of college goers spending their money recklessly on movie tickets/smoking/drinking with their friends,Sreeni was of a totally different genre.Not a single paisa was wasted on anything other than buying the "Cafe Mochas and expressos" for his evening tryst with his lady-love.

As for her,Laxmi possessed an exact antonym to almost every quality that Sreeni possesed.He was a typical iconoclastic guy of his age who often spoke of his athiestic beliefs in front of his friends but at the same time was never forgetful in sporting the customary Vibuthi stamp on the temple of his head.In comparison,Laxmi was a devout Tanjore Brahmin girl,who never spoke or displayed her traditional values in public and sometimes wouldn't even bother to sport one of those Pondi-Bazaar sticker Bindis.Her trademark unplaited locks of hair,which reminded everyone of the shampoo-ad models was in stark contrast to the well-combed hairdo that Sreeni sported.There were a few other traits in them that seemed to be totally different.While Sreeni had been well-versed in identifying Raagas/thaalas of carnatic music and was also adept in playing the Violin,his guru being none other than Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan;Laxmi's knowledge of carnatic music was at unmentionable levels.

While it would seem something next to impossibility to fathom 2 such characters to share a common frequency,it was their opposite nature that rendered the apposite basis for their association.The modern-art wall hangings and the dim-lit lamps sprouting out of the false ceilings at "Coffee Day" had been accustomed to lay as mute spectators to the 3 hour conversations between the two.If those inanimate objects had the capacity to speak,they would vociferously vouch for the fact that it was the difference in opinions and style between Sreeni and Laxmi that provided the much-needed substance to their conversations.The only thing that both of them agreed to without much of a fuss was the type of coffee they wanted.If it was the Iced Orange Cuppucinno on one day,it would be the arabian-Mocha on their next visit.

To be continued...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I came across an interesting post here..-Read the April 2nd Post
It was abt my ever-amusing breed of interesting individuals-The madisar maamis!!It would be great if someone could take them as a PhD research topic and come out with all the idiosyncracies associated with them.I am sure they have a great role in every walk of life..its jus that people never appreciate their unique qualities and potential!
I hope to blog more about them in the coming weeks,with some memorable anecdotes n events of my past!

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Monday, April 26, 2004


Google IPO Central - Unofficial Site for Latest Investing and Stock Offering News
There U go..
Wait and watch the spectacular event of this era unfold this week!Its been heralded as the IPO of the century..!!Gawd..If only I had the dough..:(( Nevertheless..Its thrilling to watch it happen finally!

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Hindu Crossword 7966 crack n more;)

wow..it was an innovative way to kill time today..First I cracked the crossy and then started looking out for any interesting news/pictures related to the answers..Found some links interesting.Just linked them for your pleasure!!Enjoy..
Hindu Crossword 7966-Grid and clues

1 A light to carry off the French member (6,4) Spirit lamp ..the french member refers to "la"+"mp"

7 Some ice, could be, the product of three equal factors (4) cube..2 meaning clue.

9 Chessman, reportedly in darkness (6) knight (K+night)

10 Fictional traveller to drag back big body part (8) lug backwards +liver = gulliver

11 State of confusion and panic when a flier is on a spiral descent (8) tailspin ..direct meaning

12 Part of America unfortunately gets Kansas reduced (6) unfortunately-alas Kansas - ka = Alaska

13 Can a cure go wrong in bottle? (7) courage - a cure go anagram

16 Inactive kind of voice (7) passive

17 Yearn endlessly at home for a pain reliever (7) aspirin which is endless 'aspir'e + in (home)

19 An allowance to remit, including gratuity (7) stipend which is send(remit) with tip(gratuity) in it

22 Lies about artist exposed in country (6) israel- lies+ar anagram

23 To fix an obnoxious fellow is a small irritation (8) pin+prick

26 Misled menials name official in football game (8) linesman- menials+n anagram

27 A feline returning to the French officer (6) ocelot to+le(the in french)+co(chief officer) backwards

28 Green-eyed monster (4) envy

29 Melody to set the mood is awful, emetic mush (5,5) theme music- last 2 words anagram


2 Bearlike creature also found in temples (5) Panda

3 Normal soldier (7) regular - 2 meaning clue

4 The child is awake: work out the total (3,2) tot up

5 Silver for a brass hat in painting (6) argent(looked up in the net)-means silver paint applied

6 Take out a role and criticise harshly (4,5) pull apart..which is from 'pull a part'

7 Piece of armour forged in cold Russia (7) cuirass - c+russia anagram(looked in the dictionary)

8 State of equality of cost and revenue (9) breakeven

14 For the old boy, meeting is a persistent preoccupation (9) ob+session

15 Worried with guilt, mole finds a bird (9) guillemot(word learnt today) guilt+mole anagram

18 Figurative language is a confusing mirage before the end of day (7) imagery - mirage + y(end of day)

20 Upstart may hit back with an Indian flute (7) parvenu - rap backwards with venu(indian flute)

21 Used in cleaning, it may stink between two points (6) sponge = s(south)+pong+(east)e

24 A loop for snaring, so one may interpret (5) so+one anagram = noose

25 Garment for a woman Catholic, reportedly sacred (5) C(catholic)+holi(~holy)=choli

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Want H-1Bs? Act now - The Economic Times

Want H-1Bs? Act now - The Economic Times
Thats fine..But werz the job available to get one of these lucrative visas?
If you look at the qualifications mentioned in this latest ..'Intel job ad',it sends a shock down the spine to note these words..
"(H1B sponsorship and/or use of OPT time for M.S. level Foreign National students is not available.)"
Toooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh..Tooooooooo Badddddddddddd!

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Sunday, April 18, 2004


I ve been watching movies,padams,films,pictures ..yeah..whatever name U call them in all languages..English/Tamil/Hindi!Theres been no force to stop 3 of us friends,who have been on a movie watching spree for the past few weeks.Time wasted in the past 5 days = ~25 hrs.I was wondering how nice it would have been had all my academic stuff back at school been broadcasted via Cable TV and had I been asked to view them instead of learning from dull textbooks.Definitely what I see in TV stays fresh in my mind for a longer time than what I see on printed matter.I could even now remember the color of Mallika Sherawat's outfit in "Murder",but I can hardly remember anything that I read on Newspaper this morning.
Some of the movies I watched..
Felt the change in the Hindi tinsel world's audacity in displaying some watchable fleshy matter.But they have taken it to a different level with too much unnecessary show off.The movie seemed to be too pedestrian but for some steamy scenes.The storyline was not at all interesting.Definitely not a great movie fit enough to be reviewed by anyone.
Watched it for around 1 n half hrs but felt the feeling of having watched that movie so many times.Its the same old story and predictable happenings.But the hero/heroine seemed to be alright.Gracy Singh remotely remided me of Ek dujhe ke liyae actress Rathi and aftab reminded me of Aamir Khan at times..
Somethings Gotta give:
Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton put up a good show which was unwatchable after the first 45 mins though.I think they need to come up with a seperate rating category for such movies.It should rated "SC"-Senior Citizens!Showing the love affair between 2 septuagenerians(yeah almost) and dragging it to unfathomable levels with even a split second unclothed Diane Keaton,is not something anyone expects out of an English movie!Diane's whining/wailing was the hieght of irritation which made us hit the remote control's fast forward button!
Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2:
Too(two) good movies!Q-Tarantino yet again shows his class in a way of storytelling nobody can imagine.I think I might be one of the very few who would have had the dubious distinction of watching both the parts back to back.I watched KB-1 for the first time on DVD yesterday and almost immediately went to watch KB2 at the theatre.I seemed to like KB1 better than the second part as I felt it had much more of a momentum all through the movie.The second part was too much of a drag initially and not that breath-taking as the earlier one.It would have been great had everything been coupled and released as a single movie of 3 hrs.
Head of state:
This was a laughter riot.The satirical comedy on the U.S presidential election was a nice treat on a Saturday afternoon.Chris Rock came up with a very decent performance!Bernei Mac sucks big time with his irritating dialogue delivery.
Other movies that I started watching and didnt watch completely..
Pudhukotayilirunthu saravanan..
Anaconda(watched the last 45 mins).My earlier feeling about J-Lo's looks being so ordinary was corroborated much more.Her face just reminded me of yet another Mexican maid working in our Office complex.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Old habits Die Hard...
I used to think a few years ago that the last minute rushing up to get things done before the deadline,will eventually stop when I come out of the student mould,but then I have proved myself wrong yet again.The day after is the last day to file income taxes for last year and here I am still wondering what form I need to file and how I need to report my capital loss and stuff.This is exactly the same time last year ,that I made a decision not to prolong my tax filing process till the deadline but laziness factor beats everything else.Procrastination is like my twin sibling,who was born with me and lived amicably along with me.
My thoughts abt Blogging are coming true...
I wrote a few days ago about the lackadaisical approach shown by fellow blogging junta towards this blogging phenomenon.My visit to the regular blog sites corroborates my claim.People seem to have lost interest in the random scribbling and the quality of whatever-existing blogs seem to have taken a huge beating.
"They never gave us their itinerary.."
It was irritating to hear Ms.Rice testify before the 9-11 commision about what they knew of the then impending attacks on the U.S by the terrorists.Her comment that they had details about terrorist attacks involving planes/hijacking/airport etc around the first week of september but did not know that the planes could be used as missiles,seemed too insane.I really didnt understand what she was trying to prove.The next time..does she want the terrorists to send her their itinerary and detailed blueprint of their attack plans?Cmon..don't Bush-shit us!!
The next guy who asks me this question when I walk down the aisle,is really going to get a feel of my troubled mind.Both of us know that we don't give a shit as to how the other person is doing and yet the customary question of 'Hovzitgoin?/Hovyudoin?' pops up almost instantly.My mouth never stumbles or hesitates to answer him with the "Priteeegued!" smirk on my face.I am just wondering how interesting it would turn out if I held on to the guy who asked the question and explain all my problems and worries for the next hr..
Wish'U' happy Vishu...
Its yet another year in the tamil/Malayali calendar thats passed by.Yet it makes no difference to us lonely unconcerned,despicable spirits away from family and friends,grazing through the so-called greener pastures and crying over the harsh reality upon realising that what seemed like green grass from yonder is actually american 'Holy Cow' dung!The last four years has taken me away from the warmth of the meaningful enjoyable civilisation that I used to be a part of,when I stayed with my near and dear ones.All that is left now to live and socialise is the Reality TV crazy U.S junta and their sense of socialising filled with loads and loads of artificiality.
Thats all folks..

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Oppose Salman Khan as Ram in Ramayana

I came across this stupid issue when I was doing my regular browsing through juicy filmy news..Do people have no other issue to write a petition and fight for a cause?
I do oppose Salman Khan in this aspect of playing the role of Ram in Ramayana.But it is definitely not for any of the reasons cited in this utterly ridiculous,nonsensical,Hindu-fanatic website-IMC India - Oppose Salman Khan as Ram in Ramayana
My only basis for opposing him as Ram was that the anagram of his name "Salman Khan" gives "Lakshmanan" and not Raman..hehehe!!..Arvind(figure)..This post was for U!!

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Rupee becoming Costly!!

On my visit to India,6 months ago,I found it hard to come to terms to the fact that I was able to get only 45 rs for every U.S$,which I considered pretty low than the 50 rs that I paid to get U.S$ when I left to the U.S 3 years before.But then I think I would be put to a greater shock when I go this December to India.For the past 4 years,I had always equated the dollar to be about 50 rupees and going by the recent surge in the rupees' worth,I think it would stand at 40rs to a dollar very soon.I am basing my views based upon this news report I saw today-rupee vs $$$!
Though this phenomenon is a good factor for the Indian economy,It certainly hurts the NRIs.For us out here,rupee has become costlier.We would be able to buy lesser Indian money with the U.S money which in turn correlates to the costlier Indian commodities.Although it makes no sense to argue about the surging rupee,it does seem awkward to realize that only one or two sections of the Indian population is actually responsible for all this hullabaloo .The salaries of the software professionals has leaped manifolds in the past few years and the investments from NRIs and foreign Institutional Investors has propelled this sudden show of might by the Indian Rupee.I wonder how the common non-software/non-NRI man is able to survive in this ever-increasing,totally hyped economic scenario in India.The weak and poor segments of the population have no possibility of matching the rich and the disparity between the affluent and the poor is going to increase by a large extent.There is no overall development of all walks of life in India.I still find the old ragged cobbler sitting next to the teashop near the bus-stand and the rickshaw puller haggling for the extra rupee from his fat,non-relenting customer.
Speaking in layman's terms,sometimes I feel.."To hell with the dollar or the rupee!!I just still want to get a coffee for 2 rs/a plate of Idly-vada for 5 rs/a cool town bus ride from Mandeveli to Parry's Corner for 2 Rs!Will that ever be possible?"

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Monday, April 05, 2004

For the cruciverbalist junta..

Heres some interesting explanation from dear old C-Vasi about Monday's Hindu crossword.Very very thought-provoking..I enjoyed reading through it and getting acquainted with the cryptic clue pattern.Evry crossword is a learning tool for any cruciverbalist!
I find that the crossword today is not only a little difficult but
also quite entertaining, with many clues evoking nice images and
employing good anagram signals, homophone indicators and so on. I am
devoting some time to write notes on across clues. Hope this is found


1 One who might be expected to go through volumes (8) BOOKWORM
Cryptic definition

5 The boy is coming on a vessel — a Chinese one (6) SAMPAN Sam-pan
Vessel is first used in the sense of kitchen utensil. In the
definition "a Chinese one", vessel refers to boat

9 Poison — new variety — one pours out in a measure (7) ENVENOM
Poison is noun in the surface sense (that is, what the clue sentence
means when you just read it and before you proceed to work out the
answer) but it is also a verb and the answer envenom is a verb. Anag
of n v one in en (which means measure, more strictly a printing

10 Distraught blonde catches a man (3,4) OLD BEAN (man, fellow). a
inserted in anag of blonde Evokes the picture of boy-catches-girl, or
rather the other way about

11 Its whistle promises a cosy afternoon (3,6) TEA KETTLE Cryptic def

12 Article exposed by Tau is asafoetida (5) THING T-hing

13 Said to employ sheepish flock (4) EWES (sheep in plural) homophone
of use (employ)

14 Filled with wonder over a dud note's circulation (9) ASTOUNDED
anag of a dud note's Again, the clue evokes a plausible situation.

17 Kill white ant invading North Arcot (9) TERMINATE NA in termite
Invading is a good container signal

19 Almost out of bed? Here's Italian wine! (4) ASTI r cut off from
astir(out of bed) Evokes the picture of a drink being offered to
someone who starts the day with a drink

23 Wallace the novelist, for one (5) EDGAR (not Irving)

24 You may chill out with this (4,5) ICED DRINK (one may consider
iced water, but never fill in the answers until you're sure!)

25 Singing vaguely and absent-mindedly (7) LILTING

26 Old boy's remedy is unknown (7) OBSCURE OB's-cure

27 The most judicious is dumped in a nasty stew (6) WISEST is in anag
of stew. Is dumped in is a good container signal.

28 Doctor said, "Done." The throat complaint is still there! (8)
ADENOIDS. Anag of said done. Doctor is a noun in the surface sense.
But it is also a verb, meaning to chop and change and it is in this
sense that it is an anag signal.

C. Vasi


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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Car Search

The whole of last week,I spent my time looking out for a decent used car.I was put to a gruelling time interacting with so many car dealer guys almost all of whome overpriced their cars and most of whom were quite evidently deviating from the truth in whatever they uttered.I found some of these guys very pathetic.Even if a car had been involved in an accident and had been wrecked badly before being restored to a working condition,these guys kept the tempo and spoke very highly of their cars.The only intention was to make the deperate buyer to succumb to thier lies,which I fortunately din't fall to.
Finally I decided upon a car and ended my misery with the purchase of a 2000 model Mazda Protege.Although it cost me a seven grand ,I felt it was a decent purchase.
Just as I am going to this phase,I felt I could jot down few details abt websites about the car buying procedure.The most frequented website to know the details about a car(using the VIN#) is carfax .This website searches through all the records and bring in all the historical details of the car that has been logged against it.That definitely helps in gaining confidence about the car since there is all possibility of a car being screwed up mechanically but being immaculate in looks.
To know the general price range for a used car,I took use of Blue book and nadaguides.These websites were really helpful in understanding the current market value of a used car.They were particularly helpful in bargaining with the over priced cars with the dealers.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

rejoinder to yestday's a.r.rehman post..

I figured out that the song abt Mother has not been axed off in the tamil version.Its just that Raaga.com dint put it up online yet.I heard this song from a different source.It sounded nice.But Having heard it a 100 times in the telugu version,I feel the "pedave palikina" song sounds nicer than this "Kaaliyil Dhinamum" song.
This movie's music seems to have been composed bearing only the Telegu version in mind and then the tamil lyrics have been just thrusted into the already composed music.

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