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Monday, August 25, 2003

Around the world in 8 days...

If there is heaven on earth,its here ..its here...The smoke filled roads;the cycle-gap-titanic-sneaking autos ;the typical ngotha-slang..its all happening here..CHENNAI...
i had been to dresden,germany last week.Had a greatt time there ;relished the historical marvels.the renovation work over the flattened place-thanks to the second world war.Also went to the volkswagon Glass factory which is a huge manufacturing plant which is made of glass on the exterior so that ll the operations inside are visble from outside.It serves as a great tourist spot for the german tourists.
Went to Berlin from dresden using the train.The train system there is wonderful.Very well planned and cruising through to the destination with not much of a strain.
Went atop the berlin tower which is one among the worlf federation of tall towers.The view from there was amazng..the revolving restaurant had wonderful food.
Finally at the end of my trip,they just squeezed out euros from every holed of my wallet.it was pretty expensive out there.couldnt find a single water fountain and had to buy coke ,which had very less fizz when compared to U.s,at an exorbitant price of around 2.5 euros.
The place was pretty cold but the girls were hot.Not a single of them were not worth looking.Everybody was an embodiment of great physique and enchanting beauty.
Then,finally the place shud have been named "BEER-MANY" instead of germany.Every 10 meters there was a "BIER-GARTEN"..People just went into those hang-outs everyday after work and gulped down a couple of mugs.The germans,everyone of them were just beer-guzzling bimbos.None of them showing any signs of a cheerful life.America is great in terms of the comerderie/the easy-go-lucky lifestyle
I am right now in India,enjoying the trip to my motherland.Met a couple of frends here.Having a gret time.Shall keep this page updated when time permits.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

a good one!!

I was reading some Rediff articles when I bounced upon this news item which said "HC serves Notice to Tendulkar on Ferari Case".It was funny to notice that a man like Tendulkar,who probably has no count on the number of crores his bank accounts are overflowing with, would like to have his car's 1.3 crore duty to be waived ,while the poor daily bread earner is tracked and forced to pay a considerable portion of his earnings as tax.
I was highly amused by the gimmick of an NGO,which went on a begging spree to collect money for Tendulkar to pay the duty.They even claimed to have posted a money order worth around 120 rs ,from the day's begging.That was definitely a classic act by the NGO to cash on the attention generated due to the batting maestro's blunder.

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Another Hiatus

well..here we go again..No posts since the last week!That doesnt mean that Raapi had nuthing to do/describe abt.Its been one of the most hectic weeks for me,particularly with really short deadlines approaching for my Germany Visit and India Trip.
I have been called for an interview at INFINEON,one of the top 5 semiconductor companies in Europe.The job position is that of a Process engineer at their state of the art 300 mm fab at Dresden,Germany.It has been kind of a dream job for me and I am thrilled that I have such an opening to explore.
But considering the new lifestyle and the heavy taxes (to the tune of 40-45% of the salary),I have decided to keep that job idea as a reserve.I accepted my offer letter at AMD,austin for the position of Product development engineer.I am very excited about the job and am looking forward to joining it from Oct 6th.I am also happy that I would relieving myself of a kind of emotional stress ,never-ceasing boredom,when I visit my folks back in India.
I have been aggressively shopping for my Sister-chitra and other cousins out there.It was kinda funny when a coupla ladies started picking stuff from a cart ,which apparently was the one in which I had put all my stuff and had left it on the side of the aisle to come back later to get it.
My vote for the best shopping experience goes to KOHL'S.there stuff is goos and the pricing is amazing.They have most of their stuff on sale and its very tempting to grab them all.
Another notable happening during the weekend was meeting my good old friend from school.She has got a job in Austin and I was helping her get settled with her new apartment and grocery buying etc..We also had a great time watching "Chicago"-a movie worth watching for the awesome performances of rene & zeta jones!

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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Had a wonderful birthday.Really felt rejuvenated with the number of calls/wishes from my family/frends and relatives.It gave a sense of reassurance that there are people happy to be associated with me and wishing my well-being.Hope I live up to thier goodwill..
Although so many people called me and wished me,I had only one friend with whom I almost hung out the entire day on Aug 2nd.He is Saru,my close friend and I cant imagine how I would have spent my time all along at Austin if he wasnt here.He is one of the most intelligent guys I have come across..Lotsa characteristics in him worth emulating.Hes gonna get married soon at India and am looking forward to attending it.
Today went around with Guru and Bharath.Had wonderful Vaekoos abt college life.
Shopped around for the India trip.This weekend was a blast..it jus flew past..
Anyway..lemme end todays log with my fav hip-hop number By 50 cents....

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go Raapi
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a ***k
It's not your birthday!

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