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Sunday, May 29, 2005


He closed his eyes and a pleasant vista of old memories start appearing as a collage in front of his eyes.He watches them without shaking his eyelids!He could sense his eyeballs moving up and down like a scroll bar trying to switch to the next slide of his fond memories...


Slide 1 :
Hes getting ready to go to school in the morning with the FM channel in the radio screaming the exact time to be
'Ettu mani ..padhinaeindhu nimidam (8.15 a.m)..adutha paadal 'Annakili' padathilindurundhu Annanagar Saroja virupathuku inanga'

.....His shoes laces are missing and he screams..
'Ammaaaa..werz my shoes lace..How many times have I told you..Place them with the shoes after you wash them?
See..this is why I say..don't touch my shoes..Who cried to you that they needed a wash in the first place?'

Amma runs out of the kitchen with the davaraa of tamarind concoction(for the sambar) in 1 hand and the shoelace on the other along with sister's ribbons...

'Oh ..cha..whats this amma?I hate this always..'A strand of lengthy hair sticking to the shoeslace!!'..I know who it is from..I hate this..'

Slide 2 :

Then its time for the hurried gulping down of the Rasam chaadam and vendakka curry..and there again the same conversation..
'Oh..amma..Hair..Hair ..Hair..Do you girls in this house dont know to comb your hair?
Whatever it is..whether the shoelace,the sofa corner,the rasam chaadham,the bathroom floor,soapbar..why do you have to remind us about your hair??Ridiculous females..'

Amma runs to the kitchen,brings another fresh plate of rasam chaadham..Amazingly pesanjufies(mixes)the hot steaming rice and rasam,without even caring for the burning of her fingers..

'Sorry daa Kannaa..Theryaama Vizhnduuduthu..Really Sorry' she softly whispers only to be retorted with even more harsh words from her kid!

Slide 3 :

15 years later...
Hes back to Austin after the India trip...Its time to open the huge black american tourister suitcases to unpack the goods brought from India..
The vadumaagais come...
the ghee bottles come..
the Krishna sweets Mysurpa emerge out..
the neatly packed kothamalli thogayal sneaks out..
the Bindu appalam packs pop out

Then comes the real treasure..
Homemade,specially packed Ziploc pack of Saambar powder and the pack of specially prepared 'Elai Vadaam'..
He pictures his amma sitting under the hot sun drying those Vadaams that she specially prepared for him.

And now suddenly,there He sees it again..
'One strand of hair sneaking out of the Sambar mixture..'
'One strand of that lengthy hair neatly preserved in one of the Elai Vadaams..'

He pulls out his expensive watch case..throws out the watch onto the bed..Neatly collects the strand of hair from the Sambar packet and saves it for eternity..

And then there is that million dollar round shaped Elai Vadaam,that now belongs to his favorite museum of things...

He starts crying..This time he doesnt want to shout and scream at his only Goddess on earth..
He softly whispers..

"Ammaa..Sorry maaa...and Thank you..I love you and also your hair...Promise!"


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Poor man's love recipe !

Started wondering why they say one "falls" in love and why not one "climbs" in love or one "joins" in love!!
Well,thats something that could be experienced and explained by those fortunate or unfortunate junta which had the opportunity to "fall" in love!
No point pondering over it !! :)

To the romantically challenged ones,heres the poor man's recipe/version of love in 4 minutes,akin to the instant rasam or instant parotta,which really is not anywhere close to the real,divine thing but something godsent to the culinarily challenged to survive...

Listened to this "Manmadhanae" song from Manmadhan and got that transcendental effect!I have to warn that it is one of those rare songs that lingers at the back of one's mind for a insanely long period of time and plays incessantly in the mind,the only evidence of which is the low decible humming that emanates from the lips..

Thanks to Saadhana Sargam for yet another wonderful rendition,that takes care of the logistics of love!No inventory needed,no commitment,nothing whatsoever.Just a media player with a 'repeat play' option!


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Song of the day...

Its a sorry saturday afternoon and this is what I am hearing to..

Thanks to such melody and the glimpse of heaven in the form of sleep..The stillness in the time domain seems to be drifting away slowly!The boredom banishers..I would call these Songs of the day !

More about the Parineeta song can be read at www.dhool.com !


PS:Can someone let me know what the word Parineeta means?Thanx in advance!

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ayyo Vayasaayiduthae!!(Oops I have grown old)

Since the past few months,it has virtually become a nightmare to get up in the morning and switch on my computer!This has nothing to do with computer viruses or spamming!In fact I somehow feel those kind of attacks are repairable,but then there is these recent trend of irrevocable attack on my conscience arising out of these scenarios...

1)Theres those 4 or 5 emails from a few guys,way back from schooldays.Infact I dont even remember their faces,just a faint feeling of having heard their names during the attendance roll call.But then these guys...I dont know how they get hold of our email addresses...
Correctaa amichuduvaanga thaedi kandupudchu..Powerpoint/excel/paintshop and every available software would have finally been put to a great use to convey this..
'I am getting married to so n so..She is working as a software engr in Infosys..Blah Blah Blah..'
It comes as yet another rude shock..adapaavi..All these years,I dint even know that you were alive and you didn't care if I'd survived the earthquakes and train accidents,but then when it came to that dreaded announcement of your wedlock,you took the extra pains to hunt me down and inform me??'

2)Thank God!I think I ve made amassed enough virtues during my previous birth that God offered the Yahoo messengers with the invisible option.But then there are those forgetful days when I get signed in in "visible mode" and hell breaks loose!
There would be atleast 2 or 3 girls waiting for me, who would immediately initiate a chat!If you think,I am so gifted that 3 girls chat with me instantaneously,hold your breath..
After the customary hi and hovyudoins,comes the killer part from them...
'Hey..Long time No see..
I got something to tell you...
In fact you are the first person I am informing this...
You know my lifes changed a lot..I have never been as happy as I am now...'

Ada...build up kudukaamaa enna matternu sollaen maaa...

'I met this guy at my cousin's wedding..semma cute theryuma..kinda like you :)..and we fell head over heels for each other...You know WHEN he proposed to me?
Cousin ku thaali katum bothu..he asked if he could do that to me and I got moved to tears..'


'Ofcourse I accepted ...you dumbo!

Duh...It would feel as if someone slapped on one side and then waited and slapped on the other side too!
Pasanga strategic aa move panna aarambichutaanga!!rombo theritaanga tamil padam paathu paathu!

3)Then theres that email from the recently married friend,who almost was my copy exact,i.e,went to the same school,same college and lived together in the same house;Took the same bus from college to home,tried and fried peanuts with the same girl etc etc..
'eeerudal oaruyir kindaa guys!

The dynamite explodes when such a guy agasmaathly sends a 2 liner mail..
'dei machaan..!1 good news..remember I was telling I would love to name my first kid as 'chowchow' and second kid as 'lakalaka'!Its time for that..Yes..chummi is pregnant daa!'

I am like..
Appaaavi ya irundha paya ippo Appaaa aagaporiyaaa?'

4)The next level of jitters comes from those zillion other classmates working in India known from my undergrad.Every week,there is this mail about their change of email address domain from karthik@ti.com to karthik@hp.com...then to karthik@wipro.com and then karthik@karthik.com
and with every change in their email id and company,they rise through the rungs of their career ladder!
It sends a shock through the spine to realise that the only email id I changed was from raapi@coolmail.com to raapi@gmail.com and what that means is that I have not gone any far in my career or life!


Someone said..'You got to raise up in life single handedly like Abdul Kalaam/Atal Behaari Vaajpayee'

Anga ennadaana avan avan dharmathuku mingle aagi, single handedaaa sixer adchundirkaan life la..Inga ennadaana Kalaam/Vaajpayee maari single 'handed' aaa onnum saadhikaama irkoam nerya paeru!

PS:I would like to clarify one important thing.
The above incidents are just humourous expressions of various happenings in many of my friends' lives.
Although I sounded non-chalant with respect to those happenings,I am infact really really happy for them and feel proud that they have achieved what they wanted in such a short span of time!

I love Y'all..and thanx for still keeping me informed!Goodluck.
shall be looking forward for your next email :)..Keep'em pouring!
Remember...I would use the same email format/chat message later to inform of my achievements ! :)


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Thursday, May 05, 2005

AMRUTHAVARSHINI..Ambuttum Worstu Nee..

Seri..romba naal kazhichu ooruku vandhurkomae nu naalu anju friends ku fone a potaen..
"Machii..Namma eppovum meet panra Nayar tea kadaiku vandhudu daa!konjam joliyaa kadhai adchutu vada/bondaa laam saaptutu..kada veedhi pakkam suthitu varlaam" nu sonaen naan..

adhuku Brahmaa sonaaan..
"Ok da maamu..apdiyae Koil kum ponum da..oru petitiona podanum Hanumaar ta.."nu

"Koilaaa..dei ennadaa aachu dideernu?..seri apdiyae namma pasangala kuuptutu vaa daa" nu sonaen..

Koil pakkam ponaaa,pasanga yevanayum kaanum..serinu nizhalaa oru edathla settle aanaen...anga thaengaa vithutirundhaan orthan,oru kaalu nondiyaa..

"Bossu..Veyyilla athum ipdi oru kaala vechutu..yaen kashta padreenga" nu naa kaeka..avan aarambichaan avan kadhaya..

"adhe yaen kaekaraenga Bossu...
chinna vayasula enga colony la 'Amu' oru ponnu..adhu mela usurayae vechurndhaen..Naaalaam aapu laernthu ettaam aapu varikum kuudavae irupaa ava..
kadisiila ombadhaam aapu la vechaaa paarunga oru aaapu!!adhukapram taapu gaali aayidchu bossu..

"apdi enna aachu?"nu kaetaen..

"Motta..Aaadiku podunu sonnaaa..tirupathi poyu motta potaen..
Motta maadiku odu nu sonnaaa..Muucha pudichukittu odinaen..
Anga poyu Anjali padam Maari parandhu uura suthi kaatraen nu sonnaa..
Apdi solli Tank maela yaeri..kanna muuda sonnaa..apdiyae lightaa oru thallu thallinaa paarunga..
adhoda enaku oru kaaalum gaali...kuuda irundha aaalum gaali :(.."


Apdiyae avan taendhu escape aagi konjam dhuuram nadanthaen..anga paathaa namma Brahmaa church Father oda pesiitirundhaan..

Yennadaa nu kaetaa..
adhilla machi..Nee illaaadha pothu oru matter aayidichu machi..

Naa work panra Call centre la..semma suuuuperaaa oru figure vandhu sernthuchi..
Paeru ennanu office outlook la paathaa.."Amy Vargeese" nu irundhuchu..
konjam park..konjam beachu..konjam kothavaal chaavadi nu saavadichaa ava..

summa solla kuudaadhu Nallaa puild up pa kudthaa..
ava sonnaalae oora maathinaen..beer a maathinaen..Car a maathinaen..ivlo enna yen paerayae maathinaen..
ava christiannu nenachu church Father ta solli 'Brahmaa' ngara paera 'Abraham' nu maathikutaen..
Veetla numerology..adhae 7 letters thaanaenu samaalichukitaen!
aana kadasiiila...oru naal Call center la casualla ava AAAL ENTER..adhoda kadha kandhal..da machii!


Tea kadaila poyu okaaandhaa namma kumar vandhaan slowaaa bike la..
ennada machii ivlo lateu pannita nu kaetoam...

Dei..dudes..Naa pora adhae coaching class ku Rita nu oru ponnu varuvaaaa daaa..avala daily pick-up panni..saaligramathula drop panni panni ,bikeu naaridichu..
adhe seri pannitu varthu kulla late aagidichi!"

ennadhu Rita vaa?paerae seri illayae daa machi...apdinoam..
adhelaam theryaadhu daa..Apdithaan register la sign in pannindhichu ponnu..Nalla thangamaana ponnu daa..oru formalityae kadayaadhu..
Exams la micha ponnunga aatam kuuchamlaam padaama enkitaendhu copy adippaaa..ava kondu vandhe bittu laam share vera pannuvaa ennoda!

But resulta anniku thaan da shocking news..

"ennadaa cupp adchutiyaa examla?"

Illa machii..cupp vizhundhaa parvaala..Result vandha anniku Rita TATA kaatitu yevan bike layo okaandhutu poitaa..:(


ser serii late aayidichunu Hanumaar koil ku ponoam..Vada maalai saathirpaanganu paathaa..koil kadhava la saathirkaanunga!!

adhula oru board vera thonguthu..
"BRB..TTYL nu"

Side la Raamar sannadhi paatha,adhu munnaadi oru board thonguthu..

Ennadaa keezha vizhundhu vizhundhu Raamar sirikiraaraenu cycle gapla etti paathaa..ulla Hanumaar kadharitu irukaaru..
'Mahaa prabhu vae..ipdi aayiduche..ennaala thaaanga mudiila..nu'

Avar veliila vandhapram avarta oru petitiona potaanga pasanga..
"Hanumaarae..epdiyaadhum enga Ammu/Amy/Rita engalku kadaikanum nu"

athuku avaru sonaaru..

"ada pongadaa poakattha pasangalaa..
23 varshamaa amrita nu oru ponnu varuvaaa..
avaluku Varshini nu paeru kuuda en munnaadi thaan vechaanga!
daily Hanumaan chaalisah sollitu povaaa...
Ippo diddernu Sulaimaan Ali Shah oda odi poitaaa.."
nu thaan naanae azhdhutrukaen!Neenga vera..

Ungala..enna n ellaarayum paduthinadhu orae ponnu dhaaan..Inumae nambi mosam pogaadheenga daa thambi ..andhe vidha vidhamaana paera paathu!

Yov..Hanumaaru..kadiya podaama..Raamar enna sonaarunu sollunga..nu kaetoam..
'Raamar atleast dasaaavathaaram oda niruthikitaaru...aanaa indha kaalathu ponungal ku aaayiram avadhaaram!
Ava 'Thaaram' aagara varikum atleast oru nuuru 'avathaaram' edupaa paa!!'


Iyer veetla kozhandha porandhaa orae amarkkalam thaaan...Akkam pakathla semma atmosphere build up..pu..Paal kaaran,thanni lorry kaaran laernthu newspaper delivery boy varikkum veetuku vandhu visaarichutu povaanunga..thalaya sorinjukittu maamoool vera kaepaanunga vevasthayae illaaama..avan paper delivery panninaana..illa baby delivery panninaa? seri adheviduvoam..

Kozhandha ..payanaa irunthaa assaultaa oru paeru vepaanga appa/amma..aetho oru Raja..Ravi..Rajesh nu dharmathuku oru paeru..kaetaa."ada yaetho onnuyaa..kazhudha theru theruvaa maeya poraan avan..Yenna paeraa irundhaa yenna?"

perungaayam..pambaram nu paeru vechaa kuuda solrathuku illa...

Adhae porandhadhu ponnaa irunthaaa...kaekavae venaam..semma research thaaan kudumbamae saernthu naming ceremony ku munnaadi...

Appangaaran ponnuku pirkaalathla soaru veppaana theryaadhu..aaanaa paeru mattum nallaa superaaa yoschu veppaaan..Ipdi thaaan vechaaanga intha ponnuku paeru..

" A M R I T H A V A R S H I N I " nu....

appappaaaa ava idhuvarikum paduthina paadu irukae ..konja nanjamaa adhu..?Inum ethana paera padutha poraangaloa..intha amrithavarshini...nityakalyani..meenalochini...annapoorni nu paera vechukittu?



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