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Friday, April 28, 2006

Trip down the 5kpalace lane..

5Kpalace refers to the house in Tanjore that 7 of us from Shanmugha College of Engg - ECE branch used to stay together at,during the 3rd and final year of our B.E...
As expected,there is a reason behind the nomenclature -5kPalace..
The previous occupants were a bunch of Shanmugha seniors of ours who were ardent drinkers of Haywards 5000(5k) brand of whiskey and had inscribed the words - 5K-Palace on one of the walls inside the house.
When we moved in,we tried to preserve the history and heritage of the house by atleast keeping the name unchanged and the rest is history!
Ok enough of the build-up :)
When I think of those 1.5 or 2 years of my life,there are so many cherishable memories.I am sure the other 6 friends of mine would also bear the same thoughts all thie rlife.One of the attractive aspects of being away from hostel was the choice of food that we had in the evenings..
I would like to go back in time and recount those shops and each of their specialities..

With the kind of english stalwarts and cryptic thinkers(read as 'no other work'/paruppu guys) in the group,it didn't take too long to come up with a code for these shops..They were A,B,C,D,E,F Kadais..

The shops...
A - Ammaaa kadai..
This was the shop that was just opposite the 'Srinagar/Medical college' busstand.Unforgettable aspect was the 'Touser Paandi' guy who was obviously the shop's ammaa's husband.It was famous for the 12 rs full meals that some of us used to eat after the university exams.While I could bearly eat 2 courses,namely the sambaar and rasam rice,KSP used to shock me by finishing 3 courses and even ordering an omlette to go as a side dish to his rasam saadham!

B-Boss Kadai..

The only shop that everyone of us liked,I guess.Boss was famous for his 2 rs dosa and 2 rs 'Aaaf-boild' or 2rs'Omlette'.The guy used to make dosas and omelette like a machine continuously and used to be very sharp in keeping track of how many items each person ate.Very nice guy!The shop would hear sounds of 'Oru aa-boild Boss,oru dosa boss' throughout the evening.There used to be a dumb servant who also was very active!
The decision taking process while coming to choosing a shop for dinner was very tricky.Boss kadai would almost always be the obvious choice for dinner because of the specials that he used to carry.On mondays it used to be the "Kesari" ;On tuesdays,I think it was the thaenga rice and on one other day it would be 'Puliyodharai' - just 2 rs for 1 scoop!!
One note-worthy happening was ..Nattu disliking the shop accusing Boss for his favoritism and partiality while serving dosas.He used to get annoyed if he was made to wait for more than 2 minutes for his next dosa!But still he used to accompany us there only on mondays,jus to eat Kesari and then leave!
Once when a dosa delivered to his plate seemed crumbled,he came up with a funny ever-memorable quote.."Adecha...ennada Dosaya rape panni kudthurkaaru Boss!?"

C- Chettinaadu mess..

This was the place just on the entrance of our street which was named 'Srinagar'!The place was famous for the hot steaming idlies and getti chutney and mainly the tasty poori masaal set for just 5 rs.Nattan and I used to eat that and even pack it up for lunch during the study holidays when we would save time and money by eating the 'to-go' lunch rather than going out for lunch!
Nattu became famous or rather infamous for deliberately cheating the owner while paying his bills.The owner was so bad in maths that sometime he would return more money as balance than what was paid to him in the first place!Nattu made use of this strategy many a times :p..
D-Dhanda Kadaiii
This was the shop that we labelled as Dhandam because none of us liked it but were forced many a times to eat Bonda/Karachev or curd rice there as all the other shops in the area would be closed and only this guy would have his shop open,mainly to sell cigarettes.We used to meet our Maanojipatti counterparts there.While we used to scramble for any available edible item in the shop,those guys used to just buy 'dhum' and pepsi!
E-Ecchi kadaii..
I don't exactly remember the reason why we named it as 'Ecchi Kadai'.I think it was because the owner and his wife did not maintain the place that well and forgot to follow some decent level of 'echchal/patthu'.
It was famous for its meals and it was slightly near the medical college and would be jam packed with the medicos.
I seldom ate at that place,as I didn't like it for some reason.KSP and nattan were regulars there.
F-Fruit kadaiii..
This was actually a made-up name.There was no such thing as a fruit shop.There was this Banana vendor with his cart near Chettinaad mess.Nattu again became infamous for arguing and fighting with that guy for bargaining over 2 bananas to be sold for 1 rs.
Apart from the above mentioned shops,we were regulars to the shop called 'Thrupthi' mess.It was maintained by a muslim guy and the place smelled awfully of non-veg items.I can still remember the sour taste of the so-called sambhaar which used to be watery and disgusting.Still,due to pressure and from Badri and Subbu,we used to eat at that place atleast once every day!The tiffin was actually ok but the meals was horrible!KSP and Nattu used to fight for the tamil newspaper to read the 'Vaalibaruku Naruks' kind of sleazy news and simultaneously jollu uttufy at the centerfolds.
I never used to show much interest as I was very bad at reading tamil.
This was the place were Badri,KSP,Nattan and I used to sit in the evening with the 1 re kaara chev packet and Badri would wait to get a glimpse of the famous 'Reefat Baanu'!He would then sing paeans of her all the way upto our house!

There was another shop opposite to Thrupthi mess which was frequented only during the study holidays.It was famous for the chilly pakoda and molaga Bajjis.It was a bliss to go there in the rain and eat those bajjis,listening to crap from Badri,Nattu and VS.Their arguments provided enough fodder through the entire time we used to be at the shop.

One another shop that needs to be mentioned is the 'Paal Shop' that only VS used to frequent.It was quite far-away but still he used to walk that far.He was known for taking milk with too much sugar from that shop!

Then there was this Telephone booth,which VS was the main customer.I used to wonder what he used to speak daily to his parents for such a long time,while I never had anything to speak.My calls were barely a minute long.I became infamous at college with this rumour floating around(thanks to Badri) that I used the tele booth to leave missed call home-a 1 ring missed call meant - I was fine ; a 2 ring meant - I need money..etc etc!

Those were good old times!Reading this might be boring to many,but I know that there are atleast 6 people who would feel nostalgic and go transfered back in time to those wonderful days of never-ending fun!
Cheers to 5k!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kaavya - Shame on you!

IBNLive : Kaavya's sorry for borrowing material


"While the central stories of my book and hers are completely different, I wasn't aware of how much I may have internalized Ms. McCafferty's words. I am a huge fan of her work and can honestly say that any phrasing similarities between her works and mine were completely unintentional and unconscious," she said.

Yeah Right!!

Read the last passage in the article and it is so obvious.No person in their sanest sense would be able to unintentionally come up with the exact syntax and even the exact phrases while writing a book.

Such a bloody l'ASS' should be arrested for plagiarism at such a high level and lying blatantly before the media.Instead of arresting her or nipping such fraudsters in the bud,all this issue has highlighted is that the bogus author gets all the much needed publicity to keep going on with her book and movie rights etc.

This trend is not uncommon for Indians though.There have been thousands of obvious acts of plagiarism in the field of music,art,movies and even internet websites(remember the indian version of Million dollar website?).It is natural that this was bound to happen in the field of literature too.

I wish such parasitic influence get nipped in the bud than letting it to a point that they have blossomed enough that there is no point of even framing them.


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Friday, April 21, 2006

End of earth in 2019 - and the only saviour?(Fwd)


NASA predicts Worldwide Holiday on Feb 1, 2019 as the world is scheduled to end

the second photo is terrible ....scroll down to see that....




Don't miss the third photo of how the world could be saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally (scroll down)



100 kilo free Rice can be given...
Free Chinese TVs and VCRs can be offered...
But can anyone save the world like this??


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Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have always been receiving a number of forwards through emails,thanks to software companies in India...I plan to start posting some of those in my blog.
Few good things about this..
-I don't have to hunt for email ids to send my forwards to..
-You don't have to go through the misery of scrolling down the email via 1000s of forwarded Infosys and wipro email ids to watch the content below..
-I have the liberty of choosing which forward to post,rather than shocking the hell out of everyone by sending one of those 'Thirupathi venky' fwds...
-I can keep track of the forwarded matter and make sure I don't waste my time laughing at a forward that has been re-sent after 3 years with the same content!

and so on...

seri..porum kadiya poatadhu...
Bottomline...topline..middleline...There might be matter unoriginal..
Ennavo..idhuvara ellaaaaam sondha muyarchi maari...!apdinu neenga solradhu kaekardhu..
But then..just a post to reiterate what I said above!


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Who should U.S invade next?

Got this as a forward from a friend!
Very amusing!

USA!!!Richest,most powerful nation on earth.....
How the hell did they get that way with IDIOTS like these??????

warning!!!Don't be eating or drinking anything while watching for risk of spurting or choking!!!!


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Friday, April 14, 2006

Tamil New Year....and yet another lacklustre set of movies..

This year it seems its gonnabe a set of lacklustre movies...
The events tab on the above link has the Tamil new year release update:

Azhagaa irukaai bayamaa iruku
are the noteworthy ones..

Watching the trailer it seems that Thirupathi is going to be yet another masala movie.Whatelse can you expect from its director who has given bullshits like Thirupaachi,sivakasi?
What next Gummidipoondi?

Azhagaa irukaai bayamaa iruku..might be yet another hit for Bharath who seems to do those simple yet memorable roles with great elan.Something that differentiates him from Danush,although they kind of do the same kind of roles is that Bharath looks a little decent and doesnt have that famished body that Dhanush displays in almost every movie of his.
Its been produced by Cheran and that in itself a good thing!Bharath's successful movie Kaadhal(which is being aired in Sun TV today) was produced by Shankar.Do you see a pattern here?

Parthiban is back with this movie..No idea how it is going to turn out to be.I read somewhere that hes got this glamorous Hindi heroine in it and has extracted some easily disgusting acts from her on the basis of the cliched phrase - "The story demands such senes"!Yeah right! We 've seen many Kamal movies that way...

Thiruttu Payale..Soniya agarwal...This movie has been hyped for the bikini scene..I certainly feel it will have a great run..er..I mean run from the theatres...

I don't know when this movie "Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi" is getting released but it seems like one of those 100% sure hit movies like 'Paati sollai thattaadhe'!
The trailer is simple awesome!


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

trivia one should not miss...

Secret behind Trisha's slim looks

Trisha is reported to be on a diet of camel's milk because people believe that it helps reduce weight. And, she is supposed to be on a special kind rice too.The camel's milk is being imported from gulf countries and the special rice comes from Kerala.

The movie 'Simbu' in telegu has Simbhu and Trisha in the lead roles and has a tag line – ‘Lover Of Trisha’.
Its promotion pictures have become the center of attraction for the film buffs. The posters of the film have hero Simbu kissing heroine Trisha’s heart.


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Monday, April 10, 2006

Chinkara-velan Sal-maan!

Looks like hes been a bad boy all his life!!The moron has been given too many chances to get back to being normal!Its time to put him where he rightfully belongs.But the question is,would he even spend 1 day in jail?
Hes done both Maan slaughter and Man slaughter,but yet has adeptly managed to escape from the jaws of the Indian judiciary system.We will have to wait and see if a deer can do what a Jessica Lal could'nt do with her death!
Some facts about Chinkara:
Chinkara or Indian Gazelle is the smallest Asiatic antelope. This antelope grows to a height of 65 cms and weighs up to a mere 25 kgs. Most males have very short horns; although some grow to a length of 25 - 30 cms.They have a life expectancy of 12 - 15 years, which too is shorter than that of most of its cousins. Their diet consist of all kinds of vegetation , although their favorite food is lush grass and many types of fruit. They can go without water for long periods and can even get sufficient fluids from plants and dew drops. Once seen in plenty in the Indian plains, habitat destruction and human encroachment have driven this beautiful antelope to the verge of extinction. Hunted extensively they now feature on the IUCN’sendangered list.


p.s: Salman Khan is a perfect anagram for Lakshmanan and you know how the legendary Lakshmanan got into trouble because of a deer ;)!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nenaps pozhaps keduks...

Recently came up with this...

Raapi paaru Raapi paaru..
Pattaaalathu nadaya paaru..
pagai nadungum padaya paaru
coatu suitu rendum poatu ..roatil nadakum puliya paaru
pattri eriyum nerupu pola... suttu erikum vizhiya paaru
ratha vervai rendum konda raajaangathin mannan dhaanadii..

Ivan paerukullae gaandham undu..unmai dhaanadiii..
.........Ivan paerukullae gaandham undu..unmai dhaanadiii..

At first it seemed funny,but then upon reading it for the 3rd or 4th time,it seemed so amusing :)
From the back of the mind, a voice(sounded like that of the big B(where B could refer to bachan/buffalo/Badri)came saying..
"dei..deii..idhlaam overaa illa? nenapu dhaaan"

This statement was backed by an email reply too,saying the same.

But then a serious question came up..
How would Rajni and all those million other actors feel when songs singing their praises are being blared out in every nook and corner of the city,namely the tea-stalls :)?

Would they be feeling that the same?...
"dei..deii..idhlaam overaa illa? nenapu dhaaan"

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random bits of news..

Hairdresser sentenced for stealing Kevin Costner's PC
The weird thing is that this news was featured in EE Times - a magazine devoted towards electronic related news!

Carly Fiorina agrees to join board of TSMC

Just in case anyone was wondering where this once HP(Highly Paid?) woman vanished...

Jail time for Hynix executives
Hope this pattern continues for many other companies;I mean the executives being held for their actions.


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