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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Maps...Austin to Paris...

From: Austin,Texas to: Paris,France - Google Maps

Look at line 28!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Most H-1B seekers lack grad degrees

Most H-1B seekers lack grad degrees

Most H-1B seekers lack grad degrees

Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As immigration officials try to dig out from a crush of applications for temporary work permits, new government figures show that 9 out of 10 new applications for these controversial H-1B visas are for workers with bachelor's degrees rather than advanced credentials.

The H-1B program lets companies hire foreign workers for three years, with the option for extending employment another three years. To be eligible, foreign workers must hold a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in experience.

The first day to file applications was April 2, and by the next day immigration officials had gotten so many requests they stopped accepting new ones and went to work winnowing the pile.

The program has been controversial for years. Employers say they can't recruit the best and the brightest in the world and want Congress to raise the annual quota on H-1B visas -- now 65,000 -- or lift it. Critics, mainly computer programmers, say the fact that 9 out of 10 applicants don't have an advanced degree shows that industry's motives are driven by bucks, not brains.

On Tuesday, officials of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said they had identified 12,989 visa requests that could be processed immediately because they cover applicants with master's degrees or higher credentials.

The law exempts the first 20,000 foreign applicants with such credentials from the cap of 65,000 that covers the general program. So it is virtually certain that visas will be granted for all 12,989 applications received thus far for these master's degree or higher candidates -- with 7,000 similar slots still available.

But 119,193 other requests remain in limbo as U.S. officials prepare to hold a lottery to pick an additional 65,000 recipients.

It could be a few weeks before immigration officials complete a lottery to select the remaining H1-B visa winners from the applications received on behalf of foreigner workers with bachelor's degrees or equivalent experience.

H-1B critic Kim Berry, president of the Programmer's Guild, said the 1-to-10 ratio of master's to bachelor's candidates contradicts the argument that the program is intended for the most highly skilled workers. He said immigration officials should hand out the remaining visas based on salary -- a proxy for skill -- rather than by chance.

Immigration spokeswoman Sharon Rummery said that by law the remaining visas must be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. "As far as we're concerned, they're all equally qualified," she said.

Jeff Lande, spokesman for the Information Technology Association of America, argued that the crush of applications makes the case for a higher H-1B quota. Reacting to Berry's comment about the number of applicants with bachelors degrees, Lande said critical skills vary from job to job, adding that Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates didn't finish college but would certainly qualify as one of the world's "best and brightest."

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Friday, April 06, 2007

H1B Visas...Whats the Odds of getting one?

EETimes.com - Cap for H-1B visas maxes out in one day

I never believed that getting a job would become something decided by lottery!The system is so stupid and idiotic that one can't stop wondering if this kind of allotment of Visas is being done for employing professionals.Its being done without any concern for the life or career of the applicants.

EE Times explains the plight of the students
who toiled for 2 or 3 years and successfully interviewed and got a job for themselves but won't be able to work because of the Visa limit.

I don't feel bad for the already working professionals of the IT firms in India,because all this means for them is that they would continue to do what they are currently doing - working in India.But for the students though,its a very tough pill to swallow.They don't have a job either in the U.S.A or in India.

I wish the quota was changed to being 65000 for the students in the U.S and 20000 for the professionals!


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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sivaji songs...

Athiradee - A R Rahman, Sayanora
This song didn't seem to be an immediate favorite.It has high beats and typical A.R.R High pitch in it!I am still trying to find out which song it seems to resemble.

Balleilakka - Kaaveri Aarum - S P B, Raihanah, Benny ,Chorus
This song seems to be okay types.It grows into you as you listen to it 3 or 4 times.The first line "Sooriyanum sandhiranum,Yaarivano sattenru sollu..." seems to have been well sung starting the tempo of the song and then SPB takes over the song entirely!

Sahana Charal - Udit Narayanan ,Chinmayi

I hate Udit Narayan's voice and this song seems to be an addition to those nasal songs!Musicwise it is good and again I can't stop thinking of some Hindi song which it seems to resemble.

Sahara Pookal - Vijay Yesudas, Gomathi Sree, Chorus

This seems to be the same song as above but sung by Vijay Yesudas.Probably the sad version of the above song.The difference between the irritating voice of Udit Narayan and the soothing voice of Vijay Yesudas is well obvious. Gomathi's part in between is really good.

Oru Koodai Sunlight - Rags, Tanvi, Suresh Peters, Blaaze
This was a total shock.I never really believed that A.R.R would dare to bring up such crazy rap and totally lyrics laden song for Rajini.But then Shankar definitely has one such song in every one of his films.May be Rajini's crazy costumescome up during this number in the movie.

The Boss - Blaaze, Naresh Iyer, Raqueeb Alam
This song seemed so funny.It will definitely become a catchy song for youngsters.The lyrics seemed so crazy with those beeda reference!I don't know why it incuded the tamil palyndromic phrase -"Sivaji vaayile jilebi"

Vaaji Vaaji - Hariharan, Madhushree , Chorus

This is a typical Rajini song.But I somehow didn't like that 'Vaaji Vaaji' part and irrelevant words like "mavval/ambal".

I hope A.R.R doesn't get stoned for this.It is one more of his creations which might require a few patient hearings to even make them seem passable!


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