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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

optical illusion

optical illusion
Here..enjoy this cool pic..really amazing..

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Monday, December 29, 2003


Of late,I have always been wondering how the U.S stores are able to sell so many unnecessary stuff in such huge quantities.This cartoon answered that question to a great extent.The mail in rebate system needs somemore fool-proof authentication.Nobody has any control over the rebates and most of the times the customer gets cheated.I myself have been denied rebates on many items for wierd reasons.
In India ,I dont think such a system would work anyday,because the buyers are much more informed and calculative.Unless there is a very well crafted transaction/trade mechanism,I dont think the consumers buy anything.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

what does christmas mean to an american desi?

Christmas is one of the worst days for a desi in america.Even though its a holiday,there is no chance of any kind of shopping.The doors of the Kohls,target,Bestbuys which welcome us during every other holiday is tightly shut and thers no sign of any deals on the major websites for that day.
It is akin to the Bandh days in India with all shops closed and the roads vacant.
The worst of all feelings is when I log on to my messenger windows and find no person online.I realise that its a holiday in India too for christmas and all the hard working chat buddies from TCS,CTS and infosys and dont attend work!!
The Thai restaurants and the mexican restaurants which usually have their "OPEN" signs well lit are all closed and the worst part which adds insult to injury is the board saying " will reopen on 27th".It is cold and totally irritating to even go out to the gas stations for junk food.
How I wish the local temple here had some special pooja/archanai for Jesus's birthday and notified us through the local dailies or sulekha.com about the free prasadham timings.
Oh..Jesus..why did u have to be born on a week day and why shud it be declared an holiday...pls spare us desis..

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

desi rap
wanna hear some desi rap..Here U go..
-Raapi the VytNiga..

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Anagrammy - Winners 2003

Anagrammy - Winners 2003
This ones so cool..Great anagrams..

p.s: I attended my M.S degree commencement/convocation.It was a great feeling to be on the spotlight in the huge arena.The unique black dress and the cap brought in a feeling of being special,and made everyone feel good in the otherwise dull boring phase of life.

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Enakku 25 unakku ???

The sparkling eyes..
filled with emotions..
Behind them lies
the tear-laden oceans..

The charming smile..
With the dimple on the cheek
It takes a while..
to gather words to speak..

The Cute little voice..
filled with melody.
makes me-like boys..
feel next to nobody.

Straight forward thoughts..
free of dirt..
An iota of it, I got..
It does hurt.

The face on the whole..
An embodiment of beauty..
guess i ve got a goal..
to admire it, is my duty.

Every little act..
portraying the goodness.
Its a subtle fact..
am experiencing madness.

All day n night,
Thoughts of such a girl..
But time shall wait,
for the truth to unfurl.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Bill Gates responsible for the NASA accident!!??

PowerPoint is the culprit!!

Now see this..What they say is true to a large extent..!!

Edward Tufte: Ask E.T. forum


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Monday, December 15, 2003


Wondering if there is anything for passing time which doesnt involve internet,cellfone and interaction with so-called friends...Would definitely like to pounce upon one of those time-killing ideas.Of course,things such as reading,cooking doesn't fascinate me much.
May be ,I should dive into my world of crosswords.
Can anyone suggest me some other stuff?

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

White Nigga..

Hey misses n Mista..
somethin Lemme axe ya..
Am I a laughing Buddha?
Am I a dirty desi kutthaa?

Herez my ansa..
I am actually the white Nigga..
Yeah..Brotha n sista..
As i grew Bigga..
in the streets of Amaerika..
listening to Snoop dog n Busta..
the best of the rappa..
watching those movies-gangsta..
Thats when I figa..
I,m 1 of those mushrooming white Nigga..
whatdoya sayaa?

Btw,Thanx for visiting my page..dear Blogga..
-"rap" EEEE............

What Is a "White Nigger" Anyway?

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Monday, December 08, 2003

does dough matter?

Oflate I ve been feeling disgusted due to so many instances where money was given more importance than what it deserved.People I know have been going ga-ga over silly instances involving money and when i raise an alarm against it,they ridicule me citing my history of being a skinflint when I was in college.The reason I was a miser at college was that I am basically brought up that way and I had a miserable feeling of enjoying with someone's hardwork.It hit me hard emotionally to enjoy lavishly with something I had no part in acquiring.
I seriously was moved by an instance where one of my friends decided about his spouse's education based upon his present monetary status.I find it so ridiculous that I dont want to talk abt it.
No one realises the fact that money is just an entity created by human.Whether I have money or not,I am going to stay the same person.Just because I have enough dough to buy a store now,I wouldn't do the act.
What I am trying to convey is..Money is a non-entity and should not be considered on par with human emotions.At the same time,one should not neglect it and act foolishly.
Though money is trivial,it does make sense when a person uses his brains to judiciously spend it.It is definitely a nonsensical act to buy two "1/2 inch" sandwiches for a higher cost when you could the same stuff as a "footlong" for a cheaper price.Similarly,it is definitely a good idea to go a for a deal/sale rather than buying at full cost.
How I wish God changed the perspective of many humans abt money or atleast added a few million $$ to the body when he sent us into the earth.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003


I ve always wondered as to how productive the engineers in any company are?They come straight from the univs mostly,after a brief stint as an r-a or a T-a,having worked their asses for their professors for the meagre emoluments, they received at the end of the month,after a hefty cut in the form of income taxes,insurance and what not.But once such a person enters a professional organisation as a salaried worker,the attitude changes drastically.The feeling that the company wouldn't come to a stop if that person slacks around,makes way for deep trouble.I find so many people in my company and sometimes even me,under-utilised.I feel ashamed to be in a position of a sinecure,who enjoys hefty pay-checks for minor tasks.I have also started subscribing to the theory that as the person reaches higher in the ladder,with higher qualifications,the probability of remaining a sinecure increases,i.e,once a reputation has been established,there is no question of any person doubting the sinecure's capabilities and he easily escapes with less-critical jobs and non-laborious activities.
How I wish,I come out of this gloomy good-for-nuthing feeling soon.I am sure I would be entrusted with greater responsibilities once I develop a greater undertanding of the job aspects.
I noticed the dates on my blog and it struck me that I havent been writing much these days..I was in a holiday mood and had a great thanxgiving get-together with some folks with whom I always yearn to be spending my life.I went to NC,NY and NJ along with my undergrad frends/roomates.It was a blast.My personal satisfaction arises from the fact that I broke the ever-worrying jinx I had developed about trips/tours.I was pretty focussed in the trip this time and made sure there wasn't any glitches or loopholes for any kind of untoward happening.Having said all this,I would like to admit that it was kind of a surprise for me when I realised that times had changed and the frequencies of my frends had changed.At times,I dint feel comfortable amidst their company and felt that that was due to the complex changes my charactr had gone through having been isolated from friends and family for about 3 or 4 years.I am sure that my friends would have also found me different than my college days.So many entities change as time passes and I learnt that even friends come under that category.

ny snaps ..scroll to the bottom

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