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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

it feels so empty without me!!

The moment my frends/relatives heard that I got a job..the immediate question is.."when r u getting married??"..I was very surprised as to why everybody thinks immediately of the only thing-wedding!But I cant really picture myself mature enough to handle a wedded life.My friends who know me may very well agree to what I feel.I feel I am still whimsical and kiddish in most of the stuff I do..That doesnt mean I am an idiot.I am shrewd most of the times but very very casual/jovial that it sometimes rubs the other party on the wrong side very often.I cant even imagine how a girl would be able to stay with me and concur with my ever-changing thoughts and adjust with me.I get the thinking often-May be its time I try to act different/matured.I use the word "act" because I know Its impossible for me to change into a highly responsible,calm and composed chap.Even if I do so,I would look wierd..So,I gues therz no other go.the gal's got to get over the shock of her life-the clumsy nature of me!!
People like Raapi for what he his..I guess he should remain the same!whatsayaall?
"Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without me

I said this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without me"

-Raapi (borrowing his fav' eminem's lines)

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Monday, July 28, 2003


It was a great day worth cherishing for a long time to come.Not everyday has the distinction of being ones star birthday.Its not everyday that one has a successful telephonic interview from a great company in Germany.Its not everyday that one gets the most anticipated news of his life-A permanent job position!
Well!July 28th gets incribed in gold in the virtual autobiography of RAAPI..
I thank all my beloved wellwishers for all their prayers and encouragement all along during this long,scary journey that I had to pass through.My persistence and your hopes in me, paid finally..I guess.

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

My dear Junta,
I had sent a mail recently about a kind of Multilevel Marketing and had warned new students to keep away from this!Well on hindsight,It struck me that I had failed to explain why I had suddenly come out with such an outburst in this students' forum & how it suddenly mattered most to the new students.
I came to know that some of the members of that Vicious gang have been indulging in false propaganda abt this scheme luring a number of students in the U.S univs.I know of a lot of cases where some students were even encoraged to stop looking for RA/Teaching Assistantships ,making them believe that once U join this MLM scheme U wouldn't need such funding/aid;which is absolute nonsense.There not an iota of truth attached to this utopian dream!
Many of my friends even started neglecting thier studies and are right now in deep shit!
It is awkward to be amidst them and some of thier ridiculous behaviors,namely listening to audio tapes whose content is nuthing but their own voice which says continuously "I will become a millionaire in x days!I shall get 23 jobs before 2005 etc".The height of embarassment is when 2 of these desis/roomates shake hands when they meet daily in the evening and greet each other "Haaaiii maennn ...Howu aaar yuuu doingggu Maeann?" in a dirty despicable desi accent!
I feel sorry for them and am helpless because I am not really in a position to kick thier asses!
Kindly take some time to go through this wonderful article{even a fast reading (PARTICULARLY THE ETHICS PART) wud giveya an idea}

P.S:Thx to the few who responded to my call for comments and concerns!Expecting others to put in thier views too.

"Shit happens everyday!But lets make sure it happens where it is supposed to happen!" - Charles Darwin
(hmm..naah..I came up with this-Raapi)

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1 month and 10 days..thats a long time to be back from a blog Sabbatical !well..I spent a major part of my disappearance from the blog-world,touring around!wento kentucky/lubbock and had a great time..Now back to the old routine,enjoying!? the familiar hours of ennui that is an inherent trait of any bachelor's life!Felt like talking abt an important issue and figured out Blogging is the most effecient way!
I was furious the day before, about one of the fast growing menaces in the U.S!Heres a write up elucidating my viewpoints about the same .Ur comment and brickbats are welcome!
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 19:23:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rajesh P Vijayaraghavan
Subject: A warning/an awakening! - From a Slow-star!


I dont know if I have already spoken about this topic earlier in this
forum.But something pricked me into framing this mail at this juncture because
new students are going to come in to the U.S shortly and added to that the
economic condition is at abyssmal depths in any part of U.S.A.I have no
regrets in whatever I am going to say because this is my Yahoogroup and I am
definitely a wellwisher of all guys in here!

I know/knew a number of my friends/roommates who came to U.S just like
me/U with the only idea of earning a degree and getting into a respectable
job position either in the U.S or back in India.But I am really pained to
see a number of them being caught in a disease like concept.They call it " A
Business" with a multi-level-franchising concept and a whole lot of other
SHIT.It is nuthing but an equivalent to the "AMWAY" concept in India.

This cult-like group in U.S.A happens to be united to thier crazy way of
life under the banner "Quixtar".BEWARE OF THAT WORD..I repeat..BEWARE of
that word-QUIXTAR!
They have been very good at sweet-talking innocent students into thier
cheap way of making money!There is no amount of work involved in any possible
way in this concept.All it involves is stooping to the lowest level of
mankind to convince the other guy about their bullshit concept!They put up an
assumed style of speech and costume which seems like Laloo Prasad Yadav
adorning a suit and a tie; giving out a speech in English!Their
wives/girlfriends are no less than Rabri Devi!
They have periodic meetings in which like-minded greedy people get
together and talk nonsense!Their ways of making friends is so artificial and is
easily distinguishable.Their main target areas have been the grocery
stores/International office/Indian festivals and other social gatherings.
Their highly succesful tactic in luring people, has been to start an
unnecessary conversation in the grocery store by simply commenting about a
product that you pick from the shelf and then slowly sweet-talking you into
attending one of their seminars where they repeatedly talk of some
"PLAN/points/diamonds/Rubies etc".They have a term associated to this despicable
idea known as "Cold contacting"!If by any chance ,you fall to their initial
gimmick,you are doomed for life and can never come out of that blackhole!

Well...Some of you may argue that this could be a successful concept and
that people may really become millionaires!But the question that each one
of us need to ask ourself is "Money!!Is it the sole purpose of life of a
man ?Even if the answer is yes to it,Does it or does it not matter how we
earn it?" IMHO,I feel everybody has an inherent self-concience and a certain
amount of dignity.Those who have an hostile feeling to my above
sentence,kindly stop reading and delete this mail!Money could be earned by any
means.But only that part of it,that has been earned legally through hardwork
gives the real satisfaction and the pleasure of spending!

OK..I dont want to prolong this mail too much.But I hope people who have
not heard of this,get an idea of this growing menace! I very well know
that even some of the members of this students' group are hooked up to this
nincompoop and I dont give a rat's ass to thier opinions eulogising this
ever-condemnable concept or business as they call it!

Dont worry even if U contract AIDS..because pretty soon they will find a
cure for it!But QUIXTAR is incurable/irreversible!Beware!
Wishing you all a respectable life in the U.S!

-Raapi(Moderator Shanm-usa)
P.S: Comments and concerns are welcome!

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