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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jeeyapuram Thatha...Love you!Miss you!

Sad to inform the demise of my maternal grandfather - R.Venkatraman at around 5.30 pm,Thursday Feb 25th at Pondicherry.

Thatha was a great man, probably one of the most sincere and hard working persons I have ever known.A very methodical person who was a true engineer. He never wasted anything.I miss him a lot. As I sit in this far away land,I can't help crying silently for the departed soul.My heart goes to all my beloved ones crying their hearts out at Pondy at this hour of terrible loss for our Jeeyapuram family.The world has lost one of its favorite sons.He was an epitome of happiness, a signature of maturity and a symbol of hope. I recollect all the memorable incidents and mind boggling struggles he went through in his life to bring his sons and daughter to the status they enjoy today. A man who never expected anything in return.Simplicity is one word which could aptly describe him.

Long live R.Venkatraman's name. He is someone who can never be replaced by anyone! Love you Thatha. You were/are and will be the best!

More videos of my beloved Thatha here at this Youtube link
My old blog post regarding my thatha and paati is here


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Monday, February 22, 2010

US Labor charges and Utility value…

Seetharaman Srinivasan - Buzz - Public

The labour charge that costs more than the material in US. No one can help it. We have to live that.

Siva Balan - In a way I like that model. It forces you to do a lot of things by yourselves before you get someone else to do it for you. If forces you to learn things that you will never dream of learning.10:07 am

Seetharaman Srinivasan - For that one must equip himself with tools and tech. know how10:17 am

Siva Balan - Tools are one time investment. If you compare the cost of hiring someone to do the job vs the cost of tools, you will end up saving money buying the tools, except in some cases where you may want to rent it.10:26 am

Seetharaman Srinivasan - Thats good in one way10:56 am

rajesh vijayaraghavan - One can have the tools and also the know how to mend things but then if you go in search of a spare part ,that might cost an arm and a leg ;sometimes as expensive as the product you are trying to repair. 
In the US, the utility of any product is very low. Once it encounters a minor repair, it gets thrown out and gets replaced by a newer product.Look around the house/garage and see how many such junk stuff lay around. 

Case in point: 
My mom still uses the Sumeet mixie that she bought 10 years ago. The rubber valve gets replaced almost every 6 months from the local technician. I don't remember doing any such thing here in the US.I have replaced atleast 5 different mixers/juicers for faults which I didnt bother to investigate.
11:54 am

And so the argument continues in Buzz here…



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