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Monday, June 30, 2008

Income limit of OBC creamy layer to be raised

Income limit of OBC creamy layer to be raised

Pathetic India!
Why on earth would anyone think of living in this country?Its setting itself as an example of "1 step forward and 27 steps backward" with such ridiculous laws coming in day by day.5 lacs?what the hell?Did anyone think about those countless forward caste people who don't earn 5 lacs over the their entire lifetime?What about them?Who's going to lift them from the non creamy sewage layer?A chief Minister proudly proclaiming that her state will have reservation starting from schools till college for SC/ST/BC/OBC soon.How pathetic can it get?I pity the upcoming forward caste generation in India.The moment one is born ,he or she is doomed for life if he or she chooses to stay in the country.

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A1c Testing

A1c Testing

A simple yet wonderful presentation!


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Friday, June 27, 2008

Indians and feudalism!

Very disgusting to see this article about an Indian couple (Mahender and Varsha Sabhnani ) who were sentenced for badly treating their Indonesian maids.


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Friday, June 13, 2008

Aruna Sairam's Maadu Maikum Kanne...

What a wonderful song!Superb rendition.Kudos to Aruna Sairam.I had the opportunity to listen to her music in Austin last month.She was very humble and full of grace.

Her Kalinga narathana song was also very interesting.


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Deliver a Presentation Like Steve Jobs

How to Deliver a Presentation Like Steve Jobs

Pretty interesting!

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Carnatic Music Lecture Demos...

Lecture Demos


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 malayalam songs..Same Raaga?

I am no Carnatic music expert.I am actually pretty bad that I can't even count myself as a novice in the area.
I was listening to one of the latest Malayalam movie songs

Manjuthara Sreelathika from "Mizhikal sakshi"

I found a striking similarity in style to
an old song "Vaarkan ezhuthiya" from the movie "Paithrukam" that my appa used to like a lot.

Are these 2 songs based on the same Raagam and if so which Raagam?


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

July Visa Bulletin

Cut Off Dates - U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, India

Immigrant Visas

Cut-Off Dates for Immigrant Visas

are pleased to announce the July 2008 cut-off dates for immigrant visas
for individuals born in India and those born in most other countries.

qualify for an appointment, an applicant's priority date (the date that
the petition was filed) must fall before the cut-off date for the
appropriate category.

The following numbers are derived from the Department of State's Visa Bulletin.
If you have additional questions about cut-off dates and your case is
being processed at the U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai, please e-mail us or call us at +91-22-2363-7407 between 2 and 4 p.m. IST.

CategoryIndia Most Other Countries
F115 March 200215 March 2002
F2A1 August 20031 August 2003
F2B15 September 199915 September 1999
F38 June 20008 June 2000
F415 February 19971 September 1997
E21 April 2004Current
EW1 January 20031 January 2003


No change for EB2 India..Damn!


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Monday, June 09, 2008

Timeline and activities since June 2006 till June 2008

I have quite often gone back to my blogs from 3 or 4 years ago to see what I was doing in the June of 2003 or the August of 2005 because I find it tough to remember all those trips I took and all the people I met 3 or 4 years ago.
Thinking futuristic,I would like to jot down a few of the significant activities/trips that have been happening in my or my folks' life.I hope these timelines provide me with enough memories when I visit 2 or 3 years later down the line.

My last trip to India was in 2006 June for my wedding. Its surprising that I haven't visited India for around 2 years now.I think this is the longest time I have stayed away from India.

Timelines and events since 2006 June!

June 2006 - Got married in Chennai.Didn't spend much time in Chennai.Went on a 3 week vacation.Spent 2 days in Singapore on our way back to Austin.Went to Sentosa.It was a pleasant experience.

July 2006 - Went on a trip to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon.It was fun.

Sept 2006 - Visited Brownsville/South Padre with Saru and Vinodhini.We had a good time.

Sept 2006 - Shwetha went to Sanjose to be with her parents/Sangeetha to help around during Sangeetha's delivery.

Nov 2006 - Sanjay was born to Sangeetha and Chandru on Nov 14th.Went to Sanjose/Los Angeles/Sandiego.Sanju was very cute and we had a great time in Sanjose. The drive from Sanjose to San Jose was awesome.Met friends and relatives.Shwetha's parents visted us in Austin later and we had a good time going to houston/galveston.

Dec 2006 - Went to florida and spent time with chitappa and family.Visited disney and spent a nice time in the resort that chitappa had booked.

Jan to July 2007 - Very busy with the house buying/building process.No scope for any kind of trips.Quite hectic and tensed times.

July 2007 - Shwetha's sister Sangeetha and family visisted us in austin.We had a nice time with Sanju.Went to Houston and places around austin.

August 2007 - My sister came on a 6 month tourist Visa to Austin coinciding with my housewarming ceremony.

Sept 2007 - Had the housewarming ceremony which was attended by close friends Nattan and family and KSP n his wife.Chitappa and sridhar's family also visited.It was a really good occasion for everyone to meet.Wish shwetha and my parents were also here

Oct 2007 - Parents visited austin for a 4.5 month stay.They visited a number of places such as lexington,oklahoma,michigan,galveston,Houston and returned to India in March 2008

November/December 2007 - Drove 2 or 3 times to Galveston texas where Chitra was doing an observeship at the Driscoll children's hospital.Amma/appa stayed with her for a couple of days in the hotel after which they returned to austin and left for KENTUCKY.

December 2007 - Went on a looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg roadtrip from austin to Lexington during the christmas vacation.Shwetha,Chitra and I travelled across texas/arkansas/Tennessee till kentucky.While returning Chitra stayed back and Shwetha and I alone drove back.We stopped at the HOT SPRINGS national park.It was an awesome experience.

March 2008 - Shwetha and I visited Sanjose to see baby Sanju.It was quite some time since we saw him.

Feb 2008 - Amma/appa left for India culminating their 4.5 month trip to the US.It felt bad when they left.It was after 8 or 9 years since we lived together for a substantial amount of time together.

March 2008 - Sister went to India and returned to Austin for her residency Match process.Wow! She did 2 trips to India within 6 months.Wait thats not the end of it.

May 2008 - Sister returned to India for her Visa stamping and shes returning to the US this month.

May 2008 - Wifey went on a 6 week trip to India and is returning in 2 weeks.shes spending time happily with our folks in Chennai/Pune and Mumbai.I wish I had also gone to India :(

June 2008(present) - I went on a small drive to dallas to spend a weekend with good old friends VS n Yesh.It was fun and we just whiled away our time watching countless movies - Nepali/Arasangam and Arai 305il kadavul being the prominent ones.Barring Nepali the other 2 movies were really good.VS and I played Tennis for around an hour.It was terribly hot and humid.We went for bowling the Saturday night.

June 2008 - Going to Omaha,Nebraska to get Chitra settled before she starts her residency from July.Will be flying to Kansas city and drive to Omaha from there.


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some songs I liked...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

H-1B opponents challenge Bush administration in court

H-1B opponents challenge Bush administration in court

Really..It was amazing and I was wondering how the H1B naysayers were quiet so long after that landmark 29 month OPT extension decision!
Anyways,this is yet another thing which may go nowhere.Once decision like this has been taken,I don't think it can be revoked so easily.And the person who would be least concerned is the President as he is anyway leaving office at the end of the year and its his successor's headache.


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Monday, June 02, 2008

Shyamalan's Hollywood Horror Story - The happening

Shyamalan's Hollywood Horror Story

Will this new movie be a hit or a miss?
I wish he gets a chance to display something interesting in the movie instead of the same spooky stuff which seems a boring thing at the end of the whole gig.Signs was really irritating after a few of those nothing but cashing in on the viewer's fear for spooky stuff.

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