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Monday, June 09, 2008

Timeline and activities since June 2006 till June 2008

I have quite often gone back to my blogs from 3 or 4 years ago to see what I was doing in the June of 2003 or the August of 2005 because I find it tough to remember all those trips I took and all the people I met 3 or 4 years ago.
Thinking futuristic,I would like to jot down a few of the significant activities/trips that have been happening in my or my folks' life.I hope these timelines provide me with enough memories when I visit 2 or 3 years later down the line.

My last trip to India was in 2006 June for my wedding. Its surprising that I haven't visited India for around 2 years now.I think this is the longest time I have stayed away from India.

Timelines and events since 2006 June!

June 2006 - Got married in Chennai.Didn't spend much time in Chennai.Went on a 3 week vacation.Spent 2 days in Singapore on our way back to Austin.Went to Sentosa.It was a pleasant experience.

July 2006 - Went on a trip to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon.It was fun.

Sept 2006 - Visited Brownsville/South Padre with Saru and Vinodhini.We had a good time.

Sept 2006 - Shwetha went to Sanjose to be with her parents/Sangeetha to help around during Sangeetha's delivery.

Nov 2006 - Sanjay was born to Sangeetha and Chandru on Nov 14th.Went to Sanjose/Los Angeles/Sandiego.Sanju was very cute and we had a great time in Sanjose. The drive from Sanjose to San Jose was awesome.Met friends and relatives.Shwetha's parents visted us in Austin later and we had a good time going to houston/galveston.

Dec 2006 - Went to florida and spent time with chitappa and family.Visited disney and spent a nice time in the resort that chitappa had booked.

Jan to July 2007 - Very busy with the house buying/building process.No scope for any kind of trips.Quite hectic and tensed times.

July 2007 - Shwetha's sister Sangeetha and family visisted us in austin.We had a nice time with Sanju.Went to Houston and places around austin.

August 2007 - My sister came on a 6 month tourist Visa to Austin coinciding with my housewarming ceremony.

Sept 2007 - Had the housewarming ceremony which was attended by close friends Nattan and family and KSP n his wife.Chitappa and sridhar's family also visited.It was a really good occasion for everyone to meet.Wish shwetha and my parents were also here

Oct 2007 - Parents visited austin for a 4.5 month stay.They visited a number of places such as lexington,oklahoma,michigan,galveston,Houston and returned to India in March 2008

November/December 2007 - Drove 2 or 3 times to Galveston texas where Chitra was doing an observeship at the Driscoll children's hospital.Amma/appa stayed with her for a couple of days in the hotel after which they returned to austin and left for KENTUCKY.

December 2007 - Went on a looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg roadtrip from austin to Lexington during the christmas vacation.Shwetha,Chitra and I travelled across texas/arkansas/Tennessee till kentucky.While returning Chitra stayed back and Shwetha and I alone drove back.We stopped at the HOT SPRINGS national park.It was an awesome experience.

March 2008 - Shwetha and I visited Sanjose to see baby Sanju.It was quite some time since we saw him.

Feb 2008 - Amma/appa left for India culminating their 4.5 month trip to the US.It felt bad when they left.It was after 8 or 9 years since we lived together for a substantial amount of time together.

March 2008 - Sister went to India and returned to Austin for her residency Match process.Wow! She did 2 trips to India within 6 months.Wait thats not the end of it.

May 2008 - Sister returned to India for her Visa stamping and shes returning to the US this month.

May 2008 - Wifey went on a 6 week trip to India and is returning in 2 weeks.shes spending time happily with our folks in Chennai/Pune and Mumbai.I wish I had also gone to India :(

June 2008(present) - I went on a small drive to dallas to spend a weekend with good old friends VS n Yesh.It was fun and we just whiled away our time watching countless movies - Nepali/Arasangam and Arai 305il kadavul being the prominent ones.Barring Nepali the other 2 movies were really good.VS and I played Tennis for around an hour.It was terribly hot and humid.We went for bowling the Saturday night.

June 2008 - Going to Omaha,Nebraska to get Chitra settled before she starts her residency from July.Will be flying to Kansas city and drive to Omaha from there.


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