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Monday, May 29, 2006

The one with Shreya..Avar enna Gay..aa?

Hope this happens to be the kezhavan's nemesis!Really stupid...

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Friday, May 26, 2006


"Antenna" class is a class in B.E coursework which has everything but class.
Now is that an antanaclasis ?
Nope..May be not!But it is an attempt at punning and a serious effort to remember yet another wonderful gobbledygook word!


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

3 years of blogging..

Just realised that I have completed 3 years of blogging.
Its been entertaining..
Whether it has been useful or not,its been a different experience and almost an effortless way to communicate and collate all my thoughts.
Looking forward to 3 more years!

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reservation..my foot!

This picture from Rediff shows that India is a 'democracy' just for namesake.
The politicians have their say no matter what the people feel.

Watching this small video clip shows what kind of a barbaric politician 'Arjun Singh' is!The whole issue reeks of this idiot's cheap gimmick to be on the headlines and garner enough support to achieve his long time goal of sitting on the PM's chair.I sincerely wish that this guy never happens to be the PM of India.

This chat transcript shows how poorly knowledgeable Arjun Singh is with respect to the percentage of OBC people that he is trying to bring reservations for.The man behind this current Mandal commision is known for his scandals/commisions!.It is a pity that such scoundrels have escaped the clutches of law and have the audacity to change the future of many deserving students in India.

Got this as a forward!!

I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this. Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for muslims. 30 percent for OBC , SC/ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player.The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs. An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century.

We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib aktar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal.

Also we should have reservation in Olimpics.
In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters.
There can be reservation in Government jobs also. Let's recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country.. )

Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other
politicians. (Another way of saving the country..)

Let's be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward...

May the good breed of politicians like ARJUN SINGH be treated by an OBC doctor and sent to hell asap!


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Friday, May 19, 2006

Malarum Ninaivugal..Yet another Rehash..

You now..Old student isn't it,now?...
I was reading some articles/columns in sulekha.com and got inspired in jotting down some incidents that I felt were memorable though insignificant.Here is one of them.

I have visited India twice,since coming to U.S in july 2000, for holidays spanning a month.Both the times,my penchant for reliving the past made me make trips to Thirumalaisamudhram.Upon hearing this name,for a second,everybody gets a picture of some old,historic place making its majestic presence felt with a marvellous palace adjoining the ocean.But the sad truth is that it is just a barren land lying on the outskirts of Tanjore enroute to Trichy with no other significance associated it other than it rendering base to the gargantuan buildings belonging to Shanmugha college of Engineering and happening to be the place where many brilliant minds spend around 4 years of their life.Some say that it was the worst phase of thier life ,while many others portray the exact opposite.I belong to the latter category.

My 4 years in Engineering taught me more about life than all my other phases of life put together.Before anybody gets a wrong picture about technical education being the topic of discussion here,let me clarify that it was one of the last priorities or aspects that occupied my mind during my 4 years of undergraduate study.What I meant was the various aspects of life that those 4 years had to offer to me in terms of living independently,planning for the future,making friends for life and more than everything - accepting harsh realities in life and leading a contented life.The entirely carefree attitude associated with hostel life was a treat to many students like me.
The College classrooms,most of the days happened to be our favorite joint for meeting with friends and spending quality time discussing an entire gamut of topics ranging from the local mundane tea-shop talks to the IEEE research findings.(Well,I am sure atleast one of those ardent afficianados of Engineering,seated on the first benches,would have talked about IEEE!!!).

Before I joined B.E,I had always wondered if the so-called HOD's were as idiosyncratic as shown in the indian movies.Almost all of these movies had made me believe strongly that this tribe of extraordinary gentlemen belonged to their early 50s,with a grim face and every action of theirs portraying the geeky,dumb character that any youngster would try not to be associated with.This notion of mine about the head of the departments was corroborated when I entered the portals of ECE at Shanmugha.Our HOD,although was also an idosyncratic individual,he was a class apart from the general portrayal that I had witnessed in movies.He was a man,who lived in his own world ,trying to enforce all the silly rules that the college had prescribed to its fullest extent.His mannerisms,way of talking,his attitude-everything brought a unpleasant feeling invariably among almost all the students of our batch.When I make that statement,I exclude the highly academically oreinted comic characters who too existed in the classrooms.His attitude towards his students was that of a high school teacher towards his adolescent students.He never tried to understand the ground reality that he was teaching in self-financing college and not in one of the premier institution such as the IITs.Being a stickler to the traditional system of science and ancient scientific idea,all his lectures bore the flavour of the old 1950 textbooks filled with explanations consisting of vacuum tubes and age-old bulky transistors.Most of the students including me,had a 'naam-ke-vaasthe' respect towards him and were never forgetful in cursing him once he vanished from the corridors.

My only sense of gratitude towards such a person came from the only good thing that I felt he did to me.He showed his largesse in showering encomiums in the Recommending letter that he gave for my M.S college applications.I was flabbergasted when I got his reco letter which had lie written all over it,one of which was me being on the top 10% of the class.It was great reading about myself which I myself didn't know that I was good in.According to my reco letter,I had great interest in telecommunications and was very shrewd in class.It also said that I was proficient in oral and written skills in English,Hindi,French and sanskrit.There were many other wierd stories that I heard about his recos that my other friends got from him.
As I alighted from the trichy Govt bus at the college bus-stop on a hot August afternoon,I was reminded of the good-old college days.Almost immediately my feet made the walking straight to the opposite tea-shop-the favorite 'Udayar kadai'.I went in and looked into the mirror on the wall as every other student used to do upon entering or leaving the shop.I sat in the usual bench and asked for 2 parottas and an omelette.I could sense the same feeling as I devoured upon those delicasies.It really did taste better than the "Olive Garden-eggplant parmesian' or my favorite Nacho-cheese taco!As I wiped clean the banana leaf,I went for my favorite cup of tea,not to forget the 1 Re- karachev packet that I emptied along with it.

Then I crossed the road and went into College compound.I treaded through the first year block towards the library and was bewildered to find that the library had been moved to a different location.The number of buildings had almost doubled since I left.I continued on and then reached my department building,which reminded me of the great times I had spent with my select group of friends.All through this walk,my mind was churning out fond memories of the golden era and suddenly I came back to reality when I saw a familiar entity pass by.It was one of my lecturers who failed to recognise me.Then I walked into my HOD's room and waited outside his cabin.I was able to overhear his familiar conversation with some student.The student was getting his daily dose of bitter medicine from the HOD for having bunked classes the day before.

Then as my turn came,I went in and introduced myself ..
Me:'Sir,Rajesh Parameshwaran -2000 ECE pass out student Sir'
HOD:'Hmmm...what now?what do u want now?'
Me:'I am doing My MS at Texas Tech Univ,U.S.A..just came down for a visit.'
HOD:'Oh...2000 Batch isnt it?Ganesh Srinivasan Batch..now isnt it?'
Me: Yes Sir.
HOD gave his characteristic irritating look and called his assistant..
HOD:'Narayanaaaa...Come here...See..now...This is old student now...has come now..See if he has paid the library dues/lab fees now..If not collect it from him..now..'
I got the holy frigging shock of my life.I never ,in my wildest dreams had imagined that a person would stoop to such a low standard.I,almost immediately left that place and vowed never to meet that person!
Some people may age but old habbits die hard.That was the lesson I learnt that day!It was an insignificant incident but was a memorable incident!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Itsdiff ...Its really different!

Got to know about this website www.itsdiff.com from Tamilnadu Elections 2006 --- HOT MACHI HOT

That websites really different...

Listen to this.Its really interesting...

and then to this..


Planning to listen to other stuff in the website!


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Dell to start using AMD server chips

Dell to start using AMD server chips - MarketWatch


WOW !!!!

That news definitely needs a post for itself..

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rehash ...

This is a rehash of a very old post of mine(Around 3 years ago).But surprisingly it still holds good.

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 19:23:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rajesh P Vijayaraghavan
Subject: A warning/an awakening. - From a Slow-star.


I don’t know if I have already spoken about this topic earlier in this
forum. But something pricked me into framing this mail at this juncture because new students are going to come in to the U.S shortly and added to that the economic condition is at abysmal depths in any part of U.S.A.I have no regrets in whatever I am going to say because this is my Yahoogroup and I am definitely a well-wisher of all guys in here.

I know/knew a number of my friends/roommates who came to U.S just like
me/U with the only idea of earning a degree and getting into a respectable job position either in the U.S or back in India. But I am really pained to see a number of them being caught in a disease like concept. They call it " A Business" with a multi-level-franchising concept and a whole lot of other SHIT. It is nothing but an equivalent to the "AMWAY" concept in India.

This cult-like group in U.S.A happens to be united to their crazy way of life under the banner "Quixtar". BEWARE OF THAT WORD...I repeat. BEWARE of that word-QUIXTAR.
They have been very good at sweet-talking innocent students into their
cheap way of making money. There is no amount of work involved in any possible way in this concept. All it involves is stooping to the lowest level of mankind to convince the other guy about their bullshit concept. They put up an assumed style of speech and costume which seems like Laloo Prasad Yadav adorning a suit and a tie; giving out a speech in English. Their wives/girlfriends are no less than Rabri Devi.
They have periodic meetings in which like-minded greedy people get together and talk nonsense. Their ways of making friends is so artificial and is easily distinguishable. Their main target areas have been the grocery stores/International office/Indian festivals and other social gatherings.
Their highly successful tactic in luring people, has been to start an unnecessary conversation in the grocery store by simply commenting about a product that you pick from the shelf and then slowly sweet-talking you into attending one of their seminars where they repeatedly talk of some "PLAN/points/diamonds/Rubies etc". They have a term associated to this despicable idea known as "Cold contacting”. If by any chance, you fall to their initial gimmick, you are doomed for life and can never come out of that blackhole.

Well...Some of you may argue that this could be a successful concept and that people may really become millionaires. But the question that each one of us needs to ask ourselves is "Money. Is it the sole purpose of life of a man? Even if the answer is yes to it, Does it or does it not matter how we earn it?" IMHO, I feel everybody has an inherent self-conscience and a certain amount of dignity. Those who have an hostile feeling to my above sentence, kindly stop reading and delete this mail. Money could be earned by any means. But only that part of it, that has been earned legally through hard work gives the real satisfaction and the pleasure of spending.

OK...I don’t want to prolong this mail too much. But I hope people who have not heard of this, get an idea of this growing menace. I very well know that even some of the members of this students' group are hooked up to this nincompoop and I don’t give a rat's ass to their opinions eulogizing this ever-condemnable concept or business as they call it.

Don’t worry even if U contract AIDS, because pretty soon they will find a cure for it. But QUIXTAR is incurable and irreversible. Beware.
Wish you all a respectable life in the U.S.


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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bird Flu Watch...

WSBTV.com - Entertainment - Bird Flu Subject Of ABC Movie Tonight

Would someone ban such unverified stuff?While there has been no evidence of the spread of the pandemic from one human to another,this entire movie is going to be solely based on this assumption!An effective way to keep the people under fear!

People!Get ready to tremble under fear and run to your walmart to stock up with essentials awaiting the outbreak of this new unverified funda.

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Monday, May 08, 2006


People in TN have exercised their vote and it seems like they desperately need a TV more than a Thaali.If it was the 'Veni Vidi Vici' tagline for Julias Ceasar,its 'Vote..Veto..Tivo' for Napolean ,who might be seen in one of the bars in Mylapore rejoicing over his miraculous conquest.

Wondering why this is so..But doesnt it seem obvious?
A TV can be watched by both the men and women of the family(not to forget the kids,who might have also forced their parents to vote for the 3 letter acronymed party),but the thaali cannot be worn by men and a mere 4 grams wouldn't be enough for them to pawn at the 'Saet kadai' for even 1 month's supply of Brandy!

Another question that comes to my mind...Will tamilnadu get a week long holiday sometime in the next few months?I mean..How many days does one get leave if a chief minister mandai potufies during his term?Having said that,hope the oldie takes precaution while visiting Stalin or D.Maran's house and takes any food!You never know!

Who do you think is going to rejoice on hearing the final election verdict?Is it Mu.Ka..Is it D.Maran? No..Its the Chinese and Korean companies who would start shipping their 2000rs 'Infant mortal' TVs that would last only for a month, to the Chennai harbour!Its the local electric shop guys who would have a field day with 100s of TVs to lay their hands on and charge 200 to 500 rs for every single soldering repair!

J.J might have already started negotiating with the fridge and washing machine vendors in way of preparation for the next polls.But again,she will be proved wrong in the election for commiting the same mistake.Fridge and Washing machine dont cater to the male junta,You see.She also might be figuring out a way to buy non-bailable warrants on a wholesale basis,for fear of visiting the cell sometime soon for some gimmick of her valarpu sagodharans or magans or machaans.

Vaiko might be rethinking his strategy now.Would it have been better had he been active in Srilankan politics and living in the outhouse of his buddy Prabakaran than the ammaniac he is currently associated with?While his new Amma might re-utter the term "POTA",his old amma would definitely be unhappy and tell him "PODA"!

Captain's DMDK candidates might each get a chance to act as an extra in Captain's forthcoming movies - Videsi and the next film -Paradesi,which will start attacking the people for their folly in the elections.He might patch up with the octogenarian and agree to make a movie of one of his stories.

T.Rajender will be thinking if he should be happy or sad because whatever the outcome of the election was,it was not going to change his image or fortune.But then,he will come out in the open and even get a 1 hr slot every day for his 'Vaiko nee oru Pycho' type Therukurals following Solomon Paapaya's Thirukurals.

Jayendra Saraswathi will also be on the same league as T.Rajendar,not knowing if he has to smile or cry on hearing the verdict.Since its Mu.Ka,he might have to fear if the forgotten murder case against him is unearthed again.Shankarraman might be crying in his grave for his death served no purpose.

Karthik will be seen on the roads screaming like a lunatic : "Mr.Chandramouli..Mr.Chandramouli...Enaku Vote potaengalaa?" and spitting his half-chewed Paaan,eventually being dragged to the nearest asylum.

Lok Paritran?They will think of some IIT or IIM or Ivy league strategy of cleverly defeating the rotten system.They might link a Avian Flu virus to the common cold and start the propaganda that they have factual evidence to indicate that these spread only from through Korean or Chinese Cathode ray tubes.You get the picture right?

Simran and her husband might get a chance to star on the Jaya TV serials,but only as the second tier artists playing chamcha to Sarathkumar and Radhika!Visu would become the 'Father' character in all the Jaya TV serials,not to forget his new show called 'Kurattai Arangam' critising the sleeping attitude of the DMK ministry on people's issues.No points for guessing who would be the comedian brother character in the serials.Ofcourse namma S.V.Shekar!

Vaazhga Tamizhargal..Valarga avargalin Muttaaal thanam!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Free...ya Vidunga paa!

Disgusting to go over the news related to Tamilnadu elections.Almost every party screaming of things that they would offer free to the people with some added clause at the end to save their face later when they conveniently forget to implement thier promises.

Latest I heard was the offer of free computers by ADMK to anyone who passes 12th standard!Wow..!As if that is the second most important thing that the people of Tamilnadu want.The reason I say second in the list of wants is because we all know since a few weeks ago that it is 'Television' that stands as the most needed thing in TN.

The strategy to win an election is to bait the bloody poor junta with an offer of a TV or a computer or bags and bags of rice and make sure its all "free"!Isn't this pathetic?
Does anyone even bother to think about how those people will afford to pay the electricity bill behind the TV or the computer or the gas charge for cooking all those bags of rice?
'Freeya kudthaa phenoyl kuuda kudipaenga!'..This is a phrase that I have always heard my friends say to me,when I buy of those products which offers something else for free.The same phrase applies very aptly to the pathetic tamilian people!

JJ and MK are going crazy in the final minute and this is well obvious from all the 'FREE' offers shes been pulling out in the last minute.The worst is this one offering a free gold thali for women!
Now what about the guys?What does she have to offer them?I won't be surprised even if it came down to these...

-or may be offer a girl to each of those deperate buggers who can't get married?
-5 packs of cigarettes for 2 Rs and an offer 5 packs of beedi,if you have passed 3rd std and if you purchased the cigaretes at 2rs each.
-20 packs of VIP briefs,if your sizes are less than 34 and 10 packs for >34!
-Free bus passes for all the roadside romeos on all the Pallavan ladies special buses.

Speaking in galeeej terms...
'Summa darbaaar ku avanga avanga appan uuutu sotthu aatam adichhu udraanga daaa..fraudu pasanga!'

I chanced upon this Rediff article written by Shoba Warrier around 10 years ago.It just reiterated only 1 thing -
Tamilnadu people are either plain idiots or suffer from a massive dose of selective amnesia!

This was one of the most ridiculous statements I had ever read ...
The people spent for Sudhagaran's wedding, Jaya tells IT.
Did you know that it holds the Guinness record for the largest Wedding Banquet?

I don't have the patience to unearth articles related to Mu.Ka!I am pretty sure he is equally bad in all spheres of swindling!
It seems like it would be an obvious choice for the people to opt for someone other than these 2 thieves!Personally I feel,it wouldn't be a bad idea for the people even to vote for Vijayakanth!But then his poll time promises looks promising for him also turning out to be one of those bastards.
So,may be just Vote for Lok Paritran or don't vote for anyone!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry

Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry

This article which was written sometime last year highlights the way the American system works.Just sensationalise any hot topic that could remotely terrorize the people and use it to one's advantage in making some quick money!
When I read this news item today,the above article made perfect sense!Now that 'the war on terror',"September the 11th' phrases have begun to fade away from the junta's fear factor phrase list,someones trying to spring up this new phrase "Bird Flu"!While the planning seems to be immaculate,the question begging to be asked is - Is this yet another instance of Over-reaction?

In the real interest of mankind's protection, this early breakthrough sounds great ,but it points to something very obvious.Somebody in the background is making loads and loads of money with yet another cheap gimmick.

Look at how the market responds to this news!The stock 'VICL' just got such a boost that anyone could have joined the celebration and made a quick 100 bucks!

The new trend in America seems to be the evil wicked game of 'cashing in on people's fears'!

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