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Friday, April 25, 2008

Pathetic India...

If this is what is in store for the bright students in India,I wonder what motivates anyone to stay in India.I guss the first opportunity that is available,these students would look out to just flee the place and never bother fighting against ruthless politicians.
There are so many people coming up with arguments stating..."why can't you stay back and fight rather than cribbing about this"!Its all bull shit.There is nothing that can be done with a bunch of good guys against this never changing evil.Indians themselves are a major hurdle for the success of Indians.
Reservation and politics are so closely related that one can't go without the other and together they both bring the whole system down.

I wonder how long it is going to take before we hear resevrations being introduced in schools.In 10 more years I can easily picture forward caste students getting screwed when it comes to their admission in schools or may be when it comes to their admission to 11st std or science streams.Even there,they could easily come up with caste based gimmicks.

Pathetic to say the least.


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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cricket in America

Our Cricket Problem is a wonderful piece about Cricket and how it is ignored by the Americans and American media!

The following ending from the article aptly sums it up.We just dont give a shit about what people here think.And I can't put myself to the boring experience of watching American football or baseball.American football seems to be more like a sport for animals or something like the Indian kabaddi where its more of the physique than technique that matters.

So here’s the message, America: don’t pay any attention to us, and we won’t pay any to you. If you wonder, over the coming weeks, why your Indian co-worker is stealing distracted glances at his computer screen every few minutes or why the South African in the next cubicle is taking frequent and furtive bathroom breaks during the working day, don’t even try to understand. You probably wouldn’t get it. You may as well learn to accept that there are some things too special for the rest of us to want to waste them on you.

Heres another article from wall street journal that talks of how the Australians,Asians and the South Africans are passionate about cricket and try to follow it even if they are in a busy meeting amidst the ignorant Americans.

Our Cricket Problem

Sometimes ignorance is bliss and it applies only to me being ignorant of American football!


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Haggling in a weak economy is OK, really

Haggling in a weak economy is OK, really

Desperate times call for deperate actions!I think everybody is getting sucked into the blackhole called recession.Its happening at such a fast pace that there is no time even to stop and think how each news or activity that we are witnessing is a major sign of a great disaster bound to happen.


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