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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The wicked world of cricket!

The 2007 cricket World Cup is shaping to be just a place holder for a mystery or murder plot that could take off soon to be the theme of a Hollywood or even a Hollywood movie.Gone are the days when the World Cup only stood for the glorification of cricket and was the only event for some very passionate aficionados of cricket who used to plan,pray and whatnot for their respective teams to compete sportingly and emerge victorious at the end.It was well-understood from the very beginning that the audience were never going to get monetarily awarded or recognised for their passionate involvement and cheering,but still there was this unexplainable sense of patriotism and sense of dedication that even a well-paying job wouldn't necessarily extract.I remember the times when my mom used to instruct me saying - "Tomorrow you have your board exams and in what way do you think Tendulkar or Dravid is going to help you towards that?If they win they are going to get the credits and if they lose too,it means nothing really to you.Why don't you switch off the TV and concentrate of your study?".But then cricket is cricket!No amount of cajoling or no amount of scandalous cricketers and alleged betting syndicate news can make one get out of thinking about cricket!

There are questions being raised about the inclusion of the minnows in the World Cup.While there is a strong argument from the minnows' backers stating that none of the current 'Big boys' teams would have come up to the current level had they never been given the opportunity or the recognition at the international level,there is also this equally strong argument about the dilution of the importance of the majestic event - World Cup,with the innumerable warm-up matches and sheer butchering that the minnows get at the hands of the established teams,some of whose members end up accumulating records that could never be broken in a lifetime.

Coming to the current burning issue of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer's death,which prompted me to write this piece in the first place.Day after day since last week,I have been waking up to see the updates from the investigations and it is getting murkier and murkier!While it started off with indications of Woolmer being a Type-2 diabetes patient,who might have succumbed to a natural cause such as a cardiac arrest or some kind of a lethal mental shock or excessive dose of medication and alcohol due to his team's defeat,it has now turned out to be one of the most speculated controversies in current times.There are so many figments of imaginations being put in place such as the one by the veteran Pakistani cricketer Safraz Nawaz about the involvement of the betting syndicate to knock the coach off,because of him planning to expose the defaulting players.There is also the latest and greatest news of Woolmer's neck having marks,which has led to theories of strangulation.

The marked silence from the Pakistani team members and their cricket board seems to indeed indicate that there might have been some foul play.Amidst all the investigations and speculations,the Pakistani team's captain - Inzamam-Ul-Haq's untimely retirement from 'One-Day cricket' and his continuous portrayal of sadness and exposition of some kind of guilt over his coach's death,adds some more fodder to the story.Would he have known something about the mysterious circumstance leading to Woolmer's death,that he is put in a difficult position of having his mouth tight-lipped for the sake of his Pakistani brethren yet not being able to completely overcome the battle with his conscience?Or how about a few other twists to the story - the captain himself being involved with betting and the murder plan and eventually trying to bail himself out with a public display of anguish and self-sacrificing acts of stepping out of captaincy?Or going by some reports of how Woolmer was very close with Hansie Conje - the tainted South African captain,even when he was charged and found guilty with match-fixing,the question raises as to whether the coach was himself involved with the match-fixing or betting organizations.The more I think of it on these lines,the more does it substantiate the happenings and I am left wondering why Woolmer had to leave the South African coaching experience and start embracing a much troubled Pakistani cricket team where he was never getting the attention and respect that he wanted.Was the meeting of Woolmer with the Dlehi police to get details about match-fixing - Was it for his book contract or rather for getting bookies contact?Was he just a pawn on a global cheating scheme?I know its not ethical to speculate such things about a deceased person,who is being heralded as the most dedicated individual towards cricket,but then the recent happenings beg to ask such questions.

If the speculation is true that the source of the death was the food that Woolmer ordered through room service,then serious questions do arise about who the mastermind would be?Is it someone from the cricketing fraternity,namely the Pakistani team or is it a much global entity such as the betting syndicate or as some blogger had posed - a presidential decree from Pakistan to retaliate their national humiliation.For once,I would like to be proved wrong for the sake of Cricket's integrity.

Whatever it turns out to be,Cricket has lost its sheen completely this last week.It has been showing signs of degradation since the Azharuddin/Cronje matching fixing scandals,but had never sunk to such abysmal depths of wickedness and mystery.Although there are 20 to 30 different teams in cricket today,Cricket in itself has been one universal religion to its followers all around the world bringing in a sense of global brotherhood,friendship and sportsmanship.
God save cricket and its religious followers!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sukhwinder Singh!Change your name to "Sukhwinder dont sing"

This is the hieght of a tamil song being butchered by a northie!!
Given a chance,even a dog or a pig would have sung the song much better with understandable words!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

'Bob Woolmer knew it all'-Controversy-Extra Cover-Cricket World Cup 2007 - Indiatimes Cricket

Is this conspiracy theory or real?
If it is true,it is a shame for cricket and a strong indication that Cricket is no more fun and is yet another medium like politics for greedy heartless rich people to get richer!

Some more fodder about the story!


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shocking events in Cricket !

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer dies

Flintoff got drunk and almost sunk!

Pakistan crashing out of the World Cup!
India getting defeated convincingly by Bangladesh!

Inzy almost crying after the match!

Ireland Zimbabwe tie !
49th over and the great 50th over!

Gibbs' 6 6 6 6 6 6

Bob Woolmer speaking on the ball tampering issue!

The Woolmer slap issue and Sharad Pawar issue

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Monday, March 05, 2007

world cup match updates

From Anantha

world cup match updates

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