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Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 days of thxgvg hols...

9 days hols...3 of which were mandatory vacation days...
No idea what to do...
parents at home with sister busy studying for exams...
Only time pass - SUN TV and KTV and endless eating at the hands of amma!

1 day trip to Houston and Galveston
Notable things - The visit to Meenakshi temple for the nth time.
-The Swaminarayan Temple and the beautiful vegetable festival there
-The fruitless search for a decent Indian restaurant to eat in Houston
-Settling down for Cicis Pizza for lunch at around 3 pm
-The ferry ride at Galveston - One thing that everybody enjoyed.
-The senior citizens coffee at McD - 34 cents which no one would feel being taken for a ride.

Thanksgiving day...
A desi get-together devoid of the turkey!
Potluck dinner with Ranga's dessert being the highlight.
Antaakshari-More Hindi songs than tamil!

Black Friday...
Preparations started the day before
-Looking into all the newspaper ads for relevant deals
-Making a list of things and each store's "SWARGAVAASAL" timings.
-Bestbuy Circuit city at 5 am...Kohls at 7am...JC-Penny if possible..

-At around 11pm on thxgvg day,a round around the shopping complexes to gauge the crowd.
-Already a couple of chinky guys camping at bestbuy/circuit city.

-Shwetha and I deciding to camp at circuit city.
-A comforter,pillow,water bottle,orange juice taken
-Unbearable chill at around 0*C.

Circuit City
Swarga vaasal opens at 5am.Rush inside to get all the things.
-Laptop sold out in a few minutes.
-Coupon already acquired to get the 42" HDTV.
-Standing in line to buy it and suddenly find 3 or 4 people barging in front of me..
-Finally ending up losing the last TV

-Not losing hope...getting to the next circuit city..
-TV sold out there too...
-Great disappointment..

-Browsing the internet at Circuit city computer.Finding a comment in fatwallet abt the Sears Price matching opportunity.

-Rushing to the nearest SEARS which is 10 miles away.

Smartly getting the SEARS manager to pricematch their 1800$ TV to the 700$ circuit city price...along the way getting 100$ off for the PM and 10% off for using SEARS card.


Along with this..things bought were - Garmin c340 GPS,Sony Bravia home theatre system!

The next 3 days...its freezing cold outside.Remaining locked inside the house watching TV TV TV!

If time had life,it should consider itself killed very badly by me in the 9 days thxgvg holidays!



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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poverty Monitor

MDG Monitor: >MDG MONITOR :: Map :: Tracking the Millennium Development Goals

U.N. Launches Poverty Monitoring Site With Google

With the help of Google Maps and Cisco, the UN wants to show where the world is succeeding or failing in meeting the Millennium Development Goals on ending poverty.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


MapmyIndia - maps, directions, and local search across India - just search, print and go!

This seems pretty cool.
Doesn’t seem to give a door level direction but street level works fine.

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