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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Karunanidhi - The man,the machine,the villian - altogether Machiavellian to Srilankan issue

Albeit my indifference or unbiased emotions towards the whole LTTE issue and the recent news about the wiping out of the controversial group - LTTE and its self-made megalomaniac leader - Prabhakaran's death, I have been intrigued by the development and history behind the LTTE group.

This new article that appeared on the UK Mirror online gives a very good outline about the history of LTTE's connections with the Tamilnadu politicians. It asks a question as to whether the future of LTTE lies in the hands of the Tamilnadu CM Mr.Karunanidhi. My personal opinion is that Karunanidhi doesn't have the need currently to fight for this cause as he is busy fighting for ministerial berths for his close kith and kin and is hell bent on making sure his lineage is well represented in both the state and central ministries.

All along the srilankan issue has been used as an efficient medium to garner some hardcore tamilian fanatics' votes in every election and to side with the local parties whose core initiatives lie on propagating pro-Eelam issues among the tamil diaspora.Karunananidhi has time and again proved how Machiavellian he is , by cunningly using the LTTE issue as a weapon to garner Tamilnadu junta's support and conveniently forget it when the group needs moral and strategic support to advance its cause. Had he really been an advocate for the goodness of the innocent Tamils stuck between the terrorist organization LTTE and the merciless Srilankan Government, he would have mobilized enough Indian government support to stop the killings of the thousands of innocent Tamils,instead all he could come up with was an obvious facade and drama of hunger strike which didn't even last for 4 hrs.Even this dharna was done in an air cooled,luxurious setting completely in contrast to the suffering public on Srilankan soil.


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