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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Death of a president

As I see those million emails and forwards screaming "Wish you a happy new year" and watching those endless footage of fireworks all across the world welcoming the new year '2007',I am filled with a tinge of sadness on realizing that the whole world silently watched the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.
Since the last 3 days they have showing the program called "Death of a president",which has repeated footages about the deceased U.S president - Gerald Ford.As I was trying to avoid those channels which carried those boring tributes and military respects being showered on the president,it struck me that the killing of Saddam was also a 'Death of a president'.
He might have been labeled the worst dictator of all times,but was this the way he should have been killed?He could have been the most uncouth and uncivilised president,but do we in return show the same uncivilized mannerism when it comes to putting an end to him?

There are many websites showering praise and claiming great victory over Saddam's death and the current U.S president timidly proclaiming that it is a great victory,which only shows how pathetic he is and how desperate he is to garner some votes for his party in the upcoming election.
Photos and graphic videos of the killing has already been put on googlevideo and youtube.If you can cope up with the graphic details,use your own discretion to click and watch the photos and videos on this page
The cellphone video of the last moments of Saddam Husein is here
I never understood how the invasion was justified and it would take ages to understand how Saddam Hussein was convicted in a totally unconnected country - U.S.A, of his crimes that he had suppesedly done in Iraq.Even if he had indeed committed the crimes,I feel this isn't the way he should have been punished.It is like beating the crap out of a dead snake.In the last few months,whenever they showed Saddam in the television,he seemed to helplessly screaming at the top of his voice in the courts and it was noticeable that he was not at his best mental and physical health.He should have been given a little more respect and should have been executed in a much decent manner.

I was banned from filming or taking pictures of a ride in Disneyworld this week.With that being the case for a stupid fantasy ride,I wonder how it was deemed fine by the people executing Saddam,to allow pictures and video footages of the gruesome act.It seemed barbaric and cold blooded akin to the videotapes aired by the terrorist networks of how they executed innocent journalists and civilians that they had kidnapped.

If this could happen to a former president,then anything could happen to a common man!Also,I totally concur with something that I read online - ' A dead Saddam is much more venomous than a living helpless Saddam!'.I wonder what is in store in 2007 for the U.S.A due to this gruesome,unjustifiable act that was committed at the end of 2006!

Wishing and hoping that the new year is peaceful and brings in sanity to all the ruffians in the world!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Veyyil - Review

The movie was far better than the current series of gangster movies and self-assumed intellectual movies like Vallavan or Varalaaru.

Bharath plays the role of a village guy with elan as in the past few movies hes acted.This character seemed to be just a continuation of his performance in Emtan Magan.The kunkumam on his forehead and the thaayathu kairu on his hand were all carried over from the earlier mentioned movie.I think he should think of some variations in future lest he gets dubbed as an also-ran in tamil movies.

Pasupathy has great acting potential.This movie seemed to be a continuation of his 'Maja' portrayal,with light shades of being th main hero.

The members of the family didn't really gel well with the movie.Had the father been Naasar/Raj Kiran or even probably Vijayakumar and the mother been Charanya ,the characters would have been etched much better.The sisters too didnt make much of an impact with no real identities provided to them in the story.

The part with Shreya Reddy could have been better portrayed like that of Jaya Bhaduri is SHolay where the final scene hits everyone really hard upon finding the hero dead.

Having said all these things,I still feel the movie was good and completely different than the run of the mill crap that get released these days.


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2006 Products Of The Year - Web development, security, software, storage, server, imaging, hardware, notebook, operating system - CRN

2006 Products Of The Year - Web development, security, software, storage, server, imaging, hardware, notebook, operating system - CRN

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EETimes.com - Eight technology breakthroughs to watch in 2007

EETimes.com - Eight technology breakthroughs to watch in 2007

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Google Patent search tool

Got to know about this from Gear Factor
Google has come up with this Patent search tool
which is really awesome.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CIA - The World Factbook

CIA - The World Factbook

-This looked very neat.Could learn about any country in the world from that webpage.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Srini's Graduation

Our friend Srini's graduation pictures.
It was an occasion of great pride to see one of my buddies graduate with a PhD degree!Kudos to Srini for his hardwork and best wishes for his future.It is worth noting that he was the only guy to go for a PhD and successfully complete from my class in B.E!

srinivasan's graduation


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Interesting funda..
The goal of SETI@home is to detect intelligent life outside Earth. SETI@home searches for possible evidence of radio transmissions from extraterrestrial intelligence using data from the Arecibo radio telescope. The software searches for four signals:[citation needed]

* Spikes in power spectra
* Gaussian rises and falls in transmission power, possibly representing the telescope beam's main lobe passing over a radio source
* Triplets — three power spikes in a row
* Pulsing signals that possibly represent a narrowband digital-style transmission

The process is somewhat like tuning a radio to various channels, and looking at the signal strength meter. If the strength of the signal goes up, that gets attention. More technically, it involves a lot of digital signal processing, mostly discrete Fourier transforms at various chirp rates and durations.


From Wikipedia : SETI@Home

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Online Deals

Get Holiday Deals Online

These sites will help you get the best gift at the best price.

By Cameron Huddleston

November 27, 2006

So you survived Black Friday (or avoided it altogether), and braved the malls on the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. Still got some holiday shopping left? Not to worry, there still are plenty of deals to be found -- and you don't have to brave the stores again to find them. The Internet has plenty of Web sites geared toward helping you get a bargain.

To get the best deals, though, you probably will have to check more than one site. Take the time to do some comparison shopping so you won't be among the many consumers who don't get the lowest price on their gifts because they don't do their homework. "No matter what information is made available to shoppers, most people still engage in surprisingly little search behavior before making a purchase," says University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business Professor Donald Lichtenstein. "They have the Internet at their fingertips, and yet they're just as likely to buy from the first merchant they go to."

To make your life a little easier this hectic time of year, we've done the searching for you. This is an update of a story we provided before Thanksgiving. We scoured the Web for sites that help you get deals and have found the ones we think are user friendly and sure to help you save money. Check out our recommendations.

Find the lowest price

If you really want to score a great buy, use a price-comparison site. PriceGrabber.com , Shopping.com and Shopzilla all are great options because they give you a lot of results for your searches with the range of prices listed, product descriptions, and store and product ratings. The sites also are good places to go if you are looking for gift ideas, especially Shopzilla, which even has a link on the homepage to help you find deals on holiday décor.

Be sure to check out Pronto.com because it fetches prices on 45 million products from almost 50,000 merchants, a larger retail search than rival sites offer. Pronto.com is also the quickest and easiest to use, covering everything from books to consumer electronics.

If you know exactly what you want and need just a bare bones price comparison site, try Google's shopping search engine, Froogle. What you'll get are lots of results for your search, product reviews, seller ratings and a Local Shopping option to help you find products at stores near you. What you won't see is a home page full of hot products, shopping guides, product categories and colorful images you'll find on sites such as PriceGrabber and Shopzilla.

Another site worth checking out is Dealio.com, which shows eBay prices along with prices from traditional retailers. What we really like about this site, though, is the downloadable toolbar that lets you know if there's a better deal someplace else for the item you're viewing.

Hot deals!

If you're not exactly sure what to get that certain person on your gift list, check out online deal sites, which post loads of discounted items. You're bound to find the right gift at the right price.

Our favorite in this category is DealsOfAmerica, which updates deals every hour. Every item it lists on the home page has a picture, a description, the store that's offering the deal and, best of all, the list price so you'll know just how much of a bargain you're getting. The site also has coupons, price comparison tool, a list of products or services available for free after rebate or coupon and a hot deal e-mail alert you can sign up to receive. Deals are from top online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores with nationwide presence.

Two other distinctive sites: AbleShoppers and Slickdeals.net. They list deals by date so you know new items are being added every day. Both also offer online coupons. AbleShoppers also offers shopping tips and an e-mail newsletter.

Dealtaker.com lists some deals on its home page, but you'll find hundreds more listed in forums. So if you're willing to take the time to troll through the forums, you'll probably find deals here you won't find other places. There are more than 60,000 forum members who post deals, and you don't have to register to view the ones listed. The site also offers coupons for about 1,500 online stores, a price search engine and e-mail notification of deals.

If you don't like the idea of shopping online, Shoplocal.com can help you find deals at stores near you. You can shop by categories and by price range. Just don't expect to find every store in your town (or even some major ones) listed on this site.

Shop with Cyber-coupons

Put away the scissors -- you don't have to clip these coupons. Plenty of sites offer coupon codes (and printable coupons) for online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The nice thing about our picks is that you don't have to register on these sites to gain access to the coupons. CouponCabin, CoolSavings and Keycode post featured coupons on their homepages and let you search for coupons by category and merchant. You also can sign up to receive coupons by e-mail from all three of these sites.

CouponMountain.com focuses on coupons for Dell, HP, Buy.com and Amazon.com, but also has coupons for stores such as Old Navy and Target. You can search by category or store. It also has a list of the most popular coupons lists deals of the day. And Coupon Craze has coupon codes and printable coupons not only for merchants in the U.S. but also in the United Kingdom and Canada. It also has a special Christmas coupons and deals section.

And if you're shopping for children, check out CleverBabies.com. It has coupons for stores such as Toys R Us, DisneyShopping.com and babyGap. The site also posts sales, has forums and has its own coupons.

Get cash back

Another way to spend less is to earn cash while you shop. That's the premise of FatWallet and Ebates.com. You have to join their cash-back programs and can get cash back (usually a percentage of your purchase) when you buy items from select merchants. Be sure to read the fine print. You don't get cash back at the time of your purchase. Instead, it accrues in an account and is sent to you periodically. Also, not all merchants featured on these sites participate and of those that do, some have their own requirements for earning cash back.

Happy Shopping!



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