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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jaya Ho!!

It came as a fresh lease of life when the election results started to trickle in.The view of huge crowds taking to the streets celebrating the results seemed really to be a harbinger of good things to come for the people of Tamilnadu. Right from the beginning of the election results release within 5 minutes into the flash news, it was evident that DMK was going to get a huge drubbing in the hands of the AIADMK. What was surprising was the candid admission of loss to AIADMK by SUN TV election number updates. Even before Jaya news updated about AIADMK leading across many constituencies, SUN TV already admitted their leads.Kalaignar TV as expected went about their business with stupid 'Maanada Mayilaada' program as if no such event as the election has happened in Tamilnadu. That was so lame of them They should have admitted their loss with a bit of grace.

Jayalalitha truly deserves this victory for her steadfast and tireless efforts all through the years to keep criticizing the DMK government at every available opportunity. I can still feel the words "Minority Thi Mu Kaa" reverberating in my ears after having been used so many times during each and every News bulletin in Jaya TV. At times it seemed as if Jayalalitha was barking at the wrong tree as nothing seemed to be happening to her favor. But then Raja and the 2G scam really turned the tide for her.The talk shows that they hosted on Jaya TV to expose the 2G scams were really well researched and well organized. I did see a bit of biased reporting in those talk shows but then whatelse could one expect from the jingoistic talk show host whose main aim is to somehow make the viewers form a negative opinion of the DMK.One of the speeches from Cho Ramaswamy at the Tuglak function was really awesome and it did seem to spell the doom for DMK when he accurately predicted Captain joining forces with AIADMK and also suggested that the people teach a lesson to the thieving DMK.

The next few weeks are going to be really interesting in TN. Once Jaya takes the helm at the top of the CM of TN, her tail is going to go wagging towards the center. It won't be long before the Congress takes sides with her and starts digging into the 2G scam.They have an excuse of doing this just to retaliate for the worst election defeat in tn. Thangabalu - the leader of TN congress losing in Mylapore adds salt to their injury. Jayalalitha will take all means to book each and every family member of the Mu.Ka family and I am sure we would see them lodged in every available cell in the jails all across TN and also probably in Tihar

Kanimozhi's arrest is imminent and Rajathi Ammal maight get summons pretty soon. I hope Karunanidhi doesn't die soon from heart attack before he sees his family collapse. He needs to experience every bit of pain possible by seeing his ill-gotten family businesses go down in flames starting from Kaliagnar TV to the the 3 cinema production houses to every other business entity they have gotten their hands into. I would love to Azhagiri and Stalin getting arrested , which might give a good impetus for them to hit back in the next election.The audacity with which the DMK has conducted themselves even after publicly being exposed of multi-crore corruption is bewildering.I guess there was nothing better and bigger than the drubbing in the elections that deemed fit to their public wealth robbery.

Finally, I hope Jayalalitha seriously doesn't keep her promises that she made via the retaliatory hasty election manifesto that she put up. Tamilnadu people need to understand that these promises were election gimmick by the prior DMK regime to garner their precious votes. Hope they get educated and don't take it as a revenge in the next election. Jayalaitha has a lot of scope to really do a great deal of work for the people.Hope she does something constructive in the next 5 years instead of just concentrating solely on killing the dead snake, Karunanidhi that is.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A trip to Vietnam!!!

This seems surreal!
Vietnam of all places on earth.
I would never even dream of visiting Vietnam but then this happened due to the the mandatory educational trip for a week as part of my my MBA at UT.We stayed at the historic Caravelle hotel. Vietnam always brought the picture of a war ravaged land in my mind having watched those war movies where Charlie Sheen and co go crazy on local Vietnamese guerrilla soldiers.
But then this visit was an eye-opener. The people were very friendly.The place looked similar to any town in India. Ho-chi-minh city or the old Saigon buzzed with activity the entire day. It is a shopper's paradise with knock-offs of every known brand available for very cheap prices.The key to shopping in vietnam is doing cut-throat bargaining never minding the ridiculous prices quoted by the vendors.Whether it is a 1 $ item or a 20$ painting, it took the same amount of time to agree on the price which was around 30 minutes on average.Ended up buying a lot of supposedly Nike and adidas t-shirts for self and the misses. Also, Dhwani now has dress for the next 2 years after my visit. :)

The only disappointment was the entire hype of this being an educational trip.There was probably 10% education and the rest being sight-seeing and mindless time passing.It was a fairy tale come true for my american classmates who have never seen any place other the US or Europe and were flabbergasted by the cheap prices of every commodity - read Booze in particular.Ideal location to indulge in all kinds of fun activities for them namely - bar hopping,drinking, gluttony and such.

Just wanted to jot this trip down the blog archive.
Few things that I can put a check mark on my list of things to do. Actually some of them were not in the list to begin with.
-Visit to Cu-chi tunnels in vietnam
-Firing bullets using an AK-47


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