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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shwetha's graduation photos

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Ribbon Pakoda,Thattai and Cheedai - A business idea!

So many trips have happened to India and back to the US all these 10 years and I thing that has always remained unchanged is the neatly packed ziploc bags full of savories that Amma delicately packs and places amidst all the clothes in the huge American touristers. Extra care is taken that the oil effusing out of the ribbon pakodas and cheedais don't get out  of the polythene bags.They are tucked in between towels or clothes of relative unimportance.
Once the jetlag wears down and there is enough enthusiasm to dig into the baggages, one sights the delicacies.Once the staple pins are removed and the first bite is taken, its wholesome bliss!
The crispiness and the correct level of spiciness makes it an excellent snack. God knows why not even a single american snack has a taste or crispness close to our homemade India snacks.
So this time, my in-laws brought the snacks that my amma had sent me. It was really a great treat to be treated to puran bholi,chakavarty along with the above mentioned savories.
Puran bholis, once microwaved just oozes out with the ghee in them and within splits seconds they just melt inside ones mouth.

May be, it wouldn't be a bad idea to come up with a business strategy to efficiently manufacture and market these to the masses in the US whose tastes buds have been dormant and almost extinct from the bland preparations here. Think of Lays chips competing with ribbon pakodas or tortillas sitting side by side by Puran Bholis!! wow - the thought just perplexes me.May be...later..


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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Indian government links

Indian government totally online

All government office related links are available.... Kindly save it......
This section provides you with information and useful links to avail various Citizen Services being provided by the Central & State/UT Governments in India . The list , however , is not exhaustive , as we are committed to adding more and more information about other services for which citizens and other stakeholders need to interact with the Government. Keep visiting this section for new updates !!


* Birth Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=1>
* Caste Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=4>
* Tribe Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=8>
* Domicile Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=5>
* Driving Licence <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=6>
* Marriage Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=3>
* Death Certificate <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=2>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
Apply for:
* PAN Card <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=15>
* TAN Card <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=3>
* Ration Card <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=7>
* Passport <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=2>
* Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=10>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
* Land/Property <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=9>
* Vehicle <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=13>
* With State Employment Exchange <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=12>
* As Employer <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=17>
* Company <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=19>
* .IN Domain <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=18>
GOV.IN ( http://gov.in/ )Domain <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=25>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
* Waiting list status for Central Government Housing <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=9>
* Status of Stolen Vehicles <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=1>
* Land Records <http://www.india.gov.in/landrecords/index.php>
* Causelist of Indian Courts <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=7>
* Court Judgements (JUDIS ) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=24>
* Daily Court Orders/Case Status <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=21>
* Acts of Indian Parliament <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=13>
* Exam Results <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=16>
* Speed Post Status <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=10>
* Agricultural Market Prices Online <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=6>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
* Train Tickets Online <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=5>
* Air Tickets Online <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=4>
* Income Tax Returns <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=12>
* Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=14>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
Contribute to:
* Prime Minister's Relief Fund <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=11>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
* Send Letters Electronically <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/otherservice_details.php?service=20>
* Search More - How do I <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/advancedsearch.php>
Recently Added Online Services
* Tamil Nadu: Online application of marriage certificate for persons having registered their marriages <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2691>
* Tamil Nadu: Online District wise soil Details of Tamil Nadu <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2693>
* Tamil Nadu: View Water shed Atlas of Tamil Nadu <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2694>
* Tamil Nadu: E-Pension District Treasury Tirunelveli <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2695>
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Name (2008) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2697>
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by EPIC number (2008) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2698>
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by House number (2008) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2699>
* Himachal Pradesh: Revised Pay and Arrears Calculator-Fifth Pay <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2702>
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Part number (2008) <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2700>
* Andhra Pradesh: Online Motor Driving School Information <http://www.india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?service=2705>
Global Navigation
* Citizens <http://www.india.gov.in/citizen.php>
* Business (External website that opens in a new window) <http://business.gov.in/>
* Overseas <http://www.india.gov.in/overseas.php>
* Government <http://www.india.gov.in/govt.php>
* Know India <http://www.india.gov.in/knowindia.php>
* Sectors <http://www.india.gov.in/sector.php>
* Directories <http://www.india.gov.in/directories.php>
* Documents <http://www.india.gov.in/documents.php>
* Forms <http://www.india.gov.in/forms/forms.php>
* Acts <http://www.india.gov.in/govt/acts.php>
* Rules <http://www.india.gov.in/govt/rules.php>
* Schemes <http://www.india.gov.in/govt/schemes.php>
* Tenders <http://www.india.gov.in/tenders.php>
* Home <http://www.india.gov.in/default.php>
* About the Portal <http://www.india.gov.in/abouttheportal.php>
* Site Map <http://www.india.gov.in/sitemap.php>
* Link to Us <http://www.india.gov.in/linktous.php>
* Suggest to a Friend <http://www.india.gov.in/suggest/suggest.php>
* Help <http://www.india.gov.in/help.php>
* Terms of Use <http://www.india.gov.in/termscondtions.php>
* Feedback <http://www.india.gov.in/feedback.php>
* Contact Us <http://www.india.gov.in/contactus.php>
* Accessibility Statement <http://www.india.gov.in/accessibilitystatement.php>

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Monday, August 02, 2010

32nd birthday

Birthdays come and go every year and for the last few years, its been just another day with the expected phone calls from the close ones and the birthday cake being cut,in spite of me vehemently opposing it.
This year it was a different experience .My day started with Gmail showing that I have 29 unread mails, which kind of alarmed me as I only used to get 7 or 8 new mails daily out of which 5 or 6 used to be advertisements/spams.The bulk of these 29 mails were Facebook updates with Birthday wishes.
It was weird initially to see so many wishes but then it gave a sense of goodness as I thought about how people were warm enough to spare a few second to wish me good health and a good year ahead.
Thanks to all the folks in whose good books I still hold a place. Thanks a lot and apologies in advance if I didn't return the favor of wishing you all on your birthdays.Its just that I don't check Facebook or orkut that often and especially look out for the birthday dates.

Long time since I wrote anything on my blog.
Things have been hectic the past few months and its not seeming to ease down in the next couple of months.I just wish all the good wishes that I got today help me get through the intriguing times ahead.

Signing off for now...

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