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Thursday, May 29, 2008

UT Ranger - The Super computer

Interactive: Super computer

This link above has a wonderful insight into what goes into the making of a Supercomputer.Its in layman terms and at the end of the whole 7 slides,its just breathtaking to realise the possibilities of calculations using such a network!


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A quick reference guide of fees currently being charged by the airlines for baggage, preferred seats & snacks:

· Air Canada: first bag free, $25 each way for a second

· American Airlines: $15 each way for first checked bag beginning June 15, $25 each way for a second checked bag (AAirpass tickets are exempt from these fees); $3 for snacks, $5 for "fresh light meals" on domestic flights (sandwiches or wraps, no vegetarian options). American has eliminated online booking bonuses of 500 miles for round-trip first- or business-class tickets; or 250 miles for round-trip coach fares.

· Continental: first bag free, $25 each way for a second checked bag.

· Delta: first bag free, $25 each way for a second checked bag; complimentary snacks available, but some snacks and meals cost an extra $1 to $8, depending on the item; will charge between $5 and $30 each way for aisle and window seats.

· Northwest: first bag free, $25 each way for a second checked bag, third bag, up to six, $100 each; will charge between $5 and $30 each way for aisle and window seats.

· Southwest: first and second bag free however, weight limitations do apply, $25 each way for a third checked bag, $50 for the fourth through ninth bags; will charge between $5 and $30 each way for aisle and window seats.

· United: first bag free, $25 each way for a second checked bag, three or more bags $100 each; $5 for snack boxes, with sandwiches and salads at varying prices; increased ticket change fee; will charge between $5 and $30 each way for aisle and window seats.

· US Airways: first bag free, $25 each way for a second checked bag; eliminated the 500-mile minimum

mileage award granted for short-haul flights; will charge between $5 and $30 each way for aisle and window seats.

Payment for extra baggage is made at airport kiosks with a credit card or at the check-in counter with credit card, cash or check.

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IPL Captains need management skills!

IPL Captains need management skills!

A simple yet thought provoking article.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Top 10 Annoying Office Habits

This ones a classic!
All the scenarios put forth in a funny yet distinct manner.

The Top 10 Annoying Office Habits revealed


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Friday, May 23, 2008

5 years of blogging

I have stopped blogging regularly since when I got married.Not that my wedding or my life after wedding has forbidden me from blogging but just that its not been as easy as the bachelor life when there was no need to think about things before putting it down in the blog.

Anyways,I looked at my archives on the left side of this blog and found that 5 years ago sometime In May 2003 I started blogging.
It was really a pleasure blogging in the 2003/2004 and 2005 timeframe.I had a regular readership and was able to vent out my frustration and sometimes even show off my so-called creativity through stories,anagrams etc.

Lifes changed a lot in the last 5 yrs..got a job..got married...bought a house... being the main changes.As I approach the boring stage of 30 to 40 yrs I guess I am getting hints of the midlife crisis with nothing seeming interesting.May be I should just get back to active scribbling in my blog or get into something else like painting which I always liked and wanted to do but never pursued or at least o back to my favorite thing crosswords.

Its Memorial day weekend and as everyone seems to have left the office premises,I find me sitting here and doing nothing.It kind of reminds me of my good old coop or MS days when there was nothing much to do.I have somehow been brought up in a way or I myself have made this a habit to not have too many friends.I dislike the idea of socializing voluntarily just for the sake of socializing.In fact all my friends have been attained through situational,mandatory means such as being a classmate or being a colleague or being a neighbor.I can't recall any friend that I casually picked up from a train travel or a social gathering.The reason I ranted about my friendship is,I am kind of finding it difficult to find company during the 'thangamani ensaay' phase when wifey has gone to India.All friends are either scattered across the globe or have their own plans for the memorial weekend.

Nevertheless I am trying to enjoy the silence and new found freedom where in I can just simply do nothing and introspect about so many things.Time seems to have taken a slow motion pace but then it compensates for the busy,frenetic phase it has been flying by all these years.


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

H1B Visa holders - No better than American workers.

The lobbyists know that crying educational doom-and-gloom sells. Even though it was mainly “Johnnie,” rather than Arvind or Qing-Ling, who originally developed the computer industry, and even though all major East Asian governments have lamented their educational systems’ stifling of creativity, the lobbyists have convinced Congress that the industry needs foreign workers from Asia in order to innovate.

The facts show otherwise. Most foreign tech workers, particularly those from Asia, are in fact not “the best and the brightest.” This is true both overall and in the key tech occupations, and most importantly, in the firms most stridently demanding that Congress admit more foreign workers. Expansion of the guest worker programs — both H-1B visas and green cards — is unwarranted.

As per this article from the Center for Immigration Studies !

Very interesting article.Some assumptions seem to be biased negatively towards foreign workers though.The reason his so called "TM" is low for foreign workers is probably because the Asians are ready to live with a modest salary unlike their American counterparts who need big fat paychecks to maintain their larger than life lifestyle.Nevertheless 1 thing to agree is the large scale misuse of the H1B Visa loophole by the body shopping companies.


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