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Friday, February 29, 2008

Google Readies Google Health

WOW! I blogged about this news 2 years ago! What a great prediction it was and its bearing fruit now.

Google Readies Google Health

This was what I had written in my blog piece here

Another area that Google could get into is something like WebMD.A Dr.Google website which becomes the elixir of all ailments!Linking pharmaceutical companies and their products and their availability(non-prescription drugs) in online stores,should take the whole world of buying medicines to a different level!

Way to go Google!
I wish I had bought their stock when it was 100$ :(

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pick up your phone ... for Godsake!

This is the phrase that I have exclaiming quite often these days.

I have been noticing a bunch of my friends never picking their phone calls and it just gets irritating if that act of ignoring someone's call is not sporadic and has become some sort of a cool habit.The explanation that these guys give when they call back after a few weeks' time to respond to that missed call is so pathetic and completely unbelievable.It would be anything from...'Hey,I had my phone switched off as I was in a meeting' to 'I was right in the middle of my bungy-jumping when you called'.I would feel like blasting saying...'Who are you bullshitting man?It was Friday night and saturday early morning that I called you and where on earth does one conduct a meeting? This has been happening not just when I am the caller.I have very clearly noticed a few people quite non-chalantly listening to the ringtone and ignoring whosever call it may be that came to their cellphone and they do this not when they are in the middle of some flight training activity or high speed car racing activity but almost always when they are boringly watching TV or doing nothing meaningful.

Having custom ringtones is one thing that helps these guys cultivate this habit.Identifying people through the ringtones and quite remarkably ignoring them is not something to be proud off.If one doesn't have the interest to talk to someone,why even give one's phone number to that person? Artificial relationships just for the sake of having it and maintaining it quite painfully is the standard nowadays and the increasing number of voluntarily missed call stand testimony to it.

The next time when you carelessly ignore a call on your phone,just remember that it may be something urgent.It could very well be that 'not-so-important' friend of yours calling,but he might be calling to notify you of your house burning or someone much dearer to you stuck in some accident!

So,Pick up your phone...Please...Not just for Gods sake,rather for your/your family's sake!


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Monday, February 18, 2008

AMD: To Merge Or Not To Merge? | Tom's Hardware

AMD: To Merge Or Not To Merge?

Very detailed analysis in layman's terms about the current situation of AMD!Its quite bewildering to see such articles about the company one works for,particularly,when there not an iota of any such hints inside the company.


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Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogging is contagious!

Its fascinating to realize how easily people take to blogging.One excellent example is my father Mr.P.Vijayaraghavan, who has always been interested in jotting down almost anything new that he learns everyday.It could be some recipe that he saw on the newspaper to some job ad that sounded interesting to detailed information about temples/places that he visited etc.

I introduced him to blogging and he has got totally addicted to it.During his first visit to the US in 1994,there was no concept called blogging,at least I hadn't heard of it.Appa used to write very detailed accounts of his visits to various cities in the US and Canada and send us postal mail every week for about 16 weeks that he stayed.Had blogging been prevalent then,I am sure he would have utilized it to the fullest extent.

He wrote a number of things akin to a travelogue about that trip and finally typed it all himself just like a thesis report.One reading of that report would give any newbie to the US an excellent understanding of all the nuances here.

This time his journey to the US after 16 years has also been a busy trip.He has stopped writing stuff on his diary and instead has taken to blogging.His blog is located at http://piyers.blogspot.com/ with the blog title being "Sarve Janaha Sukino Bhavanthu",a philosophy that he strongly believes and wishes for.Piyers refers to the future generations of Mr.T.A.Parameswara Iyer,my grand father who was the Devoswom commissioner of the temples in Kerala.

The blog is not pleasingly structured but then a patient read through it brings in a lot of memories and stands etched in our minds.

Another blog that I created for my maternal family is dedicated to the village we live a few years ago.Amma'a appa,amma used to live there and it was a regular vacation spot for all the grand children.That blog is jeeyapuram-family.blogspot.com.It has beautiful accounts from almost every member of the family about things that each of us enjoyed and relate to when we hear the word "Jeeyapuram"!

These blogs seem to be a trivial collection of irrelevant articles but then these would be immortal and stand there intact for a long time to come.The generations after us would really have history in their hands readily waiting for them.It would be easier to related to their ancestors than how it is for us the current generation.

Blogging is really contagious and but then it promotes a healthy thought process!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2 Struggling Southwest Austin companies

Freescale chairman, CEO steps down

Freescale is not doing good at all according to the article above.They have a huge presence at southwest austin near the william cannon and southwest Parkway.Now AMD has also joined them in the same area.AMD has also been struggling since 2007.Its a classic case of "Birds of the same feather flocking together".With such a news from freescale and another company of similar product profile nearby,there is going to be large scale attrition mostly at Freescale.


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Monday, February 11, 2008

AAA membership


Use this link below to join. There is a promotion where they waive the 20$ new membership fee and add your spouse for free.They also send a free flask.

If you use the direct online like from AAA website you won’t get this deal.

Join AAA Texas Today for Only $49 — a $118 Value! --

Join now and you’ll also receive a free gift! It’s a large-capacity stainless steel thermal hot and cold beverage container with convenient shoulder strap — a $25 value, yours free!

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*$20 savings is waiver of the admission fee. Membership dues, fees and services subject to change. Gifts available while supplies last. Offer valid on new membership only; not valid on renewals.




The comparison between different AAA memberships.



[Rajesh Vijayaraghavan]




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