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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Taxing times..

For everybody here in U.S,April 15 is the last day to file income taxes..These sites would give u more info..
UT Austin's webpage..very useful with illustrations
Another useful website

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ARReh!!...man!!watzthis A.R.Rehman?

Just I was basking under the enchanting music of A.R.R in aaytha-ezhuthu and considered myself to be afflicted with Rehmania the entire last week,I was put to a rude shock in the form of music from the upcoming movie "NEW".I could very well feel the step-motherly treatment meted out to this movie by A.R.R.Almost all of the 6 songs I heard were quite pedestrian and unrehmanistic.I scanned through Raaga.com's tamil section page a number of times to look out for one decent song I had heard in "Naani"(telegu version of New) but figured out that that specific song was not included in tamil.That song "Pedave Palikina" took me by amazement just because it made me realise that its the music that counts and not really the language in A.R.R's music.One of my Andhra friends enlightened me that the lyrics of the song related to mother-"amma".I would have been happy to listen and appreciate its lyrics had it been available in tamil.
Now coming to the tamil version-NEW.A.R.R definitely has given us a sub-standard piece of music through this album.I couldn't stand the Blazee song and the next song with the same lyrics as a popular old tamil song(thottal poo malarum) was disgusting to hear as it sounded as if the old MGR hit song was being sung in an out of sync fashion.By the way I still love to hear that MGR hit sung by TMS rather than this peice.I don't know what ARR was trying to prove with that song.
Spiderman Spiderman is an okay okay song and it sounded better in the telugu version.
The sakkara song in tamil was totally irritating with irrelevant lyrics as was the Kumbakonam song.I could feel the pulse of other listeners too from the ratings that each song got in the Raaga webpage.I am pretty sure the audio sales of "New" would definitely take a bad hit.
Just as I write this piece,I am reminded of my earlier post where I spoke about morons airing their views about any occurrence.This is an excellent example of it.Do you even think A.R.R would even give a cat's ass to this blog's views?

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

blogging..Mind boggling??

Oflate,I havent been regularly blogging.The initial enthusiasm to scribble stuff is slowly starting to die down.I could notice the same element of non-chalance among other bloggers too.This whole blogging phenomenon definitely seems to be a huge bubble which will burst one fine day and go into oblivion.I could envision it happening within the next few months.Only the die-hard bloggers who are hell bent in honing their communication skills/writing style would continue to chip in some interesting stuff on a regular basis.
I also pondered as to why suddenly every tom,dick and harry got interested in blogging.The ones who maintained a very low profile at school/college and the ones who never dared to speak a single sentence in English, are very boldly writing huge essays and trying to prove their worth through their blogs.The one obvious reason was the anonymity that could be maintained with the internet media.It is the same as the yahoo and msn messengers.But for the anonymity aspect in these net related activities none of the low profile keepers would come out of their shells.
Although this medium exposes many such people and brings in a lot of new information and varied ideas,I feel there is an immeasurable amount of junk that has started clogging the entire webspace.The bandwidth of unnecessary,trivial writing is beyond any control.The journalists and hardcore article writers have been kind of displaced from their roles.Any recent occurrence such as a release of a movie or even a day today event such as a accident/terror attack,there is this huge amount of stuff written by the blogging junta,most of which do not have any authenticity associated with them .What I mean to say is,the quantity of all these articles on the web has increased while the quality of their views are fastly deteriorating.
Every bloody moron(which includes me too) assumes himself to be conversant with any topic ranging from astronomy to gastronomy and gives his opinion which is worth not even a rat's ass even to a rat.The absence of a medium with any kind of moderation or supervision has given rise to arrogant despotic writers who write very uncouththly and irrelevantly,sometimes even indulging in direct unwarranted slander!
Blogging seems to be yet another necessary menace in the current net crazy world!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Rahul Insane Gandhi...?? India..Quo Vadis?

Rahul Gandhi to be fielded in Amethi!!Oh..WTF..?Is he even a normal person sane enough to take care of himself?I am sure he would win the seat with thumping majority but then,I cant digest the fact that even a totally incompetent stupid zombie can rule India.Oh India..Wither goest thou?
I read this piece of info long time ago...
In contrast to Priyanka's assertiveness, one of her only two competitor's to the Gandhi mantle, her younger brother Rahul displays an awkwardness and the type of submissive behavior, which does not a leader make. In comparison to Priyanka's strong and colorful demeanor, Rahul looks like an insipid hanger on. Much of his lack of self-esteem can be attributed to the explosive secret that Rahul Gandhi is in fact mentally retarded. His mental handicap has been well hidden by the Gandhi family and the unconscionable press.

Rahul was in fact refused permission to some of Delhi's top institutions because of his mental handicap. A frustrated Gandhi family had then pulled strings at Harvard, where a quota of seats is always available for a price to the rich and famous. Since then Rahul was bundled off to the US and later UK much as his father Rajiv Gandhi had been packed off to Cambridge in the hopes that he would somehow muddle through an academic degree. Rajiv of course never passed a single test at Cambridge and instead of bringing home a degree came back with an equally illiterate Catholic au pair of Italian extraction as his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Rahul too has come back without a degree to his name, and a fair skinned South American Catholic girlfriend on his arm.

Much more stuff could be read here at
Look out in the archives for so many other secrets about the Nehru family.The authenticity of some of the reports is questionable though.Its a good website for a perfect timepass!

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wow..thats a surprise

Dell and AMD???Is that true???
If this story were to be true,Its gonna be a great surprise.AMD would end up having the support of all the 4 tier 1 server suppliers ,namely Dell,Sun,HP and IBM.
Thats going to be a shocker for Intel!
Opteron Rocks!!

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Monday, March 22, 2004

jus for time pass!

Optical illusion

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Does she deserve such publicity?

Cryptic clue:
Did her Extraa innings cricket commentary make one go 'mad in airbed'?(7,4)?

One of her interviews!
I used to sometimes watch her serial 'Shanti'.She was an Okay Okay actress..but I dint get a chance to watch her during the worldcup.Was she good or was this all a crazy show-off by the media?
p.s:'Mad in airbed' is the anagram of Mandira Bedi.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

The passion of................Geezz...!

Anything can cause fights between couples!But then.. this was too much!
The smoking gun website has a lot of juicy gossip news with lots of evidence!
The still - Bill gates still hates!
Check out the mugshots of other stars here.
Other mugshots!
Wanna be a hip-hop star?Somethings one shud have in mind!
-Get drunk/drive n get arrested for DUI..
-Do dope and be involved in gangfights..
-Get involved with some kinda molestation..
-If u r losing charm..jus bare ur chest during some public show..
p.s:the last bullet may not work for male artists!

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Know your English!!

I used to note down any new words that I came across in a small personal diary.But I seem to have lost that habit down the years.I came across this word and felt why not start collecting such stuff in my blog.It would educate me now & then and also my fellow blogger friends.So here it is..
Meaning:"The study of elections and voting, and their statistical
analysis in the prediction of results."

When we used to study the wordlist for GRE,my friends and I used to create small hints asociated with difficult words just to help us figure out the meaning later.
For this word,this is the logic I am going to use to remember it later.It may sound funny/idiotic but I don't care abt it until it works and serves the purpose later!!
psephology (see-FOL-uh-jee)...The 'logy' part of the word definitely says it a study of something.Now ,the set of small words in brackets is the pronunciation of the word..which is something like..
"SEE..FOLLOW..JI" which loosely can be interpreted as someone asking us to SEE something(prediction of his),FOLLOW JI(asking us to follow a leader ~ politics/party).I guess that should be enough to ring a bell!
I am sure many of us remember so many difficult words by some weird manipulation of its letters/sounds etc.My college friends used to get baffled by my explanations and clues for the words!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Kahaani mae twishtt..

Pak TV umpire screwed Up leading to India's Victory in the first match?

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Motorola has internships for summer

Heard theres lotsa summer internships.Do a search for your respective field!
Added it to my Feb 7 post which has much more links..Goodluck.

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Basanthi Jr...

I feel Esha Deol - by her looks,reminds us too much of her mom-Hemamalini,which would leave a bad,clumsy,distasteful feeling among the movie watchers!Although Hemamalini looked good and acted great during her times,nobody would want to watch her acting with the current generation heroes.So..unless this gal springs some surprise with her acting ,shes gonna be dubbed a replica of her mom and thrown out.Whatsayall?

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Cook butchers fingers for Jayalalithaa!

Cook butchers fingers for Jayalalithaa - Sify.com
At first when I bounced upon this news article's caption,I really didnt think of the word cook as a noun and that it meant that a guy who is a cook,severed his fingers off for the welfare of JJ.I thought it was suggesting that from hereon we need to cook(as a verb) the fingers of butchers and feed it to JJ.Yeah thats what needs to be done.This is so sick!These sicko-fcuko-bastardoes need to be put behind bars and tortured and be severed off of their other extruding parts..As for JJ who entertains such ideas,..hmm...I better refrain from making any comment.Crazy zombies..

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More H1-B visas

Bush willing to allow more H1-B visas - Sify.com
There you go...More H1-B visas..Cmon Infosys/TCS/CTS/Wipro..Go for the grabs..!Book 12000 plane tickets to U.S from India,in the next 2 or 3 months or pack & label them as perishable non-edible Indian products & send through boats!..A moron by the name Bush seems to have found a great solution for the never ending misery!
I wonder what happened to the proposal made by some companies such as Intel and Motorola ,which asked for M.S students in universities to be exempted from the visa cap . I am sure that proposal went to the gutters,same as where the M.S graduates find themselves stinking in.

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Friday, March 12, 2004

Autograph-part II

Finished watching the movie finally!It really matched the first part in conveying a light but memorable message.Although the second half had very little comedy in it,It lent some nice moments and content for the otherwise normal story.As I ponder as to what the factors were,which made this movie a good watch,2 things immediately come to my mind.One factor is ,as I mentioned earlier,the simple approach of the actor-director all through the movie devoid of unnecessary commercial elements and the other factor is the beautiful scenario encompassing the breath-taking scenic locales of Kerala with the story smoothly incorporating a Malayalam movie type story in between.
The movie would definitely bring a sense of nostalgia upon many friends of mine ,in the sense that,it might remind some closely related incidents and characters that one would have come across all through our life.Many friends of mine complained about the second half being a dull phase in the movie and Sneha's character being kind of artificial.I somehow found the character to be a unique personality and was able to appreciate her part in the movie.I feel there are many such people in our life who play an integral part in some phase of our life as an important companion but do not really share any form a socially accepted relationship!
Kudos to the director and bidding adieu tonight.Tomorrow the day is going to be busy with 2 movies lined up to be watched-'Kangalal Kaidhu sei' and 'Pudhukotailirunthu Saravanan'

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Oflate my friends have been talking too much about the movie autograph.All the conversations/chat conferences are filled with jokes and reference to the movie's scenes.This literally pushed me into watching the movie today.I have watched 52 minutes of the movie and I feel it is too good and worth every minute of my otherwise-anyway wasted evening!For a change,it is a movie which has a new face as the protaganist and is devoid of the oft-repeated garrulous Vadivelu or unrelated-to-the-story Vivek comedy.The scenes in the movie themselves evoke enough laughter that we dont find the absence of a comedian.The hero(Cheran the director) has made a splendid attempt in front of the camera and am assure has laid the foundation for many more movies to come.He is simple and has done enough justice till now to his role in the movie.Most of the events that have transpired brought in a vista of nostalgic thoughts involving some of my friends at school/college.The scene where the hero visits his schooldays' girlfriend and finds her completely aged and pale gets well etched in memory.There is a well-played joke which made me laugh out heartily.The hero is unable to hide his emotions on hearing his name as being one of her 3 kids' name and his friend quips that in that case,she must have had 2 other guys in her life earlier than him!
I am waiting for the other part to get downloaded!Hope it carries the same kind of simple-yet-excellent,memorable-event-based portrayal that I have witnessed till now in the movie.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Idiot's guide to Bill Gate's wealth!
The entire write up was funny but thought provoking!
The jokes at the end of the article are worth a reading too!Enjoy :)

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Holiday season ends :(((((((

The great phase marked as the holiday season in U.S seems to have ended a few weeks ago.This fact can be corroborated by looking into the current stock market charts.
Thats all folks!The show is over!!
It is amazing to see how the markets follow a periodic seasonal cyclic pattern.I guess,the time has started for yet another southward journey for all the indices with the bubble bursting suddenly.It is sometimes so crazy and meaningless when I think about how this system works.One man makes money while the other loses it but both of them don't exactly know what was the reason for it and they did not contribute in any way for that occurance other than that they played with their money.Share market trading is definitely a type of gambling in privacy with no questions asked!
I was just wondering how easy it must be for the day-trading junta in India to make easy money daily.They just need to follow the Nasdaq companies and invest on these/partner companies whose shares went up the previous day in the U.S!Thats a solid,foolproof idea to make some quick,easy money!

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Happy hour...

Nothing is as delightful and as soothing as speaking to one's family on a saturday morning.I had a great time today speaking with appa/amma and my sister-chitra through the yahoo voicechat ,with my webcam on.It was a great 2 hrs filled with lots of fun and oodles of happiness.Matters of all genre were discussed and nobody felt the 2 hrs pass in a jiffy.
For someone bored all through the week with a monotonous life and a never-changing work routine,this 2 hrs definitely makes a lot of difference.The weekend starts with this pleasant experience and fills the day with vivid recollections of all events/issues that got discussed.
I am not sure if everybody feels this way.But this kind of an interaction is what is fuelling the lives of many people away from their loved ones.No matter how many friends one has,how many chat buddies one's messenger list has,this is the happiest conversation one really cherishes!I have seen many students,back in the university period,who would have a lot of problems,lot of tension all through the week,but when it came to the India fone call,all worries would vanish and they get into a different world devoid of any fears/grudges.Some even go to the extent of hiding their troubles and portraying as if they are enjoying their life here,just to make the other party feel proud of them and contented abt their son/daughter's achievement.Whatever it is..it is THE HAPPY HOUR..No harm in enjoying it!

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Hindu Crossword 7923

Today,after a very long time,I sat down with my fav piece of paper..the one which had the grid and clues for a great session of crosswords-My Fav Hindu Crossword!!I felt I might have lost the touch being not too regular all these days..But then I realised that its like reading/writing..Even If I stay away from them,I wont forget them..
I was able to crack it..of course with a ltl bit of help from the dictionary though...Here are the answers/explanations..

1 Avertt farewell celebration where there is a change at the outset (4,3) stop off ..Edit:it is fend off

5 Defective dagger thrown away (6) dagger anagram = ragged

9 Two articles on a river in Hades (5) an,the=anthe ..Edit: it is lethe

10 Off the cuff, in a manner of speaking (9) extempore - direct meaning

11 Launch of a portal? (7) opening

12 Dante Rossetti, for one (7) Gabriel (had to use online help)

13 Correspond with the first friend (5) T+ally = tally

14 Morse invention (9) telegraph

16 Premise he stipulates for almanac (9) ephemeris

19 Windshield adjunct (5) wiper

21 Scares with baby toys (7) rattles

23 Retorts by southern confederates (7) S+allies=sallies

24 Not the right way to start music on (5,4) Wrong note

25 O, it's pleasant to skate thus! (2,3) O + nice = On ice

26 At last, a sister shakes herself out of a state of inactivity (6) stasis

27 Not existent any longer (7) extinct


1 What those with mass instinct do (6,3,5) shadow the crowd Edit: follow the crowd

2 What an insane person eats? Not exactly! (7) oatmeal Edit: nutmeal

3 The quality of a gross person? (7) obesity

4 Right, free passage given to the cargo ship (9) freighter

5 String words together again (2-3) re-tag

6 A shikari's kill goes into it (4,3) game bag

7 I race to tear up amatory literature (7) erotica - I race to anagran

8 It is well to show this kind of veneration to others (7,7) healthy respect

15 At the end of which it's "curtains" (4,5) last scene

17 Criticises what a very successful batsman does (4,3) hits out

18 Abuses Frenchman dismantling signal (7) Maligns - M+ signal anagram

19 Leave strikingly? (4,3) walk out

20 In rapid recollection relating to yesterday (7) pridian - in rapid anagram

22 Scares away loafers by sound (5) shoos


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Monday, March 01, 2004

Tam-brams n their lingo..

This post would not make sense to people whose mother tongue is not tamil.Even to those who are familiar with Tamil,only few of these might make sense.But these were some of the most oft heard phrases uttered by my mom,thaatha,paati and other relatives in my family.My sister and I used to recollect some of these and laugh our hearts out even now.These were some of the phrases that used to be very casually delivered during any part of the conversation .The height of fun was when my mom used to shout some of these phrases at us when we commited some mistake and instead of crying/getting frightened,we would start laughing instantaneiusly thinking of the direct meaning!
Here U go..enjoy..!Hope it makes U all nostalgic!This unique,characteristic lingo is also something which I feel is slowly getting lost with time.Within a few years all such phrases would be history!Please share your comments/any other such witty phrases that strike your minds!
"Ayyoaaa paavamnu paathaa aaru maasa paavam kuuda varathu!!"
"Adi uthavaraa maari annan thambi kuuda udhava maataan!"
"Adiyaatha maadu padiyaathu!"
"Adi kuzhambu aaanakutti!"
"Enga veetu kaararum cutcheryku poraaru!"
"Seetaaluku oru muuutaalaam..muuutaaluku oru nondi kazhuthayaaam!"
"Telungachi Vaigundathuku purapataalaam..athukulla Vaiguntamae ava veetuku vanthuduthu!"
"Nondi kuthiraiku sarukina saaku"
"sundakka kaa panam suma coolie mukkaa panam"
"poi solra vaayuku bojanam kadaikaathu"
"veetuku veedu vaasapadi"
"ellunaa ennayaaa irukanum!"
"aadiku oru vaati ammavaasaiku oru vaati!"
"thy porantha vazhi porakkum"
"Pon kedachaalum budhan kadaikaathu"
"soathuku lottery adichaa therium!"
"uuraar pillaya thuuki valathaa..thaan pulla thaanaa valarum"
"Vaathyaar pulla makku"
"kiliya valathu puunaita kudupaala?"
"kurangu kaila poomaalaya kudutha katha thaan"
"Kazhuthaiku theryumaa karpoora vaasanai?"
"aatuku vaalu alandhuthaan vechurkaan"
"vedhaalam murunga marathla yaeriiduthu!"
"pidichathu thaan pidicha puliyam kombaa pidicha!"
"summaa iruntha sanga uudhi keduthaan"
"summa kedacha maata palla pidichu paapaala?"
"kannu katti kaaatula vitta kathai thaan"
"sevudan kaadhula sangu uthinaa maari"
"kaakaiku than kunju pon kunju"
"aaadra maata aadithaan karakanum,paadara maata paadithaan karakanum"
"thalaiku mela vellam poanaa jaan enna muzham enna?"
"yaanaikum adiserukkum"
"yaanaiku oru kaalam vanthaa, poonaiku oru kaalam varum"
"vidiya vidiya katha kaetu seethaiku raman chithappaa"

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