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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Happy hour...

Nothing is as delightful and as soothing as speaking to one's family on a saturday morning.I had a great time today speaking with appa/amma and my sister-chitra through the yahoo voicechat ,with my webcam on.It was a great 2 hrs filled with lots of fun and oodles of happiness.Matters of all genre were discussed and nobody felt the 2 hrs pass in a jiffy.
For someone bored all through the week with a monotonous life and a never-changing work routine,this 2 hrs definitely makes a lot of difference.The weekend starts with this pleasant experience and fills the day with vivid recollections of all events/issues that got discussed.
I am not sure if everybody feels this way.But this kind of an interaction is what is fuelling the lives of many people away from their loved ones.No matter how many friends one has,how many chat buddies one's messenger list has,this is the happiest conversation one really cherishes!I have seen many students,back in the university period,who would have a lot of problems,lot of tension all through the week,but when it came to the India fone call,all worries would vanish and they get into a different world devoid of any fears/grudges.Some even go to the extent of hiding their troubles and portraying as if they are enjoying their life here,just to make the other party feel proud of them and contented abt their son/daughter's achievement.Whatever it is..it is THE HAPPY HOUR..No harm in enjoying it!

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