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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Am I an Atheist?

This is a question that sometimes arises in one's mind at some point of time .I have thought about it a number of times and everytime I came to the same conclusion but never was confident enough to plainly accept it or explain it.I was thinking what made me come to such an opinion about the existence of God and it struck me that I was not against GOD himself but was totally against the ridiculous devotees,who acted like insane guys most of the times through their excessive outpour of religious sentiments.Being born in a brahmin family,brought me much more aversion to all these rituals and practices which seemed meaningless.What I write now includes some of my closest relatives too.Most of these much devout beings blindly followed their faith and had no sense of what they were doing.They were ready to spend around hundred rupees to buy milk/coconuts and throw them away on the pretext of offerings to God,rather than give a single rupee to the poor beggar sitting and starving in front of the temple.They feel proud in exhibiting the silk robe that they bought for the deity but never feel an iota of pain looking at the poor orphan who sits the whole day in his rags, unable to cover even his private parts.
Superstitions and meaningless rituals form the integral element of any brahmin family.The ladies spend too much time and money in the name of Temple visits/archanai/abishekam/prasadam and what not.I have detested the modern day temples which have become a congreagation of rowdy maamis who indulge in nothing but gossip/rumour about the entire neighborhood.If God were to be even existing in that temple's premises,he would be shocked to hear some of those ladies talk crap right in front of him.
Idol worship seems to be at its peak.Most of the Indian city streets are overflowing with the ever-mushrooming breed of Ganesha idols and small "Hundi"s tied to it.The government needs to abolish this rubbish system of easy-money making.As it was very well portrayed in a tamil movie comedy,the self-made poojaris of these streetside idols,become richer and richer gradually due to the foolish masses,who earn 2 rupees daily and drop a rupee in the Hundi.
A breed of entrepreneurs in the name of "saamiyars" add insult to injury!The height of lunacy among the masses is the blind belief that they have in certain human mortals.Nobody even waits to think what could have made these humans supernatural beings.
I was watching one of the channels which regularly had a show meant for preaching christianity/the presence of God.It was so digusting to even put up with the few seconds that passes by during the channel browsing.The chief speaker was yelling at the top of his voice and speaking continuously without a pause ,with the audience resonating to his actions and some even dancing to his tunes,as he varied his tones now and then to put the crowd into a frenzied,clumsy state.I couldn't understand the logic behind such a public display of one's devotion to God.
In my opinion,GOD was an invention,rather a virtual invention made by some clever ancestor,just to create a sense of control or fear amidst the emerging outlandish uncontrollable despots of his times.Although I do concur to the fact that there needs to be some superior power to bring in a sense of a moderated environment,I feel it has been taken too far than for what it was invented for ,in the first place.The world would be a better place if every person held the same amount of faith upon himself and acted in a normal way!
Finally..abt the question I asked myself,the answer was always that there might be God existing but it is not what/where the devotees of this age worship.It must be something else which is abstract and unexplainable.All through the ages there have been 2 groups of people-the ones that took it as a goal in life to find the answer to this question and the other category which didn't waste time on it and just moved on.I am trying to be a part of the latter category!

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