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Monday, February 09, 2004

Yet another attention seeker!!eeks..she sucked big time!!

Today I happened to read an article on Sulekha.com,a popular NRI-related website.The article was contributed by a master's student in the U.S.This is the transcript of her feedback or comment to the innumerous brickbats she got for her so-called piece of fun.
Posted by Revathi Satyanarayan on Jul 9, 2003

Thank you all for reading my article and thanks to those of you who took the time to post your assorted comments and ferret out information about me.
I am aware that this article has created a lot of controversy. It is overwhelming to see all the fan/stink mail that I have recieved.
I would like to inform those of you who are offended that I wrote this as an attempt at humor and satire. I bear absolutely no ill will towards people from any region/state/country/world. I consider myself as indian as the next indian person out here and am pretty proud of where I came from...not bombay/hyderabad..but India.
I understand that the article might have been offensive in parts and I now know where to draw the line. Especially after my mom (who is from AP) read this :)
FYI I am not a member of any anti gult organization or the KKK as someone pointed out.
Some of the comments are of a very personal nature and I think more offensive than whatever I might have to say, but well..guess thats human nature especially when a medium like the web provides anonymity.
The decision of the editorial board is their business and I shall leave it at that.
Please try to take this in the right spirit and get back to the more important things in life.
Pali...thanks dude!
take care ya'll
Revathi "

It really was a distasteful essay which had all the elements to rub so many people on the wrong side.It just brought to my attention yet another gimmick by some desperate attention seeking hopeless individual, who is unfit to remain free in an unmoderated domain.There are so many such people whose definition of fun is not really globally acceptable.IMHO,these silly smart-assed ones are definite outliers which need to be taken off the equation,somehow!!
Here is the link to the article.My opinion about sulekha.com has really taken a beating due to their cheap act of retaining this article on thier website to gain publicity.
The article is here..Don't forget to look thro the comments under the article!!

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