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Monday, January 26, 2004

Virumandi ~ V..aandhi

A rejoinder to my posting abt my great enthusiasm in watching Virumandi:
Virumandi didnt appeal much to me and I am sure it is not going to be a sensation in the Tamil tinsel towns either.Kamal should learn the basic fact that not every tom,dick and harry(actually kandsaami..munnuswaami n kothaala thevar) in TN would be able to appreciate the kind of intellect that he seems to possess and has been, time and again trying to bring out through his miserably performing movies.All his current themes such as Anbe Sivam are of a different genre and would definitely not appeal to the Box office crowd.
I am sure there would be brickbats from many,saying that Kamal is a class apart and they and him don't care about the box-office collections but only the effect/acclaim it creates among the critics and the critically confused league of extra-ordinary film followers.I would accept that arument when the topic of issue is Kuruthi-punal but not for this movie,which was given a hype both by the media and Kamal himself as being one of his breath-taking performances.Kamal might be the greatest of all actors and the most talented in the film arena,but then,why even make such a movie under a commercial banner?He could very well start doing excellent government funded documentaries.
Virumandi had all the elements to make it a flop movie among the masses.There wasn't any single aspect in the movie that stood in my mind after the gruelling 3 hours.It is nowhere near a 'Nayagan' or 'Michael Madan Kama rajan',thinking of which reminds me of great scenes and even pushes me of watching these movies again.With Virumandi, Kamal has fiddled with the idea of portraying his individual talents and simultaneously adding a global theme of 'Capital Punishment'.But the sad truth is that he has as always,succeeded in the former but failed miserably beyond description,in the latter theme.But for the reason that the movie had Kamal in it,I would not have sat through the entirity of the movie.That sums it up.

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