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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Hindu Crossword 7923

Today,after a very long time,I sat down with my fav piece of paper..the one which had the grid and clues for a great session of crosswords-My Fav Hindu Crossword!!I felt I might have lost the touch being not too regular all these days..But then I realised that its like reading/writing..Even If I stay away from them,I wont forget them..
I was able to crack it..of course with a ltl bit of help from the dictionary though...Here are the answers/explanations..

1 Avertt farewell celebration where there is a change at the outset (4,3) stop off ..Edit:it is fend off

5 Defective dagger thrown away (6) dagger anagram = ragged

9 Two articles on a river in Hades (5) an,the=anthe ..Edit: it is lethe

10 Off the cuff, in a manner of speaking (9) extempore - direct meaning

11 Launch of a portal? (7) opening

12 Dante Rossetti, for one (7) Gabriel (had to use online help)

13 Correspond with the first friend (5) T+ally = tally

14 Morse invention (9) telegraph

16 Premise he stipulates for almanac (9) ephemeris

19 Windshield adjunct (5) wiper

21 Scares with baby toys (7) rattles

23 Retorts by southern confederates (7) S+allies=sallies

24 Not the right way to start music on (5,4) Wrong note

25 O, it's pleasant to skate thus! (2,3) O + nice = On ice

26 At last, a sister shakes herself out of a state of inactivity (6) stasis

27 Not existent any longer (7) extinct


1 What those with mass instinct do (6,3,5) shadow the crowd Edit: follow the crowd

2 What an insane person eats? Not exactly! (7) oatmeal Edit: nutmeal

3 The quality of a gross person? (7) obesity

4 Right, free passage given to the cargo ship (9) freighter

5 String words together again (2-3) re-tag

6 A shikari's kill goes into it (4,3) game bag

7 I race to tear up amatory literature (7) erotica - I race to anagran

8 It is well to show this kind of veneration to others (7,7) healthy respect

15 At the end of which it's "curtains" (4,5) last scene

17 Criticises what a very successful batsman does (4,3) hits out

18 Abuses Frenchman dismantling signal (7) Maligns - M+ signal anagram

19 Leave strikingly? (4,3) walk out

20 In rapid recollection relating to yesterday (7) pridian - in rapid anagram

22 Scares away loafers by sound (5) shoos


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