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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Rahul Insane Gandhi...?? India..Quo Vadis?

Rahul Gandhi to be fielded in Amethi!!Oh..WTF..?Is he even a normal person sane enough to take care of himself?I am sure he would win the seat with thumping majority but then,I cant digest the fact that even a totally incompetent stupid zombie can rule India.Oh India..Wither goest thou?
I read this piece of info long time ago...
In contrast to Priyanka's assertiveness, one of her only two competitor's to the Gandhi mantle, her younger brother Rahul displays an awkwardness and the type of submissive behavior, which does not a leader make. In comparison to Priyanka's strong and colorful demeanor, Rahul looks like an insipid hanger on. Much of his lack of self-esteem can be attributed to the explosive secret that Rahul Gandhi is in fact mentally retarded. His mental handicap has been well hidden by the Gandhi family and the unconscionable press.

Rahul was in fact refused permission to some of Delhi's top institutions because of his mental handicap. A frustrated Gandhi family had then pulled strings at Harvard, where a quota of seats is always available for a price to the rich and famous. Since then Rahul was bundled off to the US and later UK much as his father Rajiv Gandhi had been packed off to Cambridge in the hopes that he would somehow muddle through an academic degree. Rajiv of course never passed a single test at Cambridge and instead of bringing home a degree came back with an equally illiterate Catholic au pair of Italian extraction as his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Rahul too has come back without a degree to his name, and a fair skinned South American Catholic girlfriend on his arm.

Much more stuff could be read here at
Look out in the archives for so many other secrets about the Nehru family.The authenticity of some of the reports is questionable though.Its a good website for a perfect timepass!

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