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Monday, March 08, 2004

Holiday season ends :(((((((

The great phase marked as the holiday season in U.S seems to have ended a few weeks ago.This fact can be corroborated by looking into the current stock market charts.
Thats all folks!The show is over!!
It is amazing to see how the markets follow a periodic seasonal cyclic pattern.I guess,the time has started for yet another southward journey for all the indices with the bubble bursting suddenly.It is sometimes so crazy and meaningless when I think about how this system works.One man makes money while the other loses it but both of them don't exactly know what was the reason for it and they did not contribute in any way for that occurance other than that they played with their money.Share market trading is definitely a type of gambling in privacy with no questions asked!
I was just wondering how easy it must be for the day-trading junta in India to make easy money daily.They just need to follow the Nasdaq companies and invest on these/partner companies whose shares went up the previous day in the U.S!Thats a solid,foolproof idea to make some quick,easy money!

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