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Sunday, March 28, 2004

blogging..Mind boggling??

Oflate,I havent been regularly blogging.The initial enthusiasm to scribble stuff is slowly starting to die down.I could notice the same element of non-chalance among other bloggers too.This whole blogging phenomenon definitely seems to be a huge bubble which will burst one fine day and go into oblivion.I could envision it happening within the next few months.Only the die-hard bloggers who are hell bent in honing their communication skills/writing style would continue to chip in some interesting stuff on a regular basis.
I also pondered as to why suddenly every tom,dick and harry got interested in blogging.The ones who maintained a very low profile at school/college and the ones who never dared to speak a single sentence in English, are very boldly writing huge essays and trying to prove their worth through their blogs.The one obvious reason was the anonymity that could be maintained with the internet media.It is the same as the yahoo and msn messengers.But for the anonymity aspect in these net related activities none of the low profile keepers would come out of their shells.
Although this medium exposes many such people and brings in a lot of new information and varied ideas,I feel there is an immeasurable amount of junk that has started clogging the entire webspace.The bandwidth of unnecessary,trivial writing is beyond any control.The journalists and hardcore article writers have been kind of displaced from their roles.Any recent occurrence such as a release of a movie or even a day today event such as a accident/terror attack,there is this huge amount of stuff written by the blogging junta,most of which do not have any authenticity associated with them .What I mean to say is,the quantity of all these articles on the web has increased while the quality of their views are fastly deteriorating.
Every bloody moron(which includes me too) assumes himself to be conversant with any topic ranging from astronomy to gastronomy and gives his opinion which is worth not even a rat's ass even to a rat.The absence of a medium with any kind of moderation or supervision has given rise to arrogant despotic writers who write very uncouththly and irrelevantly,sometimes even indulging in direct unwarranted slander!
Blogging seems to be yet another necessary menace in the current net crazy world!

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