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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Oflate my friends have been talking too much about the movie autograph.All the conversations/chat conferences are filled with jokes and reference to the movie's scenes.This literally pushed me into watching the movie today.I have watched 52 minutes of the movie and I feel it is too good and worth every minute of my otherwise-anyway wasted evening!For a change,it is a movie which has a new face as the protaganist and is devoid of the oft-repeated garrulous Vadivelu or unrelated-to-the-story Vivek comedy.The scenes in the movie themselves evoke enough laughter that we dont find the absence of a comedian.The hero(Cheran the director) has made a splendid attempt in front of the camera and am assure has laid the foundation for many more movies to come.He is simple and has done enough justice till now to his role in the movie.Most of the events that have transpired brought in a vista of nostalgic thoughts involving some of my friends at school/college.The scene where the hero visits his schooldays' girlfriend and finds her completely aged and pale gets well etched in memory.There is a well-played joke which made me laugh out heartily.The hero is unable to hide his emotions on hearing his name as being one of her 3 kids' name and his friend quips that in that case,she must have had 2 other guys in her life earlier than him!
I am waiting for the other part to get downloaded!Hope it carries the same kind of simple-yet-excellent,memorable-event-based portrayal that I have witnessed till now in the movie.

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