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Friday, April 06, 2007

H1B Visas...Whats the Odds of getting one?

EETimes.com - Cap for H-1B visas maxes out in one day

I never believed that getting a job would become something decided by lottery!The system is so stupid and idiotic that one can't stop wondering if this kind of allotment of Visas is being done for employing professionals.Its being done without any concern for the life or career of the applicants.

EE Times explains the plight of the students
who toiled for 2 or 3 years and successfully interviewed and got a job for themselves but won't be able to work because of the Visa limit.

I don't feel bad for the already working professionals of the IT firms in India,because all this means for them is that they would continue to do what they are currently doing - working in India.But for the students though,its a very tough pill to swallow.They don't have a job either in the U.S.A or in India.

I wish the quota was changed to being 65000 for the students in the U.S and 20000 for the professionals!


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