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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scientist warns of major disaster in S-E Asia

Scientist warns of major disaster in S-E Asia

Quite scary stuff!
But I think it is better to err on the wrong side when it comes to precautions and alerts related to natural disasters.At least there is no question of foul play when it comes to an earthquake or a tsunami.This is any day better than a President who always warns of an impending terrorist attack or a disaster in the country.
The state of the Union address was marked with not words of wisdom but just words of wishful thinking and sugar-coated explanations for all goof-ups till now.
The way the members got up and clapped their hands after every bullshit laden statement from the president showed how the whole Senate is just a bunch of hypocrites.
For once.I wished it was like in India where the opposition hurled benches and mikes at the man on the Podium unable to bear the shit being thrown at them in the name of state of the union address.I think I ve heard at least 3 of the last 6 speeches and every time I felt it was a deja-vu.The same old promises and the same old expectations for the future with the same old threatening remarks about the terrorists.
At one point I got the feeling that the guy was trying to awaken the so-called anti-social elements from their sleep or sleeper cells as they are called.Nancy Pelosi seemed confused as to whether she was expected to clap or just grin when the issues being spoken were medicare and bio-diesel. May be they should have had the 'TV studio' style banners for the democrats indicating
whether they should clap or remain silent or get up from their seats and clap their hearts out with a phony smile!
Stupid people to say the least are all the U.S politicians.

From natural disaster to man-made disaster - That was a huge shift in my focus,but the commonness being that its the common man who gets to face the brutalities of both of the uninformed and uncalled for events!


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