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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Karuppaana Kaiyale .....

This raises a question.

I have heard a couple of other songs which were set to 'Kanda Shasti Kavasam' or has the 'Gaayathri Mantram' as its lyrics.

Are the music directors who are mostly atheists or converted Christians taking advantage of the religious tolerance of the Hindus or is it just that the Hindus don't give a shit over such things?The worst thing is that these guys make sure everytime they make a mockery of a well known shlokam or religious song,they will set it to the must uncouth and dirtiest of all lyircs and connotations possible.

Has anybody tried setting a bawdy song with filthy lyrics to the tunes of 'nalla manathil kudiyirukkum nagoor aaNdavaa' or 'Ellaam Yesuvae..enaku yellaaam Yesuvae'?

Not that I care too much about what I have stated above but just for gigs I would like to see what happens when someone tries to mess with Christian or Islamic religious songs.


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