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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sivaji songs...

Athiradee - A R Rahman, Sayanora
This song didn't seem to be an immediate favorite.It has high beats and typical A.R.R High pitch in it!I am still trying to find out which song it seems to resemble.

Balleilakka - Kaaveri Aarum - S P B, Raihanah, Benny ,Chorus
This song seems to be okay types.It grows into you as you listen to it 3 or 4 times.The first line "Sooriyanum sandhiranum,Yaarivano sattenru sollu..." seems to have been well sung starting the tempo of the song and then SPB takes over the song entirely!

Sahana Charal - Udit Narayanan ,Chinmayi

I hate Udit Narayan's voice and this song seems to be an addition to those nasal songs!Musicwise it is good and again I can't stop thinking of some Hindi song which it seems to resemble.

Sahara Pookal - Vijay Yesudas, Gomathi Sree, Chorus

This seems to be the same song as above but sung by Vijay Yesudas.Probably the sad version of the above song.The difference between the irritating voice of Udit Narayan and the soothing voice of Vijay Yesudas is well obvious. Gomathi's part in between is really good.

Oru Koodai Sunlight - Rags, Tanvi, Suresh Peters, Blaaze
This was a total shock.I never really believed that A.R.R would dare to bring up such crazy rap and totally lyrics laden song for Rajini.But then Shankar definitely has one such song in every one of his films.May be Rajini's crazy costumescome up during this number in the movie.

The Boss - Blaaze, Naresh Iyer, Raqueeb Alam
This song seemed so funny.It will definitely become a catchy song for youngsters.The lyrics seemed so crazy with those beeda reference!I don't know why it incuded the tamil palyndromic phrase -"Sivaji vaayile jilebi"

Vaaji Vaaji - Hariharan, Madhushree , Chorus

This is a typical Rajini song.But I somehow didn't like that 'Vaaji Vaaji' part and irrelevant words like "mavval/ambal".

I hope A.R.R doesn't get stoned for this.It is one more of his creations which might require a few patient hearings to even make them seem passable!


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