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Friday, April 23, 2004

Hindu Crossword 7966 crack n more;)

wow..it was an innovative way to kill time today..First I cracked the crossy and then started looking out for any interesting news/pictures related to the answers..Found some links interesting.Just linked them for your pleasure!!Enjoy..
Hindu Crossword 7966-Grid and clues

1 A light to carry off the French member (6,4) Spirit lamp ..the french member refers to "la"+"mp"

7 Some ice, could be, the product of three equal factors (4) cube..2 meaning clue.

9 Chessman, reportedly in darkness (6) knight (K+night)

10 Fictional traveller to drag back big body part (8) lug backwards +liver = gulliver

11 State of confusion and panic when a flier is on a spiral descent (8) tailspin ..direct meaning

12 Part of America unfortunately gets Kansas reduced (6) unfortunately-alas Kansas - ka = Alaska

13 Can a cure go wrong in bottle? (7) courage - a cure go anagram

16 Inactive kind of voice (7) passive

17 Yearn endlessly at home for a pain reliever (7) aspirin which is endless 'aspir'e + in (home)

19 An allowance to remit, including gratuity (7) stipend which is send(remit) with tip(gratuity) in it

22 Lies about artist exposed in country (6) israel- lies+ar anagram

23 To fix an obnoxious fellow is a small irritation (8) pin+prick

26 Misled menials name official in football game (8) linesman- menials+n anagram

27 A feline returning to the French officer (6) ocelot to+le(the in french)+co(chief officer) backwards

28 Green-eyed monster (4) envy

29 Melody to set the mood is awful, emetic mush (5,5) theme music- last 2 words anagram


2 Bearlike creature also found in temples (5) Panda

3 Normal soldier (7) regular - 2 meaning clue

4 The child is awake: work out the total (3,2) tot up

5 Silver for a brass hat in painting (6) argent(looked up in the net)-means silver paint applied

6 Take out a role and criticise harshly (4,5) pull apart..which is from 'pull a part'

7 Piece of armour forged in cold Russia (7) cuirass - c+russia anagram(looked in the dictionary)

8 State of equality of cost and revenue (9) breakeven

14 For the old boy, meeting is a persistent preoccupation (9) ob+session

15 Worried with guilt, mole finds a bird (9) guillemot(word learnt today) guilt+mole anagram

18 Figurative language is a confusing mirage before the end of day (7) imagery - mirage + y(end of day)

20 Upstart may hit back with an Indian flute (7) parvenu - rap backwards with venu(indian flute)

21 Used in cleaning, it may stink between two points (6) sponge = s(south)+pong+(east)e

24 A loop for snaring, so one may interpret (5) so+one anagram = noose

25 Garment for a woman Catholic, reportedly sacred (5) C(catholic)+holi(~holy)=choli

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