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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Indira 2020 (concluded)


Sriram,who was in his early forties now,was an ambitious man in life when it came to his professional life but was well-considerate and contented when it came to the matter of his personal life.Fifteen years ago in 2004,all he strived was to establish a name for himself in the flourishing software industry and a small happy family under his shadow. When it came to the process of his matrimony,all his expectations from his fiancee was just a down to earth personality with a measured dose of beauty and intelligence.Unlike the other software guys of his age,he was not bothered with the qualification of the girl.

Indira's fatigue on the hot saturday afternoon, had come handy in putting her into a well-deserved sleep,but she couldn't sustain it for long as all her dreams were filled with the dreaded thoughts she had been thinking on the beach.She could not remove the smiling face of Sriram from her minds;the simple 5 foot 5 inches,well dressed,pleasing mannered guy who barely managed to beat her in height when she wore her 2 inch thick high heels.

Just because she had been endowed with the beauty and just because there was a demand for Brahmin girls like her,she had taken the liberty to play around when it was time to pick her husband.Even at the time when she was steadily going on dates with Sriram,she had been busy chatting and responding to allaince requests from other NRI guys,while the poor guy Sriram had completely started devoting his short Indian trip with her.The height of his seriousness was evident from the informal girl-seeing event that he made possible by taking his mom and sister to Indira's house to meet her folks the previous weekend.

Indira woke up with a startled shock as she reminisced the day when she officially broke up with him,leaving him shocked and almost crying at the Cubbon park.The conversations that day had been deliberately coated with acrid remarks from Indira's side as she watched Sriram listen patiently to whatever insinuations and accusations she poured on him.She waited like a hungry hawk to pounce upon its prey as she waited for some controversial issue and started their final conversation..
"So..Sri..U guys from U.S..I heard thers lots of bars/dancing/skimpily clad girls etc?U been to one?"
Sriram innocently smiled as he quipped..
"Yeah..definitely Indu...Thers lots of those..I just went once and that too was to drive back my drunken roommates back home.I seriously hated that culture and vowed never to go back again!"
That was the bait and Indira latched on to it and made a mess of it as she hurriedly left the park,leaving Sriram desperately calling her and trying to explain his innocense.

The reason for Indira's crazy behaviour then, was the dilemma she had been forced into choosing between Sriram and another guy working at Microsoft India - Srinivasan.Her eyes had been temporarily blinded by the tall,dall and handsome features of the other guy.The clincher of his profile was his charming dimple laden face with unique dark Sideburns!
Indira started crying as she realised her foolishness.All that she had been left with now, due to her craze for those sideburns was the side burns on her body -courtesy her psychopathic husband's cigarette butt marks due to his sudden fits of uncontrollable anger when he was drunk and high on drugs!

As Indira looked into her watch,it showed 9 p.m and her answering machine was beeping with 5 messages.Just then she heard Kaats get into the house with the spare keys she had.
Indira wiped her tears off and as she entered the hall,she got the shock of her life ,when she saw Kaats,Kate and Sriram entering the house...
She didn't know what she was speaking as she stammered.."Sorry Kaats..I was so tired and I slept off maa..I am so Sorry maaa...err...Hello sir..hmm....Sriiiiiiiii How are you?"

Kaats ,Kate and Sriram looked dazzled when they realised Indira already knew Sriram as Sriram took hold of the situation "Hello..Indu..What a pleasant surprise!!All the way Kaats was talking about her mom and never in my wildest reams did I think it could be you!!"

As the customary greetings and enquiries got over,Kaats and Kate went to their rooms to tweak Kaat's new robot operated computer!Indira tried to speak normally with Sriram but after a point of time she couldn't take it as she broke down and said.."Sriram..I know this is not the time for it.But I am sorry for everything I did.."

Sriram cut her in between as he said "Please..No Indira..I think it is an irrelevant topic now.I am really happy that we atleast got a chance to be good friends again.There is no scope for any apologies.We have every reason to be happy now and our lives should be dedicated for our Kaatyayanis!See..we both atleast shared the same opinion when it came to choosing our girls' names!
Both of them laughed over it and decided never to talk of the past.

That night,as Indira pulled the bedsheet over her sweet Kaat's tired body,she saw the pure,innocent face of her kid .She felt a sense of great satisfaction and pride as she kissed Kaat's cheeks and fell asleep beside her.That was the best sleep she had had in a long time.

The end!

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