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Saturday, July 24, 2004


Since I could not think of anything informative to be conveyed ,I felt I should as usual delve into my favorite subject of nostalgia and talk about some generic stuff which relates to almost everyone.Going with the above thought,I would like to dwell on the subject of 'the effect of having a sibling,a sweet little sister in my case!'.

For a guy like me,I definitely feel,the presence of a sister has always been a pleasure.Although no guy with a sister would come forward and announce to the world abt this openly,everyone would secretly agree that the presence of a female of almost the same age(actually 4 yrs younger in my case) ,has made a world of difference.The subtle nuances about the other gender are very easily learnt and the feeling of compassion and understanding for the other gender increases greatly.The childhood gets spent with silly fights and misunderstandings,which dont last even for a few hours.It is usually the sister who mellows down and agrees for a truce,may be, because of a softer feel of aggression inherent in females and the their own idiosyncratic feeling of being secure and safe with a brother around them.

Sisters generally tend to be more relaxed and do not press much for things.This ,I have noticed many a times in trivial incidents such as:

when my sister has always been forthcoming in sharing her ice-cream with me after I gulp mine quickly and look at her's with a sorry look;

when I used to use up all the hot water in my bucket and ask her for 3 more mugs of the warm and cosy water which would remain in her bucket,which she would generously hand it over to me;

when I used to finish the fried potato on my plate and ask her for a the lonely piece that she would have saved in her plate for a last bite;

when we used to travel in the citybus and I used to fight over for the window seat,she would allow me to sit and agree to sit on my lap ;

when we used to get our favorite tinkle and gokulam copies and I used to fight for reading them first,she would wait till I finished reading the 'kalia the crow' and jokes part;

when my uncle's bike would have space to hold only 1 person for the trip to the shopping center and she would let me ride;

when there used to be 3 pillows left and she used to generously give me 2 of them for me to cuddle;

when she would be ready to part with her quota of the meagre pocket-money(actually money gifted by thaatha/paati when we visited them during hols) for me to buy rubber balls or something so trivial..

When I used to put up a show in front of my friends with my school uniform tie,which actually only she knew to fold and would do it patiently very often..yeah still I don't know :( how to tie a tie!!

When I wouldn't even bother to put my shoes to be washed,she would have put mine with hers to wash and would have even polished it with the kiwi white polish!

When I used to change the tv channel from her fav channel to my stupid espn channel,she would hand over the remote and leave the room for better things to do :(

But I found a sudden change somewhere in the middle a few years ago when we automatically became responsible and started caring for each other without any inhibitions,which basically points to the fact that I started behaving much more maturedly and she continued to behave the same simple yet relaxed way she always was.

Thinking of all these memorable yet simple incidents makes me so nostalgic.I have been so mean to my ltl sister many a times in childhood,but she has always taken them all so easy and I miss her very much!I am just trying to make it up to all that now,being a kind guy and willing to pay her back for all the cool things she has always done and would continue to do!

I am definitely sure that the presence of a sister makes a world of difference!Hats off to you Chitra!Miss you..

p.s:Ofcourse all the above said incidents did not occur the same way 100 % of the time,but atleast 80% of the time it was so..But then cmon..my sister was also a kid then..!!


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