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Monday, June 28, 2004


A Congressman and over 200 multi-national corporations, universities, research institutions and trade associations in the US seek Congress support to ease the legislation on the H1-B visas or relax the cap set on October 2003 at 65,000, which is already exhausted.
US Inc. wants more H1B visas


Meanwhile, in a related development, Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (WashTech) has quoted AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees executive director, Mike Gildea to report that all non immigrant (H-1B and L-1) visa related bills currently before the Congress have been put in the back burner till 2005.

Quoting Gildea, the WashTech News report aimed at countering Compete America's appeal to support Smith's bill says that, "prospects for congressional action on HR 4166, or any other visa bills are dim".


More over here ->

H1-B update

With all such stuff going on,heres some more agony...India overtakes China in the number of students shipped to the U.S!!
Go..desis..Go..Ask for a separate state in U.S!!


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