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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Carpe diem

Thank God!It isn't possible!
Man has not been able to find a loophole to extend his life beyond an average of around 80 years!Whether the roadside beggar or the platform cobbler or the tea-shop owner or the bank clerk or the film actor or the billions of $ worth Bill Gates,everybody has the same quota of 70 to 80 years!Although this might sound too pessimistic,it is an undebatable fact:
The minute we're born we start dying
We die a little more every day!

The one sad thing when I think about this is that,people dont realise this and try to act stupid.I can't understand why one has to earn billions of dollars to live for just 70 or 80 years.I can come to terms with such a thing if Bill Gates had been endowed with eternity or even something like 400 years(oh...no..can't even fathom such a premium membership of an extended life to the elite) to live but instead just for him and his family of may be 15 close ones,does he need so much money and still waste his life worrying about the few more billions he would add to his unusable archive?I am not singling Gates alone,but just representing him on behalf of millions of those billion $ worth CEOs,million$ MTV cribs home owner-hiphop artists and sports players!

As I write this,I watch in the TV news that Marlon Brando left this world with a 200 million$ estate and millions of $ in buried bank deposits,leading to a major squabble among his legal and illegal sons,daughters,wives and husbands-in-laws!!The next piece of info they air is Brando's first wife accusing him of being a womaniser and the worst man she had ever come across in her life.

It is disgusting to watch such selfish,aimless people.He could be the greatest of actors and the best of all achievers in his field, but I feel the simple govt worker or a farmer who died peacefully as a penniless person,with all his sons and daughters crying by his bedside, has led a happier,meaninful life and has made much more of an impact during his stay on the earth!

If there was such a mysterious phenomenon of an extended life for 100 years with a price tag of a billion $,I wonder how this world would react to it.There would be large-scale mass lootings and killings.People like Laloo and Jayalalitha might be able to live for atleast 100 years more!!

Thank God..It isn't possible!

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