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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nullo metro compositum est

Just a few random thoughts encompassing various issues of my life!!

Many Faces : I wish I remember to forget..
Few Phases : I wish I forget to remember..

Socratic learning : from most blogs..
Hypocritic critics : some worst blokes..

Hunger : Unsatiable..So..foe..
sleep : Never evading..jo...jo..

Right In Texas : the only lone star state
left with only excess lonely state

Papa John's Pizza : 1 of 10 toppings
Uncle Sam's Visa : 1 of 65000 cappings

My TV : Reality shows mostly
My CV : Shows reality mostly

WMD:The search ended in war
AMD:The search ended in peace

Job's white collar style : still sinecure..
FOB's Rising Dollar pile : still insecure..

cellphone minutes : Always plenty
address book : almost empty

30 cent per min : to call mum in India
30 percent minimum : calls to India..

Near n dear ones : relatively distant: 2hr India call
Near n feared ones : Distantly relatives : 2hr Indiana flight..

naam-ke-vaasthe acquaintances..compounding yearly..
kaam-ke-vaasthe colleagues..searching dearly..

Friendly emails : Most of them forward...
Unfriendly females : Most of them froward...

Hindu crosswords : I like them cryptic..
Cryptic Hindus :I hate them cross swords..

Friday nights : Taco Bell product
Saturday Nights : Graham Bell product

Yahoo messenger : Invisible mode only
MSN messenger : In Visible mode only

Weekdays : Bed,bath n Beyond..no less no more
Weekends : Hip-Hop's Beyonce Knowles n more

Living like a Seer/Advisor
Never liked the beer/budweiser..

The Workout at the Gym..
That never really worked out.

Starbucks Coffee : reminds 4 wasted dollars
Udayar Kadai tea : reminds 4 wasted years

college days : bugger/beggar like feeling..
Recent days : Bigger/Nigger like feeling..

Used to like in India: The Brahmin maamis
Used to hating in U.S: The mini bra mommies

Those irritating girly laughters
Most of them actually slaughter

'd be a hubby who seeks simple things..
jus the chubby cheeks n dimple chin..

revolting : is Isha in the filmy girlfriend
rejoicing : If Aish was my flimsy girlfriend

Never diehard for U.S blockbusters
Even now 'd die for Desi bust-blockers..

1 Favorite blockbuster : The Gods must be crazy
1 non-fav blog-buster: That dog must be crazy!

Hated Jim Carrey's:Me,myself & Irene
should make him carry:U,urself & Urine..

To be continued later


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